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Chapter 106

Chapter 106 of the Jigokuraku manga.

At the main body of the Banko, Gantetsusai focuses on preparing himself to cut down the giant flower in front of him. Meanwhile, Jikka decides to lay down and puts his faith in Gantetsusai. Gantetsusai interprets his unfazed behavior as a test of courage and wishes to follow along as well, which Jikka found to be strange. He then hears the signal to take action but is told by Jikka that the roots will tell them when the tandens have been destroyed and when the right time to destroy the Banko. Gantetsusai wonders how he is able to figure this out, which Jikka answers that he has been able to understand how things move ever since he was young and explains his moto of being patient. Gantetsusai then senses that he is up to something but can't seem to tell what his intentions are. Shija explains to Gabimaru that due to Iwagakure's influence Yui possesses no emotions and has been merely set up to fake a relationship with him as a way to mask the deaths that had been committed. They then begged for Gabimaru to revert back to his former self the way they remembered in the past. After hearing Shija out, Sagiri smiles as she looks up at Gabimaru standing back up.

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Volume 10

Volume 10 of the Jigokuraku manga.

Following the arrival of the second landing party, Hōrai turns into a warzone with the Iwagakure shinobi from the second team battling against the Dōshi and the Yamada Asaemon confronting the criminals of the vanguard. On one side, Gantetsusai fights against Shugen but is overwhelmed by the young Asaemon's ability to copy the skills of the other Yamada Asaemons. Fuchi tries to convince Shugen that Gantetsusai is not his enemy but unfortunately has no luck and is ultimately cut down by him. While at the floodgates, Rien's voyage to Japan is thwarted by Shija who manages to steal the Elixir of Life from him. Gabimaru tries to not waste any more of his time fighting against the Iwagakure shinobi, who are on a mission to assassinate him, and quickly makes his way to the Rentan Temple to reunite with Sagiri, who is in a bind with Yamada Asaemon Isuzu. Meanwhile, after being left alive by Shion, Zhu Jin makes their way to the Main Temple and merges with the Banko, resulting in Hōrai being taken over and presents a problem for both the first and second teams.

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