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Volume 11 of the Jigokuraku manga.

With the Zhu Jin-fused Banko becoming a problem in their plans to escape the island, the remaining surviving criminals and Asaemons from the first team ally with Yamada Asaemon Isuzu, Yamada Asaemon Kiyomaru, and Yamada Asaemon Jikka in order to destroy the monster and proceed their way to the floodgates. As stated by Mei, the group must pair up with the person with the right Tao attribute for strengthening and destroy the monster's five elemental tandens scattered around the palace simultaneously before they suffer the risk of Arborification around morning. However, each duo are met with a hinderance after the tandens create clones of the members of Lord Tensen to fight them off. Meanwhile, Gabimaru and Sagiri face a more troublesome matter after Shija approaches them with the drive to fight Gabimaru to the death. Gabimaru finds himself in a tight spot against the shinobi but manages to unlock the strength to stand up to them once again after being reassured of something very important.

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