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Yui ( (ゆい) ) is the eighth daughter to the Iwagakure chief and the wife of Gabimaru.


Yui's color scheme by Yūji Kaku.

Yui is a young woman with blonde wavy hair that goes down to her shoulder blades and a very noticeable scar on the right side of her face that stretches from her forehead to her cheek. Early in her marriage, Yui initially wore her hair with her bangs covering the right side of her face where her scar is; though she stated that this was not because she was concerned about her appearance. Upon Gabimaru's misunderstood request to not worry about her blemish, she has since tucked them behind her ears to allow her scar to be shown. Her attire mainly consists of wearing yukatas.

After a year passed, Yui has her hair flow straight and is shown wearing a regular yukata upon being visited by Sagiri and Yuzuriha.


Yui is very kind, caring and gentle. She truly loves Gabimaru and believes that he is not completely emotionless as people make him out to be. She accepts the fact that he kills people but is not terrified being around him. Yui is also shown to be wise as she gave Gabimaru words of wisdom on why he should relax his body while giving him a bath. She is very civilized as she taught Gabimaru basic manners when they became a couple. Gabimaru also noted that Yui is not so petty as to become angry or jealous at her husband for worrying about another woman.




Yui's relationship with her father was strained. After finding out about Yui's desire to live a life as a normal woman, Osa responded with violent abuse by burning her face as a reminder that her dream will never come to fruition. As a way to put her to use, Osa had Yui marry Gabimaru in order to have her produce offspring for Iwagakure. Having never been granted no free will of her own since her birth, Yui had no choice but to abide by her father's demands.


Yui married Gabimaru as per her father's orders. At first, the two started off on an awkward track where they had not gotten used to being around each other, with Yui trying to hold on to her sense of normalcy while Gabimaru failing to understand her reasoning behind it all. It wasn't until she had learned of Gabimaru's guilt of killing people that she started to warm up to him and happily enjoyed being his wife. While living together, Yui puts in the effort to offer her husband a normal life that he felt that he did not deserve and sees pasts his murderous reputation, as she once happily welcomed him back home in spite of his face being covered in his victims blood from a mission. Gabimaru loves Yui dearly to the point where he can't help but feel flustered in her presence and wishes to honor her desire to live a normal life. When told about Gabimaru's arrest and willingness to embark on an dangerous mission in order to reunite with her, Yui waited patiently for his return. After completing his mission, Yui cried tears of joy upon seeing her husband alive and well and happily lived their life together in peace.


Yamada Asaemon Sagiri

Yui is on friendly terms with Sagiri and is grateful that she looked after Gabimaru during the struggles he had on his mission. The two quickly formed a bond with each other to where Yui saw Sagiri as a sister, along with Yuzuriha.


Yui is on friendly terms with Yuzuriha and quickly formed a bond with her to where she saw Yuzuriha as a sister, along with Sagiri.



Yui was born as the eighth daughter to the chief of Iwagakure. Being born a female, Yui was not trained in the ways of the shinobi and instead lived an abysmal life within the blood stained shinobi village. Having felt miserable, Yui developed a desire to live a peaceful, normal life, however, after her father found out, Yui was burned by him to make sure that she had given up on this dream.

Married Life

Yui sitting with Gabimaru.

After Gabimaru, Iwagakure's strongest shinobi, proved his worth to the chief, Yui was forced by her father to marry him. Though he was viewed as a monster by society, Yui saw past this and presented him with kindness and love that he never got to experience in his life. As the days went by, Gabimaru embraced his married life with Yui and wanted to give his wife a peaceful life she so desired by requesting to the village chief in abandoning his duties as a shinobi. However, Gabimaru ends up being captured by the authorities after the chief ordered his men to leave him behind on one final mission. Upon being notified of her husband's arrest, Yui went into a state of depression but soon learned that Gabimaru was temporarily set free until he completed a mission requested by the shogun. Yui then refused to speak to anyone or eat anything as she desperately waited for Gabimaru's return.

Departure Arc

Yui walking off with Gabimaru after his return.

Yui becomes notified by Yamada Asaemon Jikka that Gabimaru managed to survive the mission and plans to meet up with her at a designated spot in secret. After arriving, Yui spots Gabimaru and sheds tears as her husband rushes towards her. Having finally been reunited, along with Iwagakure being dissolved by the shogun, the two walk away together to start a new life.


After a year passed, Yui is visited by her husband's trusted ally, Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, with Yuzuriha as her traveling companion, and happily thanks her for looking after Gabimaru during the mission. Yui then goes to wake up Gabimaru from his sleep but decides to leave him be after noticing he was sleeping heavily and gets acquainted with her visitors.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Though she was not categorized as a well-trained shinobi within her former village, Yui has shown to possess strength that can be considered above average, as she was able to crush a chestnut with her barehand.[2] She also has the capabilities to use taijutsu (though her level of skill is unknown).[3]

Other Skills

Yui is shown to have proper skills in cooking, as she would usually be the one to cook for herself and Gabimaru.


  • (To Gabimaru) "Look at you. Blushing. That seals it. There's no way you're hollow inside!"[4]
  • (To Gabimaru) "It's best to follow your heart. You're not the man you once were. In fact, following your heart will make you a true warrior. If you leave this place, I'll come with you."[5]
  • (To Gabimaru) "Stick to your convictions in times of peace...Wear them proudly at times, conceal them at others...But never let go of the reins. For life is far, far longer than even the Battle of Kawanakajima. You're the general and I'm your tactician. So when I say "take it easy", that's strategic advice."[6]
  • (To Gabimaru) "Are any of us truly without sin? You seem to be suffering a great deal. But acts of regret and reflection...are part of atonement. If even a single person who accepts you should appear...then...is that not enough?"[7]


  • "Yui" (結) means "bond" or "connection", which is also the first kanji found in the word "marriage" (結婚).
  • Yui ranked 7th place in the manga 1st Character Popularity Poll with 531 votes.
  • Yui's favorite food is chestnut rice.
  • Since she possesses the Wood attribute, Yui and Gabimaru are compatible with each other.


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