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Shion (士遠), formerly known as Yamada Asaemon Shion (山田浅ェ門 士遠), was the former 4th rank Asaemon of the Yamada clan.

After the shogun called for criminals to acquire the Elixir of Life from the dangerous island known as Kotaku, in exchange for a pardon for their past crimes, Shion joined in the expedition team as one of the Yamada Asaemon monitors and was assigned to keep watch over the criminal, Akaginu. Shortly after, Shion became a part of a united front formed from the remaining surviving criminals and executioners to defeat Lord Tensen, work together in capturing the elixir, and have everyone escape the island.

A year later after escaping the island, Shion went by the name Kuon ( () (おん) ) in order to hide himself from the law, abandons his role as both a samurai and an executioner of the Yamada clan, and upholds the promise he made to Nurugai that he would take care of her until she had returned back to her people. The pair would eventually become known as the "Blind Wolf and Cub" as they would often help right the wrongs within each town they happened to come by.


Shion is a blind man with short, spiky silver hair in a faux hawk cut. He has three long, distinctive scars crossing his face; two vertical running from forehead to cheek crossing the center of each eye, and one horizontal across the top of his nose through each eye. He wears the standard attire of the Asaemon, however, he does not carry the bell around his collar. After his confrontation with Zhu Jin, Shion wears a bandage around his neck to keep the wound he received from opening.

After briefly settling in Hōrai, Shion changed from his Asaemon attire to a light blue robe with a pattern running down the collar and cuffs and wears matching pants. He then switches to wearing a black Iwa shinobi robe, along with matches pants, gaiters, gauntlets, sandals, and wears white tasuki to hold his sleeves.

A year later, Shion removes the bandages around his neck and allows the throat scar he received from Zhu Jin to be visible. He is seen traveling in a simple robe.



Shion making a pun about his eyesight.

Shion is a strict but kind man. He is well aware of the brutal nature of his work as an executioner, opting to spend the rest of his time helping others, such as when he saved Tenza from a life of crime by taking him in and training him in the way of the sword. Like the other Asaemon, he possesses a strong loyalty to the Yamada clan. Shion also has a witty sense of humor, often making puns and jokes regarding his eyesight, which has become a major part of his character to the people around him.

Since he is a teacher, Shion would sometimes act as such during certain matters. After escaping Zhu Jin, Shion hit Tenza with the hilt of his sword for his sloppy swordsmanship and quickly corrected him. Even though he refused to become her teacher, Shion was unaware that he was teaching her the proper way of using a sword while fighting the Sōshin. After settling in one of the buildings in Hōrai, Shion clapped his hands to get everyone's attention and review what they know about Tao. This also makes him a great leader. Shion is able to take initiative by having his allies focus on the task at hand and come up with clever strategies, as well as take into account of their opinions on whether they are willing to follow his plan or not.

Shion is shown to be very fearless. He showed no fear or hesitation in facing against Mu Dan in his Kishikai form and stated that he gladly accepted death if it meant that he could take him down. Because he was forced to flee and leave Tenza to fight Zhu Jin, Shion felt responsible for his death. This action filled him with regret and caused him to push himself to the extremes in order to not have history repeat itself. Even though he lost a lot of blood and could barely stand, Shion stood his ground and forced himself through Mu Dan's vines in order to kill him once and for all.

Shion had been pointed out by Sagiri to have a noticeably bad habit of assuming romantic intent. After Sagiri expressed her worries over Gabimaru, Shion blushed thinking that she had feelings for him, much to her annoyance. Shion admitted to this quirk and says that it most likely stemmed from his fondness for dodoitsu poems.




When he was a young boy, Shion worked alongside his mother as street performers. During the time he spent with her, Shion was treated rather poorly, as his mother willingly carved scars onto his face in order to add more depth to his act and was given a false backstory after he was accepted into the Tōdōza and the Yamada clan. Despite all this, Shion cared enough to go along with the fabricated story his mother gave him since going against it would bring shame to his mother's honor.

