Xu Fu ( (じよ) (ふく) Jofuku (Xúfú)?) is a well-known Hōshi that was formerly in service to the ruler of the Qin Dynasty to discover the secrets of immortality. He then journeyed off to claim the Elixir of Life. At the end of his voyage, he created the island known as Kotaku and continued on his research, which lead to the creations of the monsters currently roaming the island, as well as Lord Tensen. He then declared himself the true ruler of the island and grand master of Lord Tensen.


From what can be said from his silhouette, Xu Fu has a beard and wears ceremonial robes adorned with beaded necklaces and a headpiece.


Xu Fu seems to be a man dedicated to his research, spending over 1,000 years in hopes to create the Elixir of Life. His loyalty also seems to still stand with the Qin emperor, as he constructed a palace to welcome him to the island once the elixir was completed.


Over 1,000 years ago in ancient China, Xu Fu, also known as Jofuku in Japan, was a mystic sorcerer that served the ruler of the Qin Dynasty in researching the secrets of immortality. After declaring to the emperor that the Elixir of Life resided on the three islands known as Eishū, Hōjō, and Hōrai, he sailed off to the East with a fleet of several dozen barques, 3,000 children from respectful families, 100 craftsmen, piles of treasure, and the Five Grains of China. However, his whereabouts were lost with historical records stating that his journey came to an end when he arrived to a place with "flat plains and wide swamps" and proclaimed himself ruler.

Unknown to the rest of the world, Xu Fu created the island known as Kotaku and continued on his research by experimenting with the life energy known as Tao. His experimentations lead him to create hybrid creatures by combining organisms with similar Tao. After combining his Tao with Plant Tao, Xu Fu created eight beings known as Tensens who took over his research in creating an elixir that could grant immortality.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the ruler of Kotaku and master of Lord Tensen, Xu Fu has the highest authority on island and can command the Tensens to do his bidding.


Xu Fu is a highly intelligential sorcerer who was trusted by the Qin emperor to research the secrets to immortality. His vast knowledge of the mystic arts, including Taoism, allowed him to create hybrid creatures that would lead him closer to creating the Elixir of Life.


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