Tao (タオ?) is the life force energy that can be found in every living and non-living thing. It can be manifested and used to increase the beings various abilities, giving them powers similar to that of gods.

Overview[edit | edit source]

All that exist comes from the never-ending flow of Tao. To tap into it is to touch upon the very origins of creation.
— Hōko explaining Tao to Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and Senta.

A Plant Tao user's tanden being struck.

Tao is the source of everything that exists in the world, be it living and non-living such as earth, water, plants, souls, flesh, air, etc. It has been said that the Tao of living things will end up being consumed by a small amount from the slightest thing that they do such as thinking, breathing, and living. Tao circulates throughout the body and is generated from the being's "tanden" (丹田 Chinese: Dantian?), which is located below the navel. Damage to the tanden acts as a weakness to beings, or individuals, with the regeneration ability known as Plant Tao, which is described further below. When reviewing the concept of death, the Tao of living things will disintegrate when on the verge of dying until it completely vanishes. Although a being's life may pass once they die, Tao will still continue to exist within their corpse but will emit the same sensation as the Tao of inorganics instead of life.

Yin-Yang[edit | edit source]

The concept of Yin-Yang is the main component to Tao. Manifestation of Tao is created when one's spirit is balanced by following the Middle Way of Buddhism, meaning that the person must accept both opposing forces from within their hearts, such as their strengths and weaknesses, intensity and tranquility, stillness and motion, dark and light, etc. There have been some cases where Tao is manifested even if the individual is not fully aware that they are using it. One known method in which this is possible is through blindness, thereby allowing the body to embrace the sensation and detaching themselves from reality. Through proper training spiritually and physically, especially towards aiming at increasing their Yin-Yang cycle, a person can fully master the usage of Tao and are able to increase their reserves.

Gantetsusai and Fuchi's Tao surging in response to their exuberant state of mind.

Emotions that are connected to the poles of Yin-Yang can cause Tao to react, or surge, which in turn causes the Tao of an individual to grow and strengthen, as well as affect both their mind and body. Emotions such as love and anger have been pointed out to be one of the main causes of this phenomenon. For example, Gabimaru's Tao would at times surge whenever his feelings for Yui would manifest. The underlying factor behind this reaction is due to the dissonance between his yearning for her and their separation. Shion also noted that, to Gabimaru, these feelings were linked to both his strength and weakness. These feelings ultimately led him to automatically recover from the Zhu Jin-fused Banko's negative influence over his body after his Tao was strengthen from hearing Shija's confirmation about his wife being real. Shugen's Tao was sensed by Sagiri to be surging wildly after stating his conviction to continue fighting against Rien for the sake of the Yamada clan, despite his grave injuries. By accepting the extremes of strength, weakness, and doubt from within herself, Sagiri's Tao gained enough power to allow herself to fight on par with Rien in her Kishikai. According to Rien, there are multiple different ways in which Tao surges depending on the emotional state of the individual. Since Tao can only be held together by the discord between Yin-Yang, a Tao user's Tao will decrease in power if they give in to one side of their emotions.

Life and death have also been pointed out to be two major extremes that effects an individual's Tao as well. Before meeting his end by Shion, Mu Dan sensed how the Asaemon's Tao was surging as a result of putting his life on the line in their battle, having loss a large amount of blood and pushing his body to its limit.

Because they are able to waver between the extremes easily, the Tao of a human is considered to be high quality. For the Tensens, lifeforms who are incapable of wavering between the extremes, they find that witnessing Tao going through this process to be a beautiful sight to behold and that it is for this reason that humans are the perfect material to create Tan.

