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Zhu Jin ( (ヂュ) 槿 (ジン) , Pinyin: Zhū Jǐn), also known as Tathātā Yuanjun ( (にょ) (げん) (くん) , Nyoi Genkun), was a member of Lord Tensen, as well as one of the rulers of Kotaku. After their near demise at the hands of Yamada Asaemon Shion, Zhu Jin resorted to assimilating themselves with the Banko to gather Tao of all elements in Hōrai for the Rite of Just Consumption to be complete. After they were killed by Aza Chōbei, Gui Fa acquired a replica of Zhu Jin's plant ovule within Rien's laboratory and had it transferred over to the Basin for cultivation, which would allow Zhu Jin to be revived after a millennium had passed.


Zhu Jin had golden eyes, prominent eyelashes, and orange flower petal shaped hair, along with long strands of stigma-like antenna. For their attire, Zhu Jin wore a shirt with a large collar, a beaded necklace, a fancy dark skirt, a hakama, and dark boots. On top, Zhu Jin wore a hanfu decorated with dark markings and two long sashes that float around him.

When entering in their Kishikai, Zhu Jin's body took on the form of a huge flower resembling a hibiscus with flower tentacles at the bottom. Two bodies representing Zhu Jin's Yin and Yang forms acted as the flower's style and had four anthers protruding from the top. When partially transformed, some of Zhu Jin's hair, arms all the way to their chest, and torso darkened with sprouted bulbs and long leaves formed from behind their body, making their form resemble somewhat like a revealing coat. Their ears were also more pointed and their fingers became claws.

After fusing with the Banko, the giant flower took on the form of Zhu Jin's head with plant vines and anthers protruding from it and holds a flower bed within the top of the head with a replica of Zhu Jin's Yin body as a stigma. Upon it being morning, the Zhu Jin-fused Banko's form further evolved where it developed a body with veins and flowers sprouted from holes layered around it, two pairs of breasts, and four arms. Strands of vines also started to freely hang from its body.



Zhu Jin is characterized as being an extremely lazy individual that is inclined to put in the effort in tasks they are given, which is greatly expressed on their face. During their training in the Five Training Training Methods of Immortality, Zhu Jin was known to slothfully get by on their lessons.[2] After running into Gabimaru at the gate entrance to Hōrai once they were finish dealing with Tenza and his comrades, they expressed their depression in having to do their job twice, and rather than fighting Gabimaru at first, they begged for him to leave. Consequently, Zhu Jin's sloppy attitude caused them to suffer greatly in battles against strong opponents and would turn towards using their Kishikai abilities in order to fix their mistakes. Due to this behavior, Zhu Jin was regarded as being the younger sibling of the Tensens.[3]

Like their fellow Tensen, Zhu Jin lacked the emotional compacity to feel sympathy for humans or other living things and would show no mercy in killing them to create Tan if spotted. They had also shown to have a sadistic side, as they smiled when Tenza was viciously beating them while knowing that it was futile because of their regeneration. When dealing with troublesome humans, Zhu Jin became easily irritated and would put in some effort in trying to kill the target they deemed annoying. After confronting Tenza, Zhu Jin felt annoyed with their attempts at trying to attack them and decided to kill him instead of keeping him alive in order to turn him into Tan as originally planned. During their confrontation with Gabimaru, Zhu Jin expressed their infuriation with fighting the ninja and opted to using Tao attacks to kill him.

Despite usually keeping a straight face at all times, Zhu Jin would break into a state of panic and fear when faced with an unbelievable crisis, which would prompt them into taking matters seriously. After being reduced to their weaken state by Shion, Zhu Jin became wary of his attacks to make sure they would recover and became fearful of their life after seeing Shion's rage. Once they had managed to recover, Zhu Jin also displayed a rather cocky attitude as they thought Shion had no chance of winner against them while they had access to their Kishikai abilities after partially transforming.

Upon their defeat in their battle with Shion, Zhu Jin slightly matures in that they came to realize that their lazy attitude was a bad reflection on themselves and to the Tensens they were close to and developed the motivation to complete the Rite of Consumption by fusing with the Banko. Zhu Jin also wished to be praised by their peers if the task was complete. Though their actions could be perceived as being commendable, Gui Fa noted that their way of going about it was also reckless as their failed attempt to complete the Rite of Just Consumption ended up destroying 1,000 years of research in the process.

Unlike the other Tensens (with Gui Fa as an exception), Zhu Jin does not carry a preference to either being male or female and allows themselves to switch in and out of the two chi's over time.



