• Hi, I see you changed the Keiun name, but that is not how his name is given. I will be reverting the edit and to avoid possible edit conflict and to explain it better, I'm writing here.

    You can see his name is written here: & Name is given as 慶雲 and read as けいうん (Keiun).

    I'm seeing you did the same thing for Horubo, which name is 法流坊, and kanjis are read as ほうるぼう. Also same for Aza Chobe. The one you added are just their hiragana reading for the kanji and it's not how their names are given/written. I'm informing you, so that you are aware as of why I will be changing them.

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    • There are some wikis like One Piece, Fairy Tail, and Nanatsu no Taizai that only translates character names to hiragana. Yet there are wiki's like Narutopedia and Keijo that only translate to kanji. As for Keiun, that was my mistake in terms of translating.

      Should we decide which translation is best? Techniques however can be translated to hiragana and kanji.

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    • Not really sure what you mean by translates to hiragana. One Piece, Fairy Tail and NNT usually feature foreign characters name (Meliodas, Shanks, Lucy, etc), which in japanese are usually given in katakana or hiragana (as otherwise the names doesn't exist in kanji). But that's not how the wikis translate it, it's just how they are given in the original japanese text. OP is now in Wano arc and there are a lot of japanese names, and most of those names are in kanji. I'm not familiar with Keijo, but Naruto takes place in Japan-like world and a lot of the characters have japanese names. That's why some of their names are given in kanji (in the manga itself). In Jigokuraku case, it's again Japan world with mostly japanese names. That's why most of the names will likely have kanji (not all, but most).

      Ideally each wiki goes for this: Name (Name given in JP, Name reading of JP) Example: Gabimaru (画眉丸, Gabimaru), above the 3 japanese kanji it's written が び まる, that's to help how his name is read/pronounced. That's because some kanji sometimes can have different reading than standard reading. It's the same for techniques.

      So overall: we should go as how it's given in the manga. If his name or technique is given in hiragana/katakana in the manga, we add it as hiragana/katakana, if it's given as kanji, we add it as kanji. For example: Warped Keiun, first part was given as いがみ, second (his name) as 慶雲, whole name is given as いがみの慶雲 (a mix of hiragana and kanji, with けい うん above the 2 kanji to help with it's reading).

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    • Understood.

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