Elemental Attributes[edit | edit source]

Five Elements Cycle.png

Every Tao has an attribute to one of the Five Elements (五行 Gogyō?, Chinese: Wǔxíng). The five elements follow a cycle of restoration and hindering effects with one another and is initiated when two individuals make physical contact with each other. These attributes have been proven to greatly affect the flow of battle. The cycle is as follows:

  • Wood ( Moku?, Chinese: Mù) restores Fire and hinders Earth.
  • Fire ( Ka?, Chinese: Huǒ) restores Earth and hinders Metal.
  • Earth ( Do?, Chinese: Tǔ) restores Metal and hinders Water.
  • Metal ( Kin?, Chinese: Jīn) restores Water and hinders Wood.
  • Water ( Sui?, Chinese: Shuǐ) restores Wood and hinders Fire.
Tao Restoration Cycle

The Tao Restoration Cycle follows a circular sequence. The restoration cycle helps to replenish and strengthen an individual's Tao when they make physical contact with someone possessing a compatible element. Even if they are not a Tao user, by using the restoration cycle a person can draw out their Tao with the added boost given to them by the right attribute user. For example, despite not being able to perceive Tao, Fuchi was able to unleash his Metal Tao as long as he maintained contact with Tōma who possessed Earth Tao.

The restoration can also work with weapons. By using the lingering traces of Tao left on a weapon by someone of the right attribute, the restorer can give a boost in power to the Tao-imbued weapon once they make physical contact with it. The same effect can also happen if the one being restored were to wield a weapon that belonged to the restorer. By wielding Gantetsusai's sword that had traces of his Fire Tao, Jikka received a boost in power to his Earth Tao that allowed him to destroyed the Zhu Jin-fused Banko's Water tanden. This method, however, cannot counter the hindering cycle when the roles of the Tao Restoration are reversed. For example, Gabimaru's attack on Rien's tanden using Sagiri's Wood Tao sword proved to be ineffective due to the Wood Tao losing its power from Gabimaru's Fire Tao.

Tao Hindering Cycle

The Tao Hindering Cycle follows a star sequence. The hindering cycle causes an individual's Tao to be drained and weakened when they make physical contact with someone possessing an inferior element. When up against Plant Tao users, the hindering cycle acts as a main weakness, but at the same time, also puts the one with the inferior element in a difficult situation, which is described further below.

Other Interactions

A clash between individuals with the same element will neither have a restoration or a hindering effect. When two beings who possess the same element fight against each other the one with the higher skill of wielding Tao will prove to triumph over the other.

Current[edit | edit source]

Tao acts as a current flowing around the person's body and is described as being physical and tangible. The speed and size of the current depends on the person's overall strength, and the direction in which the current flows is based on the person's elemental attribute. During a restorative Tao cycle, the person receiving the boost in power will have their current being pushed back. During a hindering Tao cycle, the person being weakened will have their current blocked. The current is depicted as a school of small, liquified sharks swimming around the user. Because their strength is incredibly high, Lord Tensen's currents are depicted having larger sharks swimming around them.

Plant Tao[edit | edit source]

The regeneration ability of Plant Tao.

Plant Tao (植物のタオ Shokubutsu no Tao?), also known as Flower Tao (花タオ Hana Tao?), is Tao derived from flowers that offer regeneration powers and enhanced abilities. Tensens, artificial humans partially created from Plant Tao, benefit greatly from this Tao as they can regenerate any damage done to their bodies in an instant. Plant Tao causes a reaction to humans known as Arborification, where they bloom flowers from their body and enter into a blissful trance. The only known way for a human to overcome the Arborification and acquire the powers of Plant Tao is if they are on the verge of death and have a strong will to survive, such as having a will to protect someone important no matter what the cost. The regeneration of a Tensen appear as vines with flowers restoring any lost limbs. Humans also experience the same process but are left with vine markings (that eventually disappear over time) after the damaged area is healed. The two also gain dark sclera around their eyes.

Plant Tao users are greatly affected by the Tao Hindering Cycle. When engaged in battle, if a Plant Tao user were to fight against an individual with the inferior elemental attribute compared to their own, the Plant Tao user will have a form of resistance over their attacks, making their victory assured. However, when up against a Tao user with the superior element, the Plant Tao user's regenerative abilities will be weakened from the hindering effects and will ultimately die if their tanden is destroyed. There are also other methods in how to go about fighting a Plant Tao user using the hindering cycle:

  • Strategically, instead of being the one to finish off the Plant Tao user, the individual with the hindering attribute can choose to hold down their opponent to weaken their Tao while an ally makes the attack to their enemy, thereby still maintaining the same rules as the hindering cycle. This was shown when Fuchi decided to weaken Tao Fa's Wood Tao with his Metal Tao by restraining her from behind while Gantetsusai made the cut through her tanden. This strategy however can be perceived as risky since the attacker would have to be careful as to not harm the hinderer in the process.
  • The person with the hindering attribute can be used as a living weapon by having their partner hold them by their feet. This method was thought up by Gabimaru by using Sagiri as a human sword against Rien. This strategy, however, was pointed out to be too irrational.