1,000 years ago on Kotaku, Zhu Jin and the other Tensens were unknowingly born from the Tao of a single Tao puppet created by Rien as part of her and Xu Fu's research in discovering the secrets to immortality. Together, the Tensens served as the rulers of Kotaku known as Lord Tensen and lived to serve Xu Fu, who they believed was their creator and master and was secretly busy with his research alone, which forbidden the Tensens, other than Rien, from meeting him. Throughout their life, Zhu Jin and the other young Tensens trained in the ways of Tao by Rien and were each assigned one of the five forms of training in immortality; with Zhu Jin being assigned in the realm of Taisoku. They were also introduced to the Hōko as tools they could use to replenish their Tao. However, after 200 years passed, the Hōko began undergoing Arborification and left the Tensens at risk of dying if they were to run out of Tao. Desperate, the Tensens, Tao Fa, Mu Dan, and Ju Fa, plotted on luring out humans from Japan as replacements by sending out an Arborifed Hōko in a boat as bait.

After several centuries had passed, the Tensens successfully managed to lure in the first group of humans to Kotaku and attacked. Since then, Lord Tensen has been turning humans that came to the island into an elixir known as Tan that could increase their life spans and gain a step closer to creating an Elixir of Life. At one point in time, Zhu Jin asked Rien if it would be simpler to consume the Banko rather than tolerate its fail trails, only for the leader to object since the consequences would be severe.

Edo Period

Lord Tensen Arc

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Zhu Jin kills Tenza.

Zhu Jin appears in front of Tenza and Nurugai after inspecting the dead Sōshin in the forest. Zhu Jin angrily turns into their Yang form and attacks Tenza and Nurugai. After rapidly slashing his body, Tenza and Nurugai try to escape but is caught up by Zhu Jin while regenerating. He is then beheaded by a thrown sword by Yamada Asaemon Shion who gives them an opportunity to run. Later, Zhu Jin returns in their Yin form and appears behind Tenza and Nurugai. Shion grabs the two out of the way but has his throat cut by Zhu Jin attempting to remove his head. Tenza attacks Zhu Jin but manages to dodge everyone of them, saying that she was already accustomed to his swordplay and delivers a devastating blow. Despite his injuries, Tenza continues to fight back but Zhu Jin delivers a fatal blow to Tenza's stomach and finishes him off while Shion and Nurugai escapes.

Zhu Jin returns to Hōrai but encounters Gabimaru at the gate. Not wanting to be bothered after dealing with the earlier group of humans, she asked for Gabimaru to leave. However, after Gabimaru figured out that she was using the humans to turn them into the Elixir of Life, the two engage in battle. After receiving damage and being incinerated, Zhu Jin counter attacks and regenerates into their Yang form. He then witnesses Gabimaru still standing and asked if he was truly human. Zhu Jin continues to fight Gabimaru and regenerates from every one of his attacks. After Gabimaru lands a fatal blow to his tanden, Zhu Jin switches back into a female and uses Tao against him. Though effective, Gabimaru pushed throw and delivered a barrage of attacks to Zhu Jin. She becomes overwhelmed and is unable to quickly regenerate from all of his attacks. Just after Gabimaru ceases his assault and asked Zhu Jin where was the elixir, Zhu Jin begins to bloom flowers and states that the Tensens would be angry with her. She then transforms into her Kishikai in front of Gabimaru.

Zhu Jin overwhelms Gabimaru.

The transformed Zhu Jin overwhelms Gabimaru with its attacks and prepares to kill him. However, Gabimaru sets himself ablaze and tries to kill Zhu Jin along with himself. After losing its grasp, Zhu Jin sees Mei appear besides Gabimaru and creates a crater leading them down a the Sōshin Nest. Zhu Jin fails in killing the both of them and allows them to escape. Zhu Jin Kishikai ends and has lost too much Tao, reducing them to a weaken body. Zhu Jin then wonders what was the reason for Mei's actions.

Zhu Jin joins with her fellow Lord Tensen members in a meeting to discuss matters about the humans on the island. Ju Fa becomes disappointed in Zhu Jin's failure and destroys her head. Rien scolds Ju Fa for this action and asked Zhu Jin if she killed the human she encountered earlier. After reporting that she did, Lord Tensen toast to their longevity. Zhu Jin then drinks a cup of Tan, restoring her back to normal.

