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Do those without doubt even exist? And if they do, does that lack translate to strength? I have come face-to-face with doubt time and time again. My own. As well as the doubt harbored within the strong. We struggle and doubt and struggle again. If abandoning such doubt is the way of the samurai then samurai I am not. For I refuse to leave such things behind. To the bitter end I remain nebulous and ill-defined. For that is who I am.

—Yamada Asaemon Sagiri (Chapter 120)

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri (山田浅ェ門 () (ぎり) ) is the 12th rank Asaemon of the Yamada clan, as well as the daughter to the former clan's leader, Yamada Asaemon Kichiji.

After the shogun called for criminals to acquire the Elixir of Life from the dangerous island known as Kotaku, in exchange for a pardon for their past crimes, Sagiri recruited Gabimaru and was put in charge of acting as his monitor on the mission. Shortly after, Sagiri became a part of a united front formed from the remaining surviving criminals and executioners to defeat Lord Tensen, work together in capturing the elixir, and have everyone escape the island.

A year later after escaping the island, Sagiri chooses to take a leave of absence from the Yamada clan and journey off into the lands in hopes of polishing her blade-testing skills.


Sagiri is a young woman of average height with long dark hair that she keeps it in a ponytail, which includes a very long ribbon. Her frontal hairs fall across her face as bangs and has two very long strands that falls in front of her ears. As an Asaemon she wears the standard attire, which is a white robe with a red lining running down the collars, a hakama with a single red band at the left gusset that is held together with a red corset (instead of a red waist cord), which holds her katana at her left hip, a funerary bell tied to a red piece of cloth at the center of her collar, a gauntlet on her left arm, and sandals. When prepared to execute her intended targets, or go into battle, Sagiri takes the time to use her tasuki to hold her sleeves as to not have them become an interference.

After taking on the task of destroying one of the Banko's tandens, Sagiri procures shinobi equipment from the fallen Iwagakure shinobi taken down by Jikka and started to wear a headband, along with adding another gauntlet and a second sword. She also switches to wearing shinobi footwear and has her hakama tucked into a pair of gaiters around her lower legs.

After a year passed, Sagiri wears a striped robe, being held together with a dark obi, a haori, and sandals. She also carries along a straw hat and a walking stick.



When performing her job as an executioner, Sagiri generally displays a calm demeanor and takes matters very seriously when given any other task. When she acted on her role as an inspector, Sagiri made sure Gabimaru answered all her questions, even during one of his executions, and constantly reminded others that she was doing her job.[2][3] After becoming Gabimaru's monitor, she boldly made it clear that she refused to allow him to do as he please on the island and made sure to keep watch over him at all times.[4][5][6] Another great example of Sagiri's serious attitude was when she aimed to give Gabimaru and Mei a proper bath, viewing it as an "operation" even though it was not required of her as the criminal's monitor.[7] As noted by Kishō, Sagiri is a stickler for upholding the rules, as she kept the bindings on her assigned criminal even though the other Yamada Asaemons knew that the rules did not matter on the mission. She can however allow herself to bend the rules a little, as she overlooked Gabimaru's attempt to kill her.[8] She is also able to accept certain unfortunate events that have fallen, though it will take some time for her to allow the situation to seek in.

Sagiri laughs at one of Shion's puns.

Though she takes matters seriously, Sagiri does possess a sense of humor, as she is one of the rare few who finds Shion's puns about his eyesight to be funny.

Sagiri is also very polite, kind, and caring towards her allies. Despite the fact that she is aware that a few of her fellow clansmen view her as being unworthy of becoming a samurai, Sagiri speaks to them with respect, but at the same time, she is not afraid to stand up for herself.[9][10] After Mei was preparing to take a bath, Sagiri kindly washed her clean. When Hōko's head was severed from his body, Sagiri willingly carried him and expressed her relief that he was still alive. From her experience as an executioner, Sagiri is capable of understanding the feelings of others from within their hearts.[11] Through this, she is capable of showing compassion even towards criminals. This trait allowed Sagiri to start seeing that Gabimaru is not truly an evil person and caused her to show genuine concern for his well-being.


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Sagiri is the daughter of Yamada Asaemon Kichiji. When she was young, Sagiri watched as her father skillfully decapitated a condemned performer with a single swing of his sword. From that day she became inspired to walk the path of an executioner and achieve the same level of skill as her father. As she began her training on how to wield a sword, Sagiri was looked down on by her fellow Yamada members, as well as her father, for being a female following the path of a samurai. Sagiri was also shunned by other children because of the clan's bad reputation. Despite the harsh treatment she faced, Sagiri managed to earn her name as a Yamada Asaemon and a ranking with the help of Yamada Asaemon Shugen.

Island Arc

Main article: Island Arc

Sagiri offering Gabimaru a chance to be reunited with his wife.

Before executing the captured criminal Gabimaru, Sagiri records his past life as he survives the executions he has been sentence to. After revealing herself as a Asaemon, she prepares to decapitate him but was shocked to see that he dodged her sword. He then ponders as why this action occurred which Sagiri answers saying that it was because he wanted to see his wife. Sagiri then offers him a chance to be pardon for his crimes by accepting a mission from the shogun, which is to find the Elixir of Life on an island. Seeing an opportunity to be free, Gabimaru accepts.

Later, Sagiri places Gabimaru with other criminals that also wish to be pardon. Before the criminals could travel to the island, they were told to start a massacre until only a few were available to depart. As the criminals began to kill each other, Yamada Asaemon Eizen attempts to discourage Sagiri into not taking the mission but to no avail. Three criminals then try to attack Sagiri and escape. Sagiri manages to decapitate them but trembles in fear. She then observes Gabimaru killing and notices how he bears the weight of the people he has killed and wishes to do the same in order to overcome her weakness. After the massacre ends, Sagiri is tasked with being Gabimaru's Asaemon and promises that she will be the one to execute him.

Sagiri and Gabimaru land on the island.

After arriving with Gabimaru on the island, Sagiri listens to Gabimaru explain his former leader's immortal body and how the Elixir of Life may exist but is unconvinced that it may be on the island. She then sees Gabimaru freeing himself from his bindings and tells him that this action was prohibited. After listening to the shinobi throw out multiple complaints, Sagiri draws out her sword, boldly reminds him of her role as his executioner and not his ally, and demanded that he cooperate, to which he agrees to rebind his hands. Sagiri is then shocked to see Gabimaru's neck snap after being hit by a surprise attack by Warped Keiun, one of the criminals sent to the island, but becomes surprised to see him alive. Gabimaru explains that he dislocated his neck at the perfect time and complains to her about how he took note of the fact that Keiun's hands were not bound. Though she found that it was not the perfect time to complain, Sagiri asks Keiun's Yamada Asaemon, Yamada Asaemon Kishō, as to why he broke the rules, to which he answers that he will redo the bindings once the mission is over, resulting in Sagiri receiving a stern look from Gabimaru. Warped Keiun declares to Gabimaru that he will kill him and the rest of the criminals on the island but is quickly defeated by the shinobi, much to Sagiri's shock of how strong he was.