Aside from the hindering cycle, if a Plant Tao user continues to take too much damage the regeneration speed will be reduced due to their body exerting too much Tao. Also, even if a human managed to acquire the powers of Plant Tao, the effects of the Arborification will accelerate if they regenerate too much, forcing them in trying to resist the vines in their body from taking over.

Training Exercises[edit | edit source]

Training to master Tao requires the Five Training Methods of Immortality: Dō'in, Taisoku, Shu'itsu, Shūten and Bōchū Jutsu.

  • Dō'in (導引 Dō'in?) involves training through physical exercise.
  • Taisoku (胎息 Taisoku?) involves training through breathing techniques.
  • Shu'itsu (守一 Shu'itsu?) involves training through meditation.
  • Shūten (周天 Shūten?) involves training through pathways of the body and organs.
  • Bōchū Jutsu (房中術 Bōchū Jutsu?, Literal Meaning: Art of the Bedchamber) involves training through sexual intimacy. This training method is said to be the most important since it requires a partner of the opposite chi. By joining in sexual intercourse, the chi's of both Yin and Yang will join and strengthen the two partners' Tao. Bōchū Jutsu can also be use to understand a person's Tao at a deeper level. According to Rien, cooperation is essential on the partner's behalf in order for Bōchū Jutsu to take full effect. Therefore, the two practitioners has to take each others sexual pleasures into account in order to have "harmony".

Tao Users[edit | edit source]

Tao Users
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Shion Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Shugen Portrait.png Tao Fa Portrait.png
Yamada Asaemon
Shion Yamada Asaemon
Tao Fa *
Gabimaru Portrait.png Tamiya Gantetsusai After Portrait.png Ju Fa Portrait.png


Tamiya Gantetsusai

Ju Fa *

Mu Dan Portrait.png Rien Portrait.png Aza Toma Current Portrait.png Yuzuriha's Current Portrait.png

Mu Dan *


Aza Tōma


Aza Chobe Current Portrait.png Gui Fa Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Shugen Portrait.png

Aza Chōbē

Gui Fa Yamada Asaemon
Yamada Asaemon Isuzu Portrait.png Mei Portrait.png Nurugai Current Portrait.png Ran Portrait.png Yamada Asaemon Shugen Portrait.png
Yamada Asaemon
Mei Nurugai

Ran *

Yamada Asaemon
Zhu Jin Portrait.png

Zhu Jin *

Unknown Attributes
Rokurota Portrait.png Butterfly Doshi Portrait.png Centipede Doshi Portrait.png Lettuce Doshi Portrait.png Tentacle Doshi Portrait.png

Butterfly Dōshi

Centipede Dōshi

Lettuce Dōshi * Tentacle Dōshi
Doshi Portrait.png
Plant Tao Users
Aza Chobe Current Portrait.png Doshi Portrait.png Gabimaru Portrait.png Gui Fa Portrait.png Hoko Portrait.png

Aza Chōbē



Gui Fa Hōko
Ju Fa Portrait.png Mei Portrait.png Mu Dan Portrait.png Ran Portrait.png Rien Portrait.png

Ju Fa *


Mu Dan *

Ran *

Yamada Asaemon Shugen Portrait.png Tao Fa Portrait.png Zhu Jin Portrait.png Butterfly Doshi Portrait.png Centipede Doshi Portrait.png
Yamada Asaemon
Tao Fa *

Zhu Jin *

Butterfly Dōshi

Centipede Dōshi

Lettuce Doshi Portrait.png Tentacle Doshi Portrait.png
Lettuce Dōshi * Tentacle Dōshi