Hōrai Arc

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After allowing Chōbei to join them, Lord Tensen introduces to him the Hermit Ascendance Rite. Later, Rien announces that he will be initiating the Rite of Just Consumption after Chōbei reveals information on the humans that preparing to invade the palace. The Tensens then enter their temples and waited for their arrival.

Zhu Jin reunites with Shion and Nurugai.

Zhu Jin encounters Shion and Nurugai in the Taisoku Temple. Shion attacks Zhu Jin by constantly slashing away at his body until he loses Tao. After Zhu Jin has his body cut two hundred and fifteen times, his regeneration speed slows down and tries to avoid Shion's next attack. He gets some distance from Shion and manages to recover in a weakened state due to losing too much Tao. In a desperate attempt, Zhu Jin uses his Tao to control his remains and throws them towards Shion and Nurugai to earn some time to recover, however, Shion cuts them to bits and throws the tip of his broken sword at Zhu Jin's tanden. Zhu Jin sees that Shion is on the verge of death after using too much of his Tao and takes the opportunity to crush him with his remains. He laughs thinking that he has killed Shion but is shocked to see him cut his way out. Zhu Jin asked why he would go so far for his deceased comrade, to which he explains that by killing him he would have the chance to mourn over Tenza's death. Zhu Jin then becomes frighten for his life after Shion asks him angrily how many times he should cut him until he dies. As a last attempt, Zhu Jin manipulates the tip of Shion's broken sword and sends it towards him. Shion dodges and gives Zhu Jin the chance to drop down into the water behind him. They then emerges out fully recovered in their combined Yin and Yang form, having taking a cue from Gui Fa. Zhu Jin enters into a partial transformed Kishikai state and prepares themselves to face Shion again.

Zhu Jin fights Shion.

Zhu Jin fends off Shion and Nurugai's attacks and tells them that they have no chance at winning now that they wield their Kishikai abilities, however, they are silenced by Shion who says that he is not intimidated by their tricks. Zhu Jin prepares to fire a Tao lightning bolt but has their arm cut off and stabbed through their tanden by Shion. He then manages to disembody Zhu Jin with his sword pierced through their ovule and presses down while being assaulted by the vines protecting Zhu Jin's ovule with no regards for his life. However, Nurugai jumps in to push Shion away from his blade before he could continue with his plan. She then manages to persuade Shion into leaving and reunite with their allies, leaving Zhu Jin alive to regenerate at a slow process.

Zhu Jin fuses with the Banko.

With their body completely destroyed and only being left with just a head, Zhu Jin uses the underwater currents to make their way to the Main Temple. Upon arriving, Zhu Jin's head approaches the Banko while remembering Rien's warning that the consumption of the giant flower was forbidden and dangerous despite its many failures. However, Zhu Jin disregards this warning and merges with the Banko. The Zhu Jin-fused Banko then erupts out of the temple and takes over Hōrai. Using the power of the Banko, Zhu Jin tasks themselves with extracting the Tao of the Five Elements of everyone in Hōrai to complete the Rite of Just Consumption as planned from the start. Later, having sensed trouble at the Earth tanden, Zhu Jin creates multiple clones of each member of Lord Tensen from each tanden to fight off the humans trying to destroy them.

The Zhu Jin-fused Banko brought down by Aza Chōbei.

After receiving a bit of morning sunlight, the Zhu Jin-fused Banko undergoes a metamorphous and defends itself after sensing Jikka approaching it. However, Jikka avoids being fatally injured from the monster's branch attacks and decapitates its head from a distance. The Asaemon then delivers the final blow to its tanden at the same time the other tandens are destroyed by the survivors, bringing the monster down. However, due to it being morning, the monster's giant body surprises both Jikka and Gantetsusai as it automatically picks itself up and has its tandens slowly regenerate. With one last resort instore, Aza Chōbei uses his vines to reach the tandens and destroy their roots connected to the main body, causing the regeneration link to be cut off and ultimately demolishing the monster.

Departure Arc

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Upon their death, a replica of Zhu Jin's plant ovule from Rien's laboratory was transferred over to the Basin by Gui Fa, along with the other deceased Tensens, and were looked after by the Tensen until they were resurrected after a millennium had passed.

Abilities and Powers

As one of the rulers of Kotaku, Zhu Jin had partial authority over everything that went on and could command the Dōshi, Mōnshin, and Sōshin. When they first encountered each other, Shion deemed Zhu Jin too dangerous to fight even if he were to receive assistance from Tenza and Nurugai. Zhu Jin was even strong enough to best Gabimaru and almost came close to killing the shinobi.