Sagiri intercepting a sword attack from Gabimaru.

With his criminal taken down, Kishō cuts off Warped Keiun's head and prepares to leave. Sagiri warns Kishō to be cautious due to the fact that the men who were sent to the island went missing. Despite the warning, Kishō informs her that she should worry about herself and how the criminals are making their move, telling her that the rules should not be taken seriously since it might risk the chances of finding the elixir. He then pointed towards Gabimaru as an example and offers her a chance to return home by killing him, only for the Asaemon to be silenced by Gabimaru. Kishō then warned Gabimaru that Iwagakure might get involved in the mission in the future and told Sagiri that this mission will determine the next head of the Yamada clan. After Kishō makes his leave, Sagiri asks Gabimaru as to where he would like to go next but suddenly finds herself intercepting a sword attack from him. Sagiri asked for an explanation for his action, to which he responds by saying that he wanted to kill her painlessly.

Sagiri helps Gabimaru find his resolve.

Gabimaru explains to Sagiri that, if what Kishō said about Iwagakure was true, he would have no time to waste and that Sagiri would only get in his way of finding the elixir. As they continue to clash swords, Sagiri knew that she would have to execute Gabimaru for making an illegal action but strangely could not see him as an enemy and also finds herself hesitating in her attacks. Just when Gabimaru was gaining the upper hand, he apologizes to Sagiri about having no chose but to end her life. Sagiri questioned his apology, saying that someone like him could not feel sentiment. Gabimaru agreed with her and later pins her down in a murderous intent. Before Gabimaru could deal the final blow, Sagiri sees him stop in confusion and crying while stating that he won't be able to survive and see his wife again if he gives in to his emotions. After realizing that there is another side to Gabimaru, Sagiri disagrees with Gabimaru and tells him that by not running away from his emotions he will become strong. Sagiri also tells him that she will overlook his actions in trying to kill her and vows to support him throughout his trials if he were to face his emotions while reclaiming his life back. Finally, Sagiri tells Gabimaru that he is no longer the man he was before and puts his sword back in its scabbard.

After the fight, the two encounter a strange fish creature that prepares to attack. Gabimaru tells Sagiri to stay back and engages in battle. However, the creature thrashes him around and Gabimaru believes that it would be save for them to flee. Before they could find a window of opportunity to escape, they are surrounded by more large strange creatures. Believing that there was no way out, Gabimaru massacres the horde. Sagiri watches in horror and becomes overwhelm when realizing how much her life changed when she came to the island. She then notices that she is about to be attacked from behind, but Gabimaru manages to save her subconsciously. Sagiri thanks Gabimaru for saving her but suddenly has his head wrapped by one of the creatures tentacles.

Just when Gabimaru was in danger, Yamada Asaemon Genji appears and kills the monster. He then appears with Yamada Asaemon Senta and Yuzuriha who introduces herself. Sagiri wonders as to why the kunoichi has two Asaemon's and asked. Genji explains that Yuzuriha killed his original assigned criminal, Moro Makiya and made the judgement of follow her, seeing as she was to dangerous to be left with one Asaemon. However, Gabimaru and Sagiri were not fooled and knew that Genji fell for her charms. Yuzuriha proposes in teaming up to find the elixir but Gabimaru refuses. She then persuades them by providing the two with information regarding the human-faced butterflies and Senta tells them about the monsters and statues have attributes involving Buddhism and Tao gives his opinion of the the island not being the Pure Land. Sagiri agrees and says that though the monsters appear as sacred beings they are simply living creatures based on their anatomy. After conversating with each other, Gabimaru agrees with pairing up. Sagiri looks back on the events that had occurred since she came to the island, she becomes overwhelmed and feels powerless. She then faints in front of everyone.

Sagiri being ordered by Genji to leave the island.

After having a nightmare about her father, Sagiri wakes up and finds herself in a cave. She then sees the others working while she was a sleep. Gabimaru then explains his findings after roaming around the island and Senta includes his analyzes on the statues. Sagiri gives them information on the monsters, explaining that while she was cutting them she did not detect any signs of internal organs or genitalia and that their characteristics were random. Upon hearing this, Gabimaru smiles in excitement knowing that the elixir may actually exist. Senta tells them that they should investigate further on the monsters. Sagiri steps outside and notices that the sun is setting. She is then met by Genji who orders her to leave the island and return to the mainland. Sagiri wishes to stay, saying that it is her duty to watch over Gabimaru. However, Genji believes that she does not possess enough skill to survive the island and her gender limits her. Senta over hears their conversation and tells them that escaping the island may not be so easy as the dispatched samurai never returned. However, Sagiri is told by him to depart at dawn. Senta tells believes that it would be a good idea but also believes that she should stay to watch Gabimaru because he knows he can't return home without her or for another unknown reason for his change of heart.

When it came midnight, Sagiri keeps watch over Gabimaru. He says that he is not going to sleep but she says that it was her duty. Gabimaru then asked if she was recovering, which surprises Sagiri since this something unexpected coming from Gabimaru. She listens to Gabimaru being grateful for helping him find his resolve and compliments on her strength. She stares at him in confusion wondering what he meant. After Gabimaru tells her a quote from his village about finding ones self, Sagiri uses this as encouragement.

Sagiri pleading to Genji to accept the path she has taken.

The next day, Sagiri meets Genji and tells him that she will not be leaving. Remembering the times she was shunned by everyone, including her father, about becoming a samurai, she explains that she could not bear to leave. Genji felt that its only natural for her to live a life as woman but Sagiri pleads to him to view her as a samurai and the fact that this is the life she choice to live. Genji becomes furious and attacks Sagiri with his sword. Sagiri intercepts his attack and catches his blade, reminding him of the lesson he taught her yesterday. As Genji angrily snatches his blade away, Sagiri tries to warn him of Rokurōta standing behind him.

Genji sees Rokurōta about to attack and pushes Sagiri out the way. Rokurōta sends Genji crashing and Sagiri runs to his aid, not aware that Rokurōta is about to attack. Fortunately, Gabimaru arrives and sends the giant crashing with a kick. Sagiri sadly realizes that Eizen is not with him which meant that he was killed. Gabimaru tells Sagiri to fall back so that she would not endanger herself. Sagiri moves Genji to a save location to heal his wounds. Genji tells her that it was no use and gives her permission to leave him behind, but Sagiri refuses. Genji found it confusing as how Sagiri acted as a man earlier but is now acting as a woman. Sagiri didn't care whether she was acting either one as long as she can help him. Hearing her words, Genji finally understands Sagiri and gives her one of his swords, putting his faith in Sagiri to take down Rokurōta. Sagiri joins Gabimaru and manages to cut one of Rokurōta's fingers. The two then asked for their assistant.

Sagiri fighting Rokurōta.