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  •  : the character is no longer part of this group.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Basic Techniques[edit | edit source]

Sensing[edit | edit source]

From the moment they awaken their Tao, the user gains a sixth sense where they are granted the ability to sense the presence of other Tao around them. By sensing Tao the user is able to capture every single detail of a person's characteristics such as their height, weight, gender and even hairstyle. Since Tao can be found in non-living things as well, the user can sense the Tao of the terrain around them to help guide their way through obstacles and give them a detailed layout of structures. Shion describes the sensation of Tao as sensing "waves" ( Nami?) flowing through the contours of one's body, which creates an aura of light silhouettes within a dark background. Tao that has been lost will show when the person's aura is not completely formed or is fading away. There are two ways in which Tao can be sensed: either by cloaking the body in Tao to "feel out" the surroundings or to gather and focus Tao around the eyes, either having them closed or opened.

By sensing how the Tao moves, the Tao user is able to predict the intentions behind someone's actions. In battle, the Tao user is able to predict their opponent's attack, making it easy for them to avoid and counterattack. It has been proven by users (such as Shion and Mu Dan) that sensory of an opponents Tao to track their movements is far greater than if one were to use their eyes. As greatly demonstrated by the blind Shion who managed to cut every one of Mu Dan's fast oncoming Kishikai stingers perfectly timed and only receive minor scratches. Another example is when Mu Dan blinded himself to show Yuzuriha and Senta that he was able to easily evade their attacks even without the use of his eyes.

Tao sensory can pinpoint the weak spots of a beings Tao and can even use weak strikes to deal damage to the weaken area. During his sparring match with Gantetsusai, Gabimaru was able to sense his weak spot around his strong body and caused him to feel pain with a simply kick. Shugen was able to send a Sōshin's head flying after sensing its weaken area around its upper body.

A highly skilled Tao user can also sense a person's elemental attribute corresponding to their Tao.

Presence Suppression[edit | edit source]

Yuzuriha hiding her presence by suppressing her Tao.

By focusing on the flow of their Tao, the user is able to suppress it as a way to conceal their presence from others. This makes it ideal to perform sneak attacks on their opponents or for espionage. This concept was first demonstrated by Yuzuriha, as she used a technique that allowed her to switch places with an object while suppressing her Tao, and then perform a surprise attack on her opponent. Mu Dan demonstrated a more advanced version of this ability were he not only vanishes from his targets line of sight but also their mind.

Enhancement[edit | edit source]

Tao can be used to enhance the user's combat abilities. Physical attacks or weapons imbued with Tao are stronger than they would normally without. It has been noted by Sagiri and Shion that Tao attacks causes severe damage from within the targets body as if their soul was struck and can cause fatal damage even if they don't hit vital points.

By cloaking their body with Tao, the user is able to harden their body to shrug off any normal attacks made contact. For example, while unknowingly using it, Rokurōta's Tao provided enough sturdiness to his large bulky body to survive being injured by weapons.

Redirection[edit | edit source]

Gabimaru redirecting Ran's Tao by following the required steps.

Redirection is a method of fighting developed by Gabimaru that allows a Tao user to use their opponent's Tao against themselves by sending their Tao current back at them. In order to use this technique, the Tao user must first weaken a single part of their body to withstand and deflect their opponent's incoming attacks. To successfully ward off the attacks, the Tao user must synchronize their breathing with their opponent's Tao by following the principles of the Middle Way; by going between the extremes of tranquility and intensity. At the same time, the Tao user must ride their opponent's Tao current to initiate the redirection. This strategy makes it perfect to counter against powerful Tao users, such as Lord Tensen, without having to worry about the Tao cycle or wasting any of the users own Tao.

The drawback to this method of fighting is that since the user must suppress a little of their Tao their body becomes less sturdy and must endure even a single graze from their opponent. This also does not mean that the hindering cycle can be ignored since the right elemental attribute is still needed to cause a fatal blow.