Physical Abilities

Zhu Jin possessed tremendous physical strength, able to create craters on the ground with their bare hands and caused massive destruction to the surrounding area of Hōjō. Zhu Jin was a powerful hand-to-hand fighter, capable of fighting on par with Gabimaru and match him in terms of speed and strength.

They were also extremely fast and had extraordinary reflexes. After witnessing his speed the first time, Zhu Jin was able to dodge every rapid sword strike from the incredible fast Tenza, as well as keep up with the same pace as Gabimaru.


Further information: Tao

Zhu Jin attacks Tenza with Tao.

Zhu Jin possessed Water-attribute Tao and had complete mastery over it. After spending 1,000 years of training, Zhu Jin's Tao had been greatly refined where others could view their abilities as god-like. With its use, Zhu Jin could sense the presence of others, the movements and weak spots of their opponents, and enhance their physical attacks.

Their Tao-enhanced strikes were powerful enough to easily puncture their target's body, even with just a single finger, and bypass the durable bodies of inhuman combatants such as Gabimaru. Zhu Jin had also shown the ability to control the Tao of inanimate objects during their fight with Shion, manipulating the Tao of their corpses and the tip of Shion's sword to attack.


  • Tōate (遠当, Literal meaning: Distant Strike): Zhu Jin can launch their Tao from a distance as invisible projectiles, which are strong enough to cause major damage from within the targets body.


Zhu Jin regenerates.

As a Tensen, and a consumer of Tan, Zhu Jin possessed the regenerative abilities of Flower Tao, which blessed them with an incomplete form of immortality. After having their upper body incinerated by Gabimaru, Zhu Jin was able to heal themselves in seconds and recovered from every one of his physical attacks. During their battle with Shion, Zhu Jin was capable of resurrecting themselves after having their body cut 215 times by the swordsman (though this left them in a weakened state as a result). Since they possessed Water Tao, Zhu Jin's regeneration could only be weakened if they were to face a Tao user that possessed the Earth-attribute, and the only known way of killing them was if the said Earth Tao user completely destroyed their plant ovule within their tanden.


Zhu Jin was able to switch chi's of either Yin or Yang to augment their Tao and recover any lost. As Zhu Jin switched in and out, their sex changed to match the chi, which was put to use whenever they engaged in Bōchū Jutsu training. They were also shown capable of performing a partial switch on parts of their body.[4] During their battle with Shion, Zhu Jin followed Gui Fa's example in combining both sexes together as a way to recover their Tao faster, although they noted that it was not easy for them to retain the form for long.

Kishikai Transformation

Full | Partial

Zhu Jin's Kishikai Transformation.

As a Tensen, Zhu Jin was able to enter into a Kishikai state. In this monstrous transformation, Zhu Jin could unleash devastating blasts of Tao in the form of lightning from the bulbs at the top of their form, capable of obliterating a large surrounding area and deal heavy damage to their targets. Zhu Jin could also use their tails to slash, pummel, restrain, and constrict their opponents. Upon their second encounter with Shion, Zhu Jin figured out how to assume a partial transformation. Since the Kishikai exerts too much Tao, Zhu Jin could only hold the transformation for up to half an hour before they became reduced to a weakened body.



  • Like the rest of Lord Tensen, Zhu Jin is named after a flower. Zhu Jin's name meaning "hibiscus". Interestingly, Zhu Jin's preference in allowing themselves to freely change from being female and male over time reflects how the hibiscus is identified as a hermaphrodite plant.
    • Also, like the other members of Lord Tensen, Mei shares similarities to one of the Eight Immortals, Zhongli Quan being the case. According to legend, Zhongli Quan possessed a magical fan that he could use to revive the souls of the dead, which is similar to how Zhu Jin used the Banko to resurrect the deceased Tensens as multiple clones.
  • It was revealed in Chapter 24 that Zhu Jin is the blooming female on the color cover of Chapter 1.
  • Zhu Jin ranked 25th in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll.
  • The term "Tathātā", which is used in Zhu Jin's moniker, is a term used in Mahayana Buddhism which translates to "thusness" or "suchness".
  • Zhu Jin did not favor the moniker they were given.[5]
  • According to Jigokuraku Kaitai Shinsho, Zhu Jin does not excel at Shu'itsu and would become tired if they were presented with a misconception.[6]
  • Because of their reckless actions after fusing with the Banko, Zhu Jin could be regarded as being a problem child.[7]