Since his neck is too high for her too reach, Sagiri tells Gabimaru that she can't decapitate Rokurōta. Gabimaru tells her to cut his legs to get him on his knees but Sagiri tells him that it would not be an easy task. After Gabimaru deflects his attack, Sagiri gets behind him and gets ready to cut his right leg, however, she remembers Eizen's demise and Genji wounded, causing her to be unable to cut his leg. She dodges his attack and tries to focus on leaving her emotions behind and rely on reason. She tries another attempt at his arm but is unable to cut him once again, noting that his bones are in the way while rampaging. After the giant's stomach rumbles and cries in hunger, Rokurōta slams Gabimaru to the ground and manages to injure him. She comes to his aid and sees another attack coming. Remembering Genji's words, Sagiri relies on both her emotions and reason to stop Rokurōta. Sagiri blocks everyone of Rokurōta's attacks, causing him to fall back and gain an opportunity to sneak behind him. However, before she could execute him, Rokurōta jumps out of Sagiri's attack. Gabimaru notes how their normal tactic is not working and comes up with a plan that is extreme.

Sagiri beheads Rokurōta and lays his soul to rest.

Gabimaru sets himself on fire and sends multiple flaming ninjutsu attacks towards Rokurōta who deflects it away to the trees. Gabimaru explains that he purposely wanted Rokurōta to deflect the attacks away to cause a forest fire so he can have him suffocate from the smoke. Once Rokurōta goes down on his knees, Sagiri comes in to behead him while Gabimaru holds him down. Sagiri focuses and makes the cut. After beheading Rokurōta, Sagiri holds his head and lays his soul to rest. Before leaving with Gabimaru, Sagiri thinks of Genji but tells herself that she must remain strong.

After Gabimaru suggests going towards the direction the monsters came, he asked Sagiri if she was worry about her comrades. She states that worry about her comrades would dishonor them and that completing the mission would free them of this mission. The two catch up to Yuzuriha and Senta and come across an abandoned village. Senta explains that this must be the place where the Hermits live on the island but Gabimaru says that the important thing to focus on was if they were friend or foe.

Lord Tensen Arc

Main article: Lord Tensen Arc

Gabimaru notices someone is watching them and chases after them, discovering that it was a little girl. He then dodges an attack coming from a tree monster but instead of engaging in battle, Gabimaru decides to chases after the girl, thinking she might know more about the island. Seeing as how she can't let him out of her sight, Sagiri goes after Gabimaru and leaves the rest to Yuzuriha and Senta. Sagiri is shocked to see Gabimaru thrown by the child and assures her that they don't intend to cause any harm to her. After the girl stops running, Sagiri approaches her but the girl prepares to throw a punch towards Sagiri. Gabimaru comes in to block her attack and restrains her. Sagiri tells Gabimaru to let her go after the girl cries from Gabimaru's intimation. She then calms her and brings her back with them. Gabimaru wanted to ask her about the elixir but Sagiri tells him that it wouldn't be possible with her crying. She is then shocked to hear the tree monster talking, ask for them to unhand the girl and that it could tell them about the elixir and also guide them to the village.

The tree monster persuades the group to come to the village, however, Sagiri doubts whether they should trust it. The monster says that it will not trick them and the village is save from monsters, later revealed to be called the Sōshin, and butterflies. After they arrive to the village, Sagiri joins Yuzuriha in the bath to keep watch over her but feels too relax after entering the bath. The girl brings them towels and Sagiri thanks her but notices that she doesn't speak. Finishing with their bath, Sagiri and Yuzuriha joins Gabimaru and Senta. The tree monster reveals that the Elixir of Life exist and can be found at the center of the island. However, the monster also reveals that they would have to get past Lord Tensen, immortal beings who will allow none to leave the island. Feeling threaten, Gabimaru and Yuzuriha point their weapons towards the tree monster but assures them that it was only telling them the truth. After it shows them proof that the elixir exist by demonstrating its regenerative abilities, Gabimaru points his sword to the girl and asked if she also has the same ability. Sagiri berates him for pointing his sword at her.

Later, Sagiri follows Gabimaru to the bath and discuss whether they should trust Mei and Hōko. Once they entered, they accidently walk in on Mei undressed. Sagiri is shocked once Gabimaru proceeds to undress after explaining that he used to bath with the people in his village. She notices that Gabimaru is wounded from behind and Mei has a strange marking on her back. She then prepares a proper bath for the two of them and washes Mei. After noticing Mei trying to hide her marking, Gabimaru advises her not to try to hide it and appearance doesn't matter. Sagiri becomes dumbfounded with Gabimaru showing signs of respect. After finish bathing the three walk back to the lodging. While walking, Sagiri starts to notice that Gabimaru has started to change. Once they arrived they see that Senta has exhausted himself from gathering research. Sagiri tells him that he should rest while she keeps watch but refuses.

Sagiri and her allies travel to Hōrai.

After Senta apologies to Sagiri for allowing Gabimaru to leave his sight, Sagiri accepted the matter but says that they should quickly search for him. However, Yuzuriha was not on board but quickly changed her mind once Hōko offered to guide them through the mist. Once they departed, Sagiri wonders to herself why she was feeling concern for Gabimaru's safety. While traveling to Hōrai, Hōko explains to them that Lord Tensen are a group of seven immortals and talks about the history of the villagers undergoing Aborification. Sagiri then listens as Senta gives an analytical explanation of the religious qualities of the island and his theory that the island's creator was planning something. Yuzuriha believes that they don't stand a chance and Gabimaru and Mei are dead. However, Sagiri believes this claim to be false and that Gabimaru was indeed alive because of his one goal. Later, Sagiri listens to Hōko's explanation of Lord Tensen's power known as Tao, life energy found in everything.

Sagiri's group encountering Mu Dan upon entering the Hōrai gate.

After traveling for a day, the group reaches the gate of Hōrai. Sagiri wonders about Gabimaru's whereabouts. Hōko informs her that it was possible he took a different route to get to Hōrai. Once the gates open, Sagiri becomes shocked to see Hōko's head severed from his body. The group is then met by a mysterious man, who Yuzuriha sense was dangerous and attempts to flee. However, the man instantly catches Yuzuriha from behind. Sagiri also sensed that the man was stronger than the other creatures on the island. She draws her sword demanding that he unhand her and to introduce himself. Still alive, Hōko tells them that he was one of the members of Lord Tensen, Mu Dan. Mu Dan then took the opportunity to tell Hōko that his religious beliefs were a lie, the Elixir of Life doesn't exist, and presents the Kiyōshi. After hearing that the elixir doesn't exist, Sagiri becomes worried with Gabimaru's situation of not being able to potentially receive his pardon. Yuzuriha manages escape from Mu Dan by swapping her body with a tree and attacks him. She then approaches Sagiri in gratitude and states that even though the elixir doesn't exist, their main focus should be trying to survive. Sagiri grabs Hōko's head, but before they could run away, Mu Dan regenerates from his wounds and attacks Yuzuriha by having his Kiyōshi explode. She survives the explosion, which causes Mu Dan to sense that she is able to perceive Tao. Sagiri and Senta then prepare to assist Yuzuriha after Mu Dan wishes to see how far she can go with Tao.