Yamada Clan

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Yamada Asaemon Sagiri

Yamada Asaemon Shugen

Yamada Asaemon Jikka

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Additional Landing Party


Zhu Jin



Shion was born blind to the mother of a traveling street performer. At a young age, Shion awakened his ability to sense Tao and was able to perceive the world around him. Because of this, Shion's mother used him as a way to raise money and gave him the nickname Sword God Child (曲芸剣神の子, Kenjin no Ko, Viz: Divine Blade Boy) where he would go on to perform for others by dodging the participating customers wooden sword swings at him. As part of the act, Shion's mother also carved scars on her son's face. He eventually caught the attention of the Grand Kengyō and was welcomed into the Tōdōza along with his mother. Through their connections, Shion was also brought into the Yamada clan and trained in the ways of an executioner. Upon entrance to both housings, Shion's mother fabricated a false story about him being born as an illegitimate child to a renowned swordsman and was given his scars from first seeing battle at a young age. Shion went along with this story knowing that it would besmirch his mother's honor if he were to stray away from it and hid his past throughout his years from the people close to him in the Yamada clan. He then spent his time following the ways of the clan and eventually earned his name as Yamada Asaemon Shion, along with proving himself to be worthy enough to receive the 4th ranking to become the clan's next potential leader. When not engaged in his work as a sword tester, Shion took some time off in helping others, which led him to Tenza off the streets. He then persuaded the young man into joining the Yamada clan and took him in as his student.

Island Arc

Main article: Island Arc

Shion is one of the Asaemon assigned to escort a criminal searching for the Elixir of Life on an island ordered by the Shogun.

Shion executes Akaingu.

After arriving on the island, Shion is almost immediately accosted by Akaginu when she tries to seduce him. However, Shion executes Akaginu due to her breaching the rules of the assignment. Having completed his mission, he tries to find a suitable current to return. However, the one optimal current he found was overshadowed by strange sounds and an unfamiliar presence. Shion decides to search for other Asaemons to help him escape the island.

Lord Tensen Arc

Main article: Lord Tensen Arc

Shion beheads Zhu Jin.

Later, Shion encounters Tenza and Nurugai as they are running from an unknown immortal being. He throws his sword and decapitates the immortal while he is regenerating, allowing the three of them to escape into the forest. He is relieved to see Tenza alive, but promptly begins lecturing Tenza on his sloppy fighting against the immortal. Shion tells Tenza and Nurugai of his experience on the island, but then turns his sword on Nurugai, asking Tenza why he is covering for his criminal. While he is aware of Nurugai's past, he points out that the Asaemon are simply blades for the era to wield, and Tenza's rebellion could put the Yamada clan in danger. But Tenza is able to convince Shion that Nurugai is worth protecting, preventing Shion from carrying out the execution. When Shion says he will allow her to live, Tenza and Nurugai are astonished that he could tell Nurugai's gender.

Shion forces himself to flee with Nurugai.

As the three are discussing a plan for dealing with the immortal, it appears behind Tenza and Nurugai in its female form. Shion manages to grab the two out of the way, narrowly avoids being killed by her, but gets his throat cut in the process. Enraged, Tenza attacks her, only to be severely wounded. As Shion moves to attack the immortal, Tenza desperately tries to yell at him to run. Hearing this, Shion, knowing they are no match for the immortal, grabs Nurugai and runs away while Tenza sacrifices his life to buy them time. As they are retreating, Shion swears he will take vengeance for Tenza.

In the forest, Shion demonstrates his perceptive powers when Nurugai attacks him from behind. He knocks Nurugai's sword out of her hands, moving her out of the way before the sword comes back down and hits her. Although Nurugai begs him to teach her swordplay, he refuses, stating that they do not have the time for her to master the sword. Shion intends to fight the battle alone, unwilling to let another young life die before him. However, upon further pleading from Nurugai, Shion explains how he "sees" by perceiving the "waves" of everything around him, which allow him to sense his surroundings as well as boost him physical abilities. He explains that, to tap into this power, one requires a balanced spirit, not too intense, not too tranquil. When the two are approached by the Sōshin, Shion begins teaching Nurugai the proper stance and grip for swordplay. Nurugai wonders whether Shion has changed his mind or is simply absent-minded. Shion cuts down the Sōshin as he explains, telling Nurugai that he will not be her sensei but that she is free to learn as she sees fit. He then wonder how he will be able to develop his swordmanship enough to be able to kill the monster that killed Tenza.

Shion battles Mu Dan.