Sennin-Level Techniques[edit | edit source]

Invisible Projectiles[edit | edit source]

Tao can also be used to attack without coming into close-range of the users intended target. This technique was later revealed to be known as Tōate (遠当? Literal meaning: Distant Strike) by Mu Dan. By gathering Tao in their hand, the user launches it as a invisible projectile by delivering an open-handed strike. This form of fighting makes it ideal for attacking those who can not sense Tao since they are unable to dodge the oncoming projectiles. This technique is exclusive to only the highly trained Sennin and is impossible to be executed by humans.

Lightning[edit | edit source]

Zhu Jin converting their Tao into lightning.

A destructive form of Tao usage where the master Tao user converts their Tao into lightning. The lightning unleashed can effectively cause great damage and severe strain to an opponent's body. This ability has only been shown by Tensens who enter their Kishikai. Zhu Jin was the first to use this technique when they fought against Gabimaru after entering their Kishikai, and later against Shion in their partial Kishikai state. Rien also showed usage of this technique after entering her Kishikai where they blasted Gabimaru for attempting to attack her with a technique.

Senjutsu[edit | edit source]

Senjutsu (仙術? Literally meaning: Sage Techniques) is a term that refers to a Sennin's ability to create multiple Tao projectiles. This term was also used by two Dōshi to form a unique transformation using the Paradise insects.

Hōjutsu[edit | edit source]

Hōjutsu (方術? Literally meaning: Direction Techniques) is a term used to describe techniques used by Mu Dan that allows him to conceal his presence from his targets sight and mind and create footholds out of the Tao in the air, giving him levitation.

Armor[edit | edit source]

As demonstrated by Ran, the Tao protective cloak can be pushed even further. By stretching his Tao into fine threads and bundling them together around his body, Ran can create a sort of "Tao Armor" that makes him durable enough to withstand strong attacks from his opponents. The Tao Armor is described as being similar to tough muscle fibers and, unlike traditional armor, is said to have no blind spots for his opponents to exploit. Ran's Tao Armor is even strong enough to resist attacks caused by the hindering Tao reaction of Earth-attribute Tao users, as a Tao-imbued kunai thrown by Yuzuriha was shown to simply bounce off his body.

Despite his armor not having any weak spots, Ran's defense can be bypassed if his own Tao is used against him, which can be done by using the Tao redirection method Gabimaru developed. This leaves Ran at the mercy of his opponent since he will suffer damage whether he chooses to use the armor or suppress it.

Manipulation[edit | edit source]

This ability allows a master Tao user to take control over the Tao of living and non-living things, similar to powers of psychokinesis. The user only needs to exert a small portion of their own Tao to utilize this technique.

The control over living things was first demonstrated by two Dōshi who manipulated the Tao of the human-faced insects on Kotaku to fight against Gabimaru and Gantetsusai. This technique also works as a certain-kill method to take down enemies as Rien would frequently use this ability to crush her opponent's bodies with a single grip of her hand.

The control of non-living things was first shown by Rien who demonstrated this ability to Chōbē by setting an incense alight. She would later use this technique again to remotely control the Tao of the ship she was sailing on in her voyage to Japan, as well as keep the flames that were burning the ship from rising. This ability can also be used to restore anything that has been damaged, demonstrated when Ran restored a pillar and how Rien instantly repaired the major damage done to her ship by Gantetsusai as if nothing had happened.

An adept user, such as Ran, can push their control even further by applying shape to the inorganics, such as creating spikes for binding or attacking his targets. Though the objects are controlled by Tao they are unable to cause a hindering reaction.

Pressure[edit | edit source]

This ability has been shown by Gui Fa where they emit their Tao from their hand and sends it above their intended target, causing them to be weighed down by the immense pressure.

Illusion[edit | edit source]

So far, Gui Fa, Mei, and Rien are the only ones to have demonstrated the ability to create illusions through their Tao. By first clapping their hands together, the user creates a dark space around them and anyone in their presence and projects a setting of whatever they are trying to convey to their target, such as past memories, future events, or a false moment in the present. The illusion seems to tap into a target's cerebral nervous system to affect their five senses, as Sagiri was shown suffering mentally after the illusion of her undergoing Arborification had ended. The Tao illusion can only be broken by outside forces.