Not wanting to fight her, Mu Dan dashes towards Sagiri and strikes her from a distant, causing her to feel immense pain. While he fights Yuzuriha and Senta, Sagiri asks Hōko if Mu Dan has a weakness she can exploit. Hōko views him as being too powerful but Sagiri begs him help her after mentioning not being able to see Mei again. Shortly after, Sagiri attempts to attack Mu Dan from behind but dodges it. After being warned by Senta about Mu Dan being able to perceive his opponents intent, Sagiri throws her sword at his abdomen and uses the advice Hōko gave her to cut his tanden. Mu Dan survives, stating that without Tao she has no hope of defeating him. However, once she confirmed her suspicion up close, Sagiri unleashes a burst of Tao and cuts Mu Dan's face. Yuzuriha and Senta then notice that Mu Dan's wound wasn't healing.

Sagiri finishes off Mu Dan.

Sagiri explains to the two that she is able use Tao from her experience on the island and believes that she knows how to defeat Mu Dan. He then vanishes from her sight and appears in front of her ready to attack. Yuzuriha sees through his technique and restrains him with her strings of mucus, allowing Sagiri to come in and strike back. However, Mu Dan releases a blast of Tao from his mouth and kicks Sagiri away from him. She then tries attacking from behind, however, Mu Dan reads her movements to avoid every single one. With the help of Yuzuriha and Senta, Mu Dan is immobilized, after having his right leg cut, and rapidly receives damage. Before Sagiri could attempt to finish him off, Mu Dan sets himself afloat in the air to escape from their attacks. He then creates large water droplets to have them rain down on the three. Sagiri takes cover but starts to overexert herself with her breathing techniques. Yuzuriha informs Sagiri that her type of Tao might be Mu Dan's weakness since he has been trying to avoid only her attacks and that it might be possible to kill him. After stepping out in the open and taking heavy damage from his attack, Yuzuriha pulls Mu Dan down with her strings and Senta holds him from behinds to allow Sagiri to cut him down. Sagiri comes in and completely slices throw his tanden, killing Mu Dan.

Sagiri and Yuzuriha watches as Mu Dan transforms into his Kishikai form.

After successfully killing Mu Dan, Sagiri comes to Hōko's aid and is relieved that he is still alive. She then starts to recap the nature of Tao and becomes upset realizing that the Elixir of Life doesn't exist. Yuzuriha says that they would have to move on and come up with another plan of action. After hearing Senta's comment on Yuzuriha's indomitable spirit, Sagiri questions Senta whether he had any feelings for her. Senta denies this speculation and goes on explaining that he admires Yuzuriha's ability to be true to herself. After listening, Sagiri sympathizes with Senta about being inspired by a criminal and wonders if its possible for everyone that came to the island to work together. Shortly after, Sagiri panics as she sees Yuzuriha about to be attacked by a stinger produced from Mu Dan's blooming corpse. Senta moves in quickly to push Yuzuriha aside and is stabbed by the stinger. Sagiri and Yuzuriha tremble in fear as Senta's head starts blooming flowers and of Mu Dan's monstrous transformation in front of them. As they are about to be attacked by more stingers, Yamada Asaemon Shion and Nurugai arrive in time to save them. Shion then tells Sagiri that he will fight the monster.

Sagiri fending off Mu Dan's attacks.

Sagiri asks Hōko if there was anything they can do to help Senta but unfortunately tells her that there was nothing he could do. Yuzuriha then steps in to give him medicine to stop the bleeding. Sagiri then worries about Shion preparing to fight the monster but Nurugai relieves her. The three watch in shock as Shion handles himself well against the monster. Noticing that his injures aren't healing, Sagiri thinks to herself that Shion possesses the same Tao attribute as her as a way to harm it. She is then shocked as Shion sprouts flowers from his body from the scratches he received. Sagiri wishes to fight alongside Shion after seeing his loss of blood from removing the flowers and encourages Nurugai to fight as well. However, Yuzuriha decides to not join, saying that she doesn't have enough energy. This prompts Nurugai to hug her and Sagiri as a way to restore their strength. Sagiri and Nurugai then coat themselves with bandages and Yuzuriha's fluid as way of preventing themselves from being grazed by the monsters stingers. Sagiri tells Shion of their plan of being decoys while he gets behind Mu Dan and cut his tanden. The monster comes in close to attack Nurugai but Sagiri manages to intercept its attacks by sensing its Tao. Sagiri and Shion continue to fight it but starts to feel near her limit. As Shion slashes his way through, Sagiri holds down one of the monsters hands with her sword to allow Shion to make the killing blow.

After finally bringing down Mu Dan, Sagiri rushes towards Senta and begs Yuzuriha to give him more medicine. Yuzuriha refuses her quest as Senta was close to death and believes that the medicine would be better used for Shion. She then tearfully watches as Yuzuriha comforts Senta and allows him to peacefully pass away. With his death and her gratitude towards Yuzuriha and Nurugai, Sagiri states her resolve to have everyone on the island cooperate to escape the island and return home safely.

Sagiri learns from Yuzuriha that Gabimaru's wife might not exist.

Sagiri and her allies enter Hōrai and take refuge in one of the settlements to review what they know about Tao. After bringing up the Elixir of Life and how they can't return home without it, Sagiri states that the elixir must exist because of Gabimaru's village chief benefitted from it. However, Yuzuriha talks about the possibilities of the chief using an illusion to fool others into thinking he was immortal. With this in mind, Yuzuriha discusses the theory of Gabimaru's wife not existing, which causes Sagiri to become frighten as she explains her theory.

She later sits outside and is joined by Shion. Sagiri expresses her sadness for her clansmen's deaths and wonders if Gabimaru is okay. This statement causes Shion to ask if Sagiri has developed feelings towards Gabimaru but she stops him and denies his allegation. Sagiri explains that she is able to see that Gabimaru is not truly a bad person and feels sorry for him because of his horrible past. Shion tries to reassure her that Yuzuriha's theory may not be true since she saw women from Iwagakure after visiting once and cheers her up by making a pun.

The remaining survivors of the mission gathered together.

The next day, Sagiri suggests going outside the gate to check on the earthquake she felt earlier and reunite with Gabimaru and the others. Yuzuriha refuses seeing as how the elixir doesn't exist and they should focus on escaping. Sagiri sees through her lie knowing that she plans to use the Asaemon as safety measures when she stands before the shogun. She reassures her that she plans to have everyone including her return home safely but questions whether Gabimaru managed to reach the gates. Yuzuriha tells her that she found evidence at the front gate that indicates that Gabimaru made it to Hōrai. After coming to the gate, the group are met by Yamada Asaemon Fuchi, Tamiya Gantetsusai, Gabimaru unconscious, Mei, Tōma, and a enslaved Dōshi. Sagiri and Fuchi then asked what has happened to them since they reunited.

Sagiri uses force to help aid Gabimaru's recovery.

After reuniting with Mei, Sagiri comforts her after seeing the state she is in. She then tries to stop Gantetsusai from harming Tōma even though he is traitor and justifies that he is not a threat. The group then draw their attention towards Gabimaru's critical condition after his battle with Aza Chōbei. Gabimaru then wakes up and looks at everyone gathered around him. Sagiri suggest that they tend to his wounds but hears him declines, stating that he was okay if his wounds ends up killing him. After hearing this, Sagiri questions who he was. Gabimaru answers with his epithet and makes Sagiri realize that Gabimaru is not his former self. Gabimaru then attempts to attack Sagiri after she becomes suspicious of him but is protected by Shion and Fuchi. Sagiri explains that Gabimaru's Tao has been disruptive which resulted in lose of memory. She then tries to have him calmly understand that she is his ally and wants to use a Tao Restoration to help him recover. After being pushed away repeatedly, Sagiri resorts to using force by pinning Gabimaru down and explains to him that they need his help in order to return home and that he must return home to his wife. Having maintained physical contact for a good amount of time, Gabimaru's Tao is restored and regains his memories.

The group relocates to a cave to escape from Lord Tensen's sensory field. Sagiri is relieved that Gabimaru has regained his memories and remembers his goal of wanting to receive the pardon in order to reunite with his wife. She then tries to stop Yuzuriha from explaining the possibility that his wife might be an illusion. After she was finish explaining, Gabimaru tells them that he was confident that she was real based on his time with her and that the only way he could be sure is to see her once again. She then becomes delighted by his resolve.

While the men and Nurugai help Gabimaru with his training outside, Sagiri and Yuzuriha look after Mei who is feeling ill. Fuchi steps in and agrees to make medicine for Mei but demands that she tells him everything they need to know about herself and Lord Tensen. He then asks Sagiri to make the medicine while he translates Mei's words. From what he interpret from Mei's words, Fuchi tells them that the monsters, the island, and Lord Tensen were created from a Hōshi in order to research the secrets of immortality. He then goes on to tell them about Lord Tensen practicing the inner and outer way of Tan to achieve immortality, which is meditation and creating an elixir. This causes Sagiri and Yuzuriha to realize that the Elixir of Life truly exists. Fuchi explains that although the elixir gives them extra life they can be killed if their Tao is depleted. After, Yuzuriha asks why the Tensens are going further with their research, Mei answers that the possibility lies with the will of their creator Xu Fu. Hearing Fuchi's story of Xu Fu's journey, Sagiri becomes frighten of the thought that Xu Fu might still be alive after 1,000 years.

After learning more about Xu Fu, Sagiri sees Mei fall back exhausted and her arm turned into a branch. Mei explains that her body has been damaged by Rien and needs assistance in healing, which Hōko offers by having her absorb his Tao. After Mei absorbs Hōko and reverts back to her child body fully healed, the four gather back with the others and are about to hear their next plan of action. However, Mei warns the others that she senses another party with strong Tao.

The survivors joining forces to complete the mission and escape the island.

Shion and Fuchi believes that it is Shugen and the other Asaemon who were sent as reinforcements by Eizen, along with another group of criminals. After being asked by Gabimaru whether Shugen was an ally, Sagiri answers yes and vouches for Shugen's strength but is warned by Yuzuriha that Shugen has an infamous reputation. Sagiri explains Shugen's story about him executing the entire Silver Serpent yakuza group but assures them that he is a good person deep down. Fuchi then adds that Shugen was Sagiri's first crush, which blushingly shocks her explains that she merely admires him since he is the reason why she managed to earn a ranking in the clan and believes that he will come to their aid. However, Shion denies this fact and explains the full story of how Shugen not only executed the Silver Serpent group but also their families, causing the group to become shock and horrified. He then goes on to explain how he does not work with criminals and that he will not allow Asaemon to work with them as well. Moving on, the group hears Shion's plan of divide everyone into two teams, one finding Tan and the other finding an escape route. They also listen to his strategy of using their Tao attributes to hinder each member of Lord Tensen and defeat them. However, after Yuzuriha suggests finding a way off the island and go into hiding, Shion gives everyone the option of either working alone or moving forward with Shion's plan. Ultimately, everyone unanimously follows Shion into the cave and decide to work together in completing the mission.

Hōrai Arc

Main article: Hōrai Arc

Mei provides the group with information regarding the ships located deep within the palace as a way to escape the island and reveals that the elixir is located in Rien's laboratory. Sagiri and the others then sit in on Gabimaru and Yuzuriha's lessons on espionage using Tao. After the lessons were over, Sagiri talks to Gabimaru about how she found it odd that everyone is now cooperating to accomplish the same goal and hopes that the group manages to survive. She is then placed in the Elixir Retrieval Team along with Gabimaru and Yuzuriha. Gantetsusai suggests that they should have Mei depart alone without having to wait for the elixir team since she wishes to leave the island. Sagiri listens to Gabimaru as he asks Mei if there was something she had to do before leaving the island. Mei confesses that she wishes to see her creator, Xu Fu, and Rien to ask why they underwent a major change in the past and then leave the island to start a new life. Sagiri then watches as Gabimaru promises Mei to have her see the two again.

The group plans out their infiltration strategy. Gabimaru explains that he and Yuzuriha will sense the Tao layout of the palace building and attack the guards while switching in and out of their Tao suppression. Knowing that part of the plan is to avoid confronting Lord Tensen, Sagiri wonders about the possibility of that situation ever occurring. Gabimaru explains that if their plan were fail then they would have to move on to their second plan of fighting back against them. Going with the strategy they planned out, the group decides to infiltrate the palace tonight.

The Elixir Retrieval Team encounters Ran.

The Elixir Retrieval Team infiltrates the palace and warns the Escape Route Securing Team that the area is clear. Sagiri asks Gabimaru if the time has finally come to put an end to the mission, which he replies yes. The team senses the layout of the castle. Sagiri and Mei become disturbed by the corpses they sensed in Rien's laboratory and is surprised that Gabimaru and Yuzuriha managed to remain calm. After taking down the Dōshi guards and successfully entering the palace, the team suddenly runs into Ran, who has suppressed his Tao waiting for their arrival after being informed by Chōbei. Ran tries to plead with Mei to return back to their side, revealing that they have finally completed the Elixir of Life. However, Mei refuses and explains that she came to say goodbye. Though he is disappointed, Ran says that the Rite of Just Consumption will have to continue, which is to capture all of the humans and serve them as sacrifices for the grandmaster.

Sagiri and Mei arrive at the Rentan Temple.

Knowing that their plan to avoid Lord Tensen has failed, the group moves on to their second plan of fighting against them. Gabimaru tells Sagiri and Mei to search for the elixir while he and Yuzuriha fight Ran. However, Ran reveals to them that they are in the Dō'in Temple after had changed the layout of the palace, before they arrived, using his control over the inorganic Tao. While the two shinobi fight Ran, Sagiri frees Mei from Ran's bindings and tells Gabimaru that she and Mei will proceed to the Rentan Temple. Later, Sagiri and Mei hear loud noises coming from the Dō'in Temple. Sagiri assures Mei that Gabimaru is okay since she knows that he has a backup plan in store but soon starts to panic and worry after learning from Mei what the plan entails. Sagiri understands that Gabimaru will resort to using this plan since he desperately desires to be with his wife but regains her composure by focusing on her task at hand. After arriving at the Rentan Temple, Sagiri resolves to turn back and assist Gabimaru after acquiring the Elixir of Life.