Lantern[edit | edit source]

A technique demonstrated by Gui Fa where they use their Tao to create a small ball of flame which hovers above their hand to illuminate their surroundings, similar to a lantern.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

Gabimaru's damaged life force.

The usage of Tao acts as a double-edge sword. Since Tao is basically the users life force, using too much of it can cause great strain to the users body and improper usage can cause death. The signs show up as nosebleeds, heavy breathing, and fatigue. Tao can also run the risk of eating away at the user's mind, leaving them with amnesia and can only be healed with a Tao restoration.

Though Tao grants the user the ability to predict attacks, the Tao user must have a steady concentration on what attacks they are trying to avoid. While Mu Dan was concentrating on avoiding Sagiri's attacks, he was unable to predict Yuzuriha and Senta's attacks on his legs due to only focusing his attention on one person. This was shown again when Mu Dan failed to notice Senta's attack from behind, as he was conflicted with fighting Yuzuriha, losing his concertation in the process. Also, this power does not necessarily change the speed of the user to make them any faster than normal; meaning that the user's prediction ability can be counter if they face an opponent who is too fast for them to react on time. While Gabimaru was successful in keeping track and reacting well to Shija's movements, Sagiri was unable to do the same due to not possessing equal speed and reflexes as the two. Tao users are also limited to sensing things with no intent, such as weapons, as shown when Mu Dan was unable to avoid Sagiri's thrown sword at his tanden.

When two Tao users are up against each other, the user with the stronger Tao can bypass the defense of the other Tao user. An example being Chōbē, whose Tao was rapidly growing, crushed a Dōshi's hand when its entire body was cloaked in it. This rule also applies with Tao attributes. After cloaking his body in a strong layer of Tao, Ran was able to deflect Yuzuriha's Tao imbued kunai despite her baring Earth-attributed Tao.

Talking is known to disrupt a person's flow of Tao if the user plans on suppressing it to hide their presence. Since their Tao is suppressed, the user is unable to sense the Tao around them since sensing it requires the user to focus their Tao around their eyes, there by giving out their location.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The term "Tao" is used by those who study in Taoism. As noted by Yuzuriha, the life force energy may also be referred to as "ki" or "qi" (which is most commonly used) based on the difference in culture. Since they came to the island with no full knowledge of life energy and are centered around Taoism, the surviving criminals and executioners use the term "Tao" throughout the series. Also, before coming to the island, Shion used the term "waves" after Shugen named the sensation for him but has since moved on to calling it "Tao" after learning one of the proper ways of referring to the energy.
    • Additionally, the concept of practicing Tao and utilizing it in a fighting style can refer to Qigong, or Taoist Qigong.
    • The fighting style Lord Tensen uses with Tao is similar to the Chinese martial art Baguazhang, a fighting style that utilizes circle walking and internal power to their various strikes (palm, fist, elbow, fingers, etc.), kicks, joint locks, and throws. Baguazhang is also one of the martial arts used in Taoism.
  • Shion theorized that warriors who went down in history were able to wield Tao whether they were aware of it or not.
  • According to Mei, a Tensen's Tao is at its weakest during the night, stating that their "flowers are closed."[1] What she meant by this remains unclear.
  • Rien claims that controlling the Tao of inorganics and living things is not a simple task. However, Ran and two Dōshi contradicted this statement, with the Tensen even stating the exact opposite.
  • Gabimaru noted that his strategy of using his opponents Tao against themselves is similar to the concept of Kakei or Tenshikei movements of Tai Chi, as well as Sumo or Yawara.
  • So far, the Water attribute has the most confirmed Tao users in the series.
  • Humans acquiring the powers of Plant Tao is considered an act of losing one's humanity.
  • Ninjutsu has been pointed out to be one of the many creations of Tao.
  • Yamada Asaemon Shugen is the only known Tao user that possesses more than one elemental attribute.
  • Gabimaru associated the ability to use Tao as illusions to be similar to Genjutsu. Whether the two techniques are the same or different has yet to be elaborated on.

External Links[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jigokuraku Chapter 61, page 16
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