Sagiri requesting to Gui Fa in ending the conflict.

Sagiri and Mei enter the temple but sees that Gui Fa is in the room instead of Rien. The Tensen then says that they are willing to spare them if they were to not move from their spot but will do the opposite if they were to take a step forward. Sagiri asks as to what the Tensen has around them. Gui Fa explains that the items allows them to tell the current status of the ones fighting against Lord Tensen. Sagiri then reaches for her sword after thinking that she can stop Lord Tensen from tracking their movements but is crushed under the weight of Gui Fa's Tao and ask that she removes her hand. Sagiri puts down her sword and explains that she does not wish to fight but rather to apologize to Gui Fa on behave of the humans that have trespassed on their island. She then asks if they would allow her group to return home safely and end the conflict. Gui Fa allows Sagiri to move and says that they will honor her request, however, Gui Fa warns them that it would be pointless to return to Japan by explaining through an illusion created with Tao. They explains Rien's plan to depart to Japan and release the Paradise Butterflies to turn every human into Waitanhua flowers and form the giant Banko to create more perfected Tan. After the illusion had ended, Sagiri becomes horrified and asks why Lord Tensen was going so far. Gui Fa answers that Lord Tensen only sees the human race as subjects to create more of their elixir and that it was pointless for her to try to reason with them.

Sagiri defends herself and Mei from the Dōshi and Iwagakure shinobi.

Later, the ritual circle reveals that the Tensens have all been defeated, leading Gui Fa to report back to Rien. Sagiri asks if they harbor any motivates to avenge their comrades, to which they explain that they do not. The three then feel the palace starting shake after the unexpected arrival of the second party. Sagiri and Mei find themselves confronted by a group of Dōshi and Iwagakure shinobi. Sagiri fights them off but tries focus on not trying to kill the ninja who were reinforced by the shogun. Two Dōshi charge at Sagiri and Mei but are saved by the arrival of Yuzuriha, much to their happiness. Sagiri thinks that they can cooperate with the shinobi since they were sent by the shogun but is told by Yuzuriha that it would not work since they are out to kill the criminals and they are to focus on having everyone escape the island with the elixir. With this in mind, Sagiri asks Mei if she was willing to confront Rien. Yamada Asaemon Isuzu then appears and is glad to see that Sagiri is okay but is shocked to see her with Yuzuriha. Sagiri tries to explain to Isuzu that the Asaemon had no other choice but to work with the criminals since it was their best chance at survival. However, Isuzu tells Sagiri that Yuzuriha is their enemy after reading the many crimes she has committed and asks that she join her side.

Sagiri protecting Yuzuriha from Isuzu.

Despite making her point, Sagiri cannot bring herself to allow Isuzu to bring harm to Yuzuriha and jumps in to move her out of the way of her attack which angers Isuzu for her choice to interfere. Sagiri and the others then bare witness to Hōrai's setting changing after the Banko fuses with Zhu Jin and fight off the monsters created by it. Sagiri tries to persuade Isuzu into joining up with the criminals but is turned down due to her faith in Shugen. She then sees Gantetsusai return while carrying Fuchi and becomes shocked to learn that he died trying to save him. As Sagiri becomes conflicted with everyone quarreling amongst each other, Yamada Asaemon Jikka arrives, along with Shion, Nurugai, Chōbei, Tōma, and a few Iwagakure shinobi, and states to everyone that he has a plan to take down the Banko that requires cooperation from both teams.

The two landing parties join forces.

After being alerted that they need to destroy the Banko's tandens scattered around the palace, the group fight off a horde of the Banko's monsters approaching them. Sagiri then ducks after she senses a fire ball coming from behind her, which incinerates the monsters in front of her, and turns around to see that the fire ball was created by Gabimaru who is in bad condition from the Banko disrupting his Tao. Sagiri starts to worry for him but quickly regains her composure after Gabimaru stated that her condition was more important due to the requirements of the mission. As the group goes over the plan, Yuzuriha asks Sagiri if they can count on Jikka after seeing his personality, to which Sagiri answers that she is also unsure of him based on his bad reputation. The two teams then take the opportunity to procure shinobi equipment from a few defeated Iwagakure shinobi after a failed assassination attempt towards Gabimaru. While scavenging, Sagiri becomes conflicted with the situation of everyone having to start over with fighting monsters, as well as Gabimaru's problem, but is told by him that it is possible that the situation is different from before. With everyone ready and paired up in correspondence to the Tao Restoration cycle, the group sets out to destroy the five tandens.

Sagiri and Gabimaru manage to make it to the Banko's Metal tanden where they find clones of Gui Fa created from it. They then receive unexpecting visit from Shija who instantly takes out the clones and becomes excited to reunite with Gabimaru. Sagiri watches as Gabimaru talks to Shija and tells him that they are wasting time, but is told by him that he is not in the right state to fight Shija and needs to reason with them in order to not have the shinobi as their enemy. Sagiri then suggests that she perform a Tao Restoration to heal him, causing Shija to become anger after she attempts to touch him and runs towards her. Gabimaru tells Shija to stand down just in time before they could cut Sagiri's throat and ask that they support him. Shija agrees to help but tells them that they will help by awakening his true fighting instincts in a fight. After the Gui Fa clones are brought back, Sagiri takes on the task of fighting them while Gabimaru handles fighting Shija.

Sagiri being drugged by Shija.

After Gabimaru is sent crashing to a statue and is unable to fight back, Shija targets Sagiri after realizing that she is here to restore Gabimaru's Tao. Sagiri hears Gabimaru yelling out to her to run but refuses as she chooses to stand her ground against Shija. However, despite using Tao sensory to sense her intent, Sagiri is quickly taken down. She then uses a ninja powder to have Shija back away from her. Shija asks Sagiri as to why she is choosing to help Gabimaru despite her main job is being his monitor, Sagiri answers that she has come to understand Gabimaru and believes that it is possible to do the same with others such as the Tensens and Iwagakure. After hearing her answer, Shija restrains Sagiri and uses the drug she tried to use on them earlier while telling her of their time in Iwagakure. Sagiri then listens to Shija trying to explain to Gabimaru about the fake relationship he has with his wife and smiles as Gabimaru stands back on his feet with his body recovered after Shija confirmed to both of them that Yui does exists.

Sagiri and Gabimaru prepare to destroy the Banko's Metal tanden.

Sagiri manages to free herself from her restraints and witnesses Gabimaru's victory over Shija. With the ninja down, Sagiri restores Gabimaru's Tao and proceed together to destroying the Banko's Metal tanden at the sound of the next signal. Though the group was successful in their coordinated attack on the tandens, the Zhu Jin-fused Banko is brought back to life after being rejuvenated by the morning sunlight and puts the survivors in a difficult situation after exhausting their strength. However, Aza Chōbei manages to destroy the plant monster after coming up with the plan to destroy its roots to cut off the regeneration link to the tandens.

Departure Arc

Main article: Departure Arc

With the Zhu Jin-fused Banko destroyed, Sagiri and Gabimaru regroup with everyone at the entrance to the floodgates. The survivors enter but find that the ships have all been destroyed with the exception of one but is unable sail due to the wreckage blocking the currents. Sagiri watches as Gabimaru makes a desperate attempt at removing the wreckage and decides to help support him. The two then witness Mei transforming into her Kishikai to help clear a path for the group, which worries them since she is at risk of losing her life. Sagiri becomes relived to see Mei transform back to normal as she embraces both her and Gabimaru but hears her say her goodbyes, thanking Gabimaru for giving her courage and thanking Sagiri for caring for her hair. She then has them transported on to the ship, revealing that their last moment together was an illusion. As the survivors finally sail away from the island, Sagiri cries out to Mei as she watches her form crumble away.

The survivors confront Rien.

The survivors' ship manages to reach Rien's burning ship after Gantetsusai (who managed to board the ship earlier) slightly damages it. Though Gabimaru was originally the one willing to fight Rien alone, the survivors climb onboard as well to put an end to their struggle of surviving. After the survivor's manage to deal damage to Rien, Sagiri and Shion bisects Rien, destroying her tanden in the process. However, Sagiri finds out that the events that had occurred was a Tao illusion created by Rien, which revealed in the real world that all her allies had fallen. She then becomes one of the few to witness the Tensen enter her Kishikai. Sagiri stabs Rien's tanden but finds that her attack was too weak against her and leaves herself open for Rien to control her Tao. Shugen manages to move Sagiri out of the way of Rien's Tao manipulation and orders Isuzu and Kiyomaru to move the criminals over to the other ship. Sagiri is told by Kiyomaru to come along with him but becomes hesitant with the situation. Before they could escape, Rien unleashes her power and causes the exterior of the ship to dismantle. By the time the wave ends, Sagiri looks up in shock to see Kiyomaru's body crushed under a piece of lumber.

Sagiri stands back up after accepting who she is.

Sagiri falls into despair and believes she is powerless after reflecting on the times she could not do anything against her past enemies. She looks towards Gabimaru for help but becomes shocked to find him Arborified after he tried to attack Rien. Sagiri is then told by Shugen, who becomes badly burned by Gabimaru's ninjutsu, to return back to the survivors' ship since her resolve has been lost due to doubt and that she have Jikka onboard to assist him. After having a flashback of Shugen congratulating her on earning a ranking within the Yamada clan, Sagiri asks him if people without doubt exist, and if they do, does it mean that they are strong. She then tells him about the times she has faced doubt, as well as how she noticed the doubt and struggle in her strong allies, and states that she refuses to become a samurai if it meant that she had to give up on that feeling. Sagiri also tells Shugen that she has remained imperfect till the end and that she is grateful to Shugen for making her realize this. As a result, Sagiri's Tao starts to react, which is noted by Shugen to be neither fueled by intensity or tranquility. She then looks back at the Arborified Gabimaru and asks him in her mind if she was allowed to have faith.

Sagiri attempts to save Gabimaru.

Sagiri stands in front of Gabimaru's Arborified body and tells him that he needs to continue to live while accepting the burdens that come with it. She then takes a drastic approach to save him by beheading him, amputating his deeply rooted limbs, and pressing his tanden to hers in order to achieve success in their Tao Restoration. Sagiri sees that Gabimaru has fully recovered but worries about their path to victory since their allies have been lost as well as Rien being unharmed, but is reassured by him after he tells her that as long as their alive they cannot give up until they are dead.

Sagiri defeats Rien.

Sagiri fights with Gabimaru using coordinated attacks against Rien. She is then pulled out of the way of Rien's Tao lightning attack by Gabimaru and hands her sword to him to strike the Tensen's tanden. However, the attack is ineffective due to the Wood hindering attribute losing the power needed after the sword was in his possession. Desperate, Gabimaru attempts to use Sagiri as a human sword by grabbing her by her legs but dismisses the idea after realizing that it was not the perfect plan, which the female Asaemon berated him for trying. Knowing that she is critical to taking down Rien, Sagiri strengthens her Tao by accepting both her strength, weakness, and doubt and attacks Rien while Gabimaru hides in the shadows. Going with the plan they laid out before, Gabimaru makes his way towards Xu Fu's gilded corpse, as well as the cargo of the Paradise Butterflies, to destroy them both and give Sagiri an opening to strike Rien's tanden after being stricken with anger. The plan becomes successful after Rien witness in horror as Xu Fu's body is cut in half by Shugen and leaves herself vulnerable to Sagiri's sword strike to her tanden. Sagiri then falls into the ocean, after becoming completely exhausted, and grabs onto a piece of wood to keep herself afloat.

Having finished off Rien, Sagiri starts to see the ship falling apart due to it no longer being held together by the Tensen's Tao. She is then called out by Gabimaru to grab his hand while they get off the ship. Before leaving, Sagiri yells out to Shugen to come with but becomes sadden to see that the Asaemon is dead after using up too much Tao in his attack to destroy Xu Fu's body. Sagiri then finds herself with a gapping hole in her stomach and is revealed to have been done by Rien, who managed to survive being bisected. While lying down barley conscious, Sagiri thinks of trying to stop the bleeding on her wound, after remembering back to Eizen's lesson on how damage to the abdomen when performing seppuku does not cause instant death, but realizes that her injury is too severe. She then starts to believe in Gui Fa's past words in that the only thing that each opposing sides can do is kill each other. However, after Gabimaru manages to convince Rien to accept Xu Fu's passing, Sagiri and Gabimaru's wounds are healed by her and watch as her body crumbles away.

Sagiri and Gabimaru part ways.

With a clear path back home, Sagiri becomes depressed after the group realize that only one criminal will be allowed to be pardon once the elixir has been delivered. Yuzuriha tells Sagiri that, in the end, a peaceful resolution was not possible and asks if an executioner such as herself became attached to criminals. Sagiri admits to this, telling them that she sees them as being very dear to her and asks if it was wrong of her to not have a solution to the problem. Yuzuriha replies no and says that she is not a villain unlike the others onboard, which leads to a comedic conversation. Sagiri and the others are then shocked to see Gabimaru laughing after Yuzuriha and Gantetsusai accused his wife of being evil, which leads to Sagiri asking if Gabimaru was experiencing Arborification again. After she is brought up, Sagiri and the others asks Gabimaru to explain more about her to pass the time, to which he agrees. Later, Gabimaru and Yuzuriha decide that Gantetsusai should be the one to receive the pardon and prepare themselves to sail off on boats. Sagiri is then told by Jikka that he will handle the task of clearing things. When the time came for their departure, Sagiri receives a hug from Nurugai before she sets sail with Shion. Sagiri then sees Yuzuriha about to depart and says her farewells as the kunoichi makes her leave. Finally, Sagiri sees that Gabimaru is the last one to leave and the two meet each others gazes. They then prepare to say their final words to each other but decide to part ways with a smile instead.

After ten days passed since their return to Edo, Sagiri and Jikka present themselves as the only Asaemons to have return back alive and reports that the criminals were executed with the exception of Gantetsusai who returned back with the Elixir of Life. After receiving the pardon, Aoki prepares to close the meeting but is ask by Jikka about the arrangements with the Iwagakure chief. Sagiri then hears that the Iwagakure chief was executed for treason against the shogun and was transformed into a tree after being forced to consume the Elixir of Life. Having managed to convince that the elixir was beneficial, Sagiri sees Jikka relieved after everything went according to plan. Sagiri then thinks about the others, which Jikka takes note of and tells her that the only thing they can do is hope that they are happy after their tale came to end, much to Sagiri's happiness.


After a year passed, Sagiri decides to leave home for a while to travel the provinces in hopes of improving her skills in blade-testing. Though she knew that visiting Gabimaru and Yui would be ill-advised, Sagiri finds herself unable to hold herself back and travels to the married couple's house with Yuzuriha accompanying her. She then becomes happy to see Yui again and has a conversation with her while leaving Gabimaru to his rest.


Upon returning to the Yamada clan after her long journey, Sagiri, who has managed to become stronger, declares her refusal in being forced to marry the current clan head, Yamada Asaemon Jikka, as the clan's heiress and challenges him in order to have him step down from his position.[12]

Abilities and Powers

Sagiri is a highly skilled swordswoman who managed to gain the title of an Asaemon in the Yamada Clan and earn the rank of twelfth for becoming the next suitable head of the clan. Despite being one of the Yamada clan's top sword testers, Sagiri was limited as a fighter due to her lack of battle experience. However, as pointed out by her peers, Sagiri is credited to be more than capable of holding her own against dangerous opponents when she has a strong resolve, such as Gabimaru, Rokurōta, and the powerful Sennin-level beings known as Lord Tensen. Gabimaru also viewed Sagiri as being much stronger than him, stating that her willingness to accept the doubt within herself gave her the power to overcome the obstacles in her path, which is what became key in her fight against Rien in her Kishikai. Ultimately, Sagiri became one of the first few in 1,000 years to have survived the ordeals the island had to offer, which included reaching Hōrai where Lord Tensen previously resided, and escape.[13]

Physical Abilities

Sagiri has shown to possess impressive speed and reflexes. She was fast enough to leave a cut on Gabimaru's neck after getting behind him for a split second and was able to single handedly take one of Genji's swords before he even had time to notice. She reacted quickly to a surprise attack by Gabimaru, and was even able to block every one of Rokurōta's hard fast punches.


Further information: Tameshi Ittō-ryū

Like every Asaemon, Sagiri is capable of decapitating her victims with a single cut of her sword. According to Senta and Genji, Sagiri was given a lower ranking because she was born female, however, in terms of ability, Sagiri's swordplay is considered to be unmatched when her mind is set.[14] A testament to her skills was that she was able to fight on equal terms with Gabimaru with a sword in hand. Despite his resistance to all forms of executions that were given to him, Gabimaru knew that if he were to be executed by Sagiri she would be successful in killing him, which was proven true after she left a small cut on his neck, a feat that a normal executioner couldn't accomplish due to the ninja being able to harden his body at will.[15] Sagiri is also able to defend herself using just her scabbard to either block attacks or cause non-fatal injuries.

Another skill she acquired as an Asaemon is the ability to analyze an individuals anatomy. Sagiri was able to determine that the Sōshin on the island had muscles and bones but showed no signs of internal organs or genitalia by simply cutting them down with her sword.[16]


  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū: Gusokuwari (試一刀流 具足割, Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting: Armor Splitter): Sagiri swings her sword towards her opponent to counter an oncoming attack. This is called Ittō-ryū: Armor-Splitter in the Viz Manga.

Coordinated Techniques

  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū Hiken: Futa wa no Tsuki (試一刀流 秘剣 (ふた) (わの) (つき) , Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting Secret Sword: Two-Wheeled Moon): the "tenran" (展覧試, Literal meaning: exhibition) form of the Tameshi Ittō-ryū where two Yamada Asaemons synchronize their blades to cut down a target in half. In a Tao illusion created by Rien, Sagiri and Shion used this technique together to destroy a false Rien's tanden.


Further information: Tao

Sagiri unleashing a large burst of Tao.

Sagiri possesses Wood-attribute Tao. Through her breathing, Sagiri is able to release a large aura of Tao and use it in conjunction with her swordplay when faced against Earth Tao users. After gradually becoming accustomed to it, Sagiri became able to perceive her opponents next attacks, which Shion, a Tao user who awakened this power long before her, noted was capable of sensing the energy much faster than him. After receiving lessons from Yuzuriha, Sagiri became able to suppress her Tao to hide her presence from others. Since Tao is powered by the extremes, or the discord of an individual, Sagiri is capable of increasing the strength of her Tao by accepting the doubt from within herself, which allowed her to combat against Rien in her Kishikai.


Sagiri wielding her sword.

Sagiri had her own katana prior to it being cut in half by Gabimaru after their confrontation on the island. She then procured a sword previously owned by Warped Keiun that was later used by Gabimaru. She then replaced it with one of Genji's swords that was given to her as his dying wish.

Creation and Conception

In an interview with the editor of Jigokuraku, Hideaki Sakakibara, an early concept art of Sagiri was revealed. This version is quite similar to her final design but had a dark collar, no mourning bell, a slightly different designed hakama, and two swords. Sagiri is also absent of her two noticeably long hair strands and her ribbon is not as lengthy compared to her final design.

In Jigokuraku Kaitai Shinsho, Sagiri's early concept shows her with a much simpler design and is depicted being a little younger.


  • (To Gabimaru) "Through my work, I have witnessed the final moments of all manner of people. When they are on the brink of death, I perceive what lies in their hearts. The blade reflects one's true nature. Some may bluff and keep a brave face to the bitter end...some turn desperate and cling to life...while others deceive themselves into accepting death."[17]
  • (To Gabimaru) "Our inherent relationship has not changed, and yet...you are no longer the man you once were."[18]
  • (To a dying Rokurōta) "I've put you through so much and frightened you, I'm sure because I've much yet to learn. I'm sorry. It's okay, though nobody resents you anymore...No. Not as you are now...Now, departed soul may you rest in peace forevermore."[19]
  • (To Yuzuriha, Shion, and Nurugai) "I will not suffer the death of another ally. We will all survive and escape this island. I swear it."[20]


  • Sagiri ranked 2nd place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 2399 votes.
  • In the Jigokuraku Fashion Review of Volume 1, Sagiri's attire received 2 out of 3 stars.
  • Sagiri is a collector of ukiyo-e and senjafuda from kabuki actors.[21]
  • According to Fuchi, Sagiri has a candy stash in her room.[22]
  • Presumably, Sagiri is the only known person alive that knows Gabimaru's real name.

Jigokuraku Kaitai Shinsho-Based Trivia

  • Sagiri is a poor artist like the Tensens.[23]
  • Sagiri favors a man who has a good understanding of independence (though this may have changed after her experience on the island).[24]
  • Sagiri was confirmed to be the most difficult character to draw out of all the ones in the Jigokuraku manga.[25]


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