After traveling for two days, Shion and Nurugai reach Hōrai and arrive just in time to save Sagiri, Senta, and Yuzuriha from the transformed Mu Dan. Shion faces Mu Dan alone, testing the use of his Tao attribute and successfully deals some damage. However, Mu Dan laughs as flowers bloom from numerous gashes on Shion's body from his stingers. Shion quickly reacts, slashing all the flowers from his flesh but briefly drops to his knees from blood loss. Sagiri and Nurugai assists him coated with Yuzuriha's fluid to protect them from the scratches that causes blooming. Sagiri suggests that they act as decoys while Shion strikes from behind to cut through both the monster's tanden, what she believes to be its weak point. The three fight Mu Dan, slowly overwhelming him as he takes a long time to regenerate each time. While Shion continues losing blood, he is driven by his hatred and regret at Tenza's death, swearing to kill the monster or die trying. When Sagiri immobilizes Mu Dan, Shion gets behind the monster and concentrates his Tao into his sword.

Shion kills Mu Dan.

Just before striking, Shion hesitates, unable to sense strong waves of Tao emanating from the tanden. Senta yells out that the ovule at the centre of the petals is the monsters true weak point. Shion reacts in time to cut through the ovule just before Mu Dan's stingers attack, finally killing the monster. Shion and the rest of the group then comes to Senta and watches as he passes away in peace from being stung earlier by one of the stingers. After burying his body, Shion recommends taking a break and figuring a way out. He then listens to Sagiri's resolve in having the criminals and executioners cooperate to survive and return home.

The group enters Hōrai and takes settlement in one of the buildings. Shion starts to review everything they know about Tao, including the attributes and how they can exploit it to use against Lord Tensen. After Nurugai brings up the Elixir of Life, Yuzuriha tells them that the elixir they are looking for is not beneficial. Shion figures that they can not return home without it but Sagiri mentions Gabimaru's village chief benefitting from the elixir. However, Yuzuriha explains the possibilities of the chief using an illusion to fool others into thinking he is immortal. He then becomes one of the few to listen to Yuzuriha's theory of Gabimaru's wife being an illusion. He later changes out of his blood soaked clothing and meets with Sagiri feeling depressed over the deaths of her clansmen and for Gabimaru's situation. As he was about to make the conclusion that she has feelings for Gabimaru, Sagiri stops him and denies this claim. She explains to him that she feels pity for Gabimaru if it turns out his reason for survival has been a lie. Shion sympathies with Sagiri and believes that he is in no position to criticize, saying that he will "overlook" this matter. This causes Sagiri to laugh at his pun which delights Shion.

The remaining survivors of the mission gathered together.

The next day, the group goes back to the gate to see if others were able to make it to Hōrai. After coming outside, the group becomes captivated with the clear setting. Once they reached the gate, they encounter Yamada Asaemon Fuchi, Tamiya Gantetsusai, Gabimaru unconscious, Mei, Tōma, and a Dōshi. Seeing how there a small amount of survivors, Shion expresses his regret but is told by Gantetsusai that it was pointless since the condemned criminals were fated to kill each other including the executioners that were tasked with the mission. Looking towards Gabimaru's injured body, Shion senses that he has lost too much of his Tao and senses a particular aura. After waking up, Sagiri sees that Gabimaru is not who he was before. Shion and Fuchi block a sudden attack from Gabimaru and hears Sagiri explain that he has lost his memories. Shion senses that Gabimaru's soul has been damaged due to his extensive amount of fighting. After refusing to cooperate, Sagiri pins Gabimaru down to restore his Tao. Shion becomes surprise with Sagiri's approach and comments on how they have a connection in which he can not understand.

Shion, Gantetsusai, Tōma, and Nurugai sparring with Gabimaru.

The group relocates to a cave to not be sensed by Lord Tensen but is warned by Shion that they should still be cautious. He then looks towards Gabimaru about his experience fighting one of them. After Yuzuriha informs him that his wife may be an illusion, Shion and the rest of the group listens to Gabimaru's confidence that she is real. Shion senses that Gabimaru's Tao has grown and believes that this sensation gives proof that his wife exist since people become strong if they have something to lose. He is later called out, along with Gantetsusai, Tōma, and Nurugai, by Gabimaru who requests that they help him train. After Gabimaru tells Tōma to use his hatred towards him after fighting his brother, Shion warns him that he will not allow it and is prepared to cut him down. The group then engages in sparring while Gabimaru starts to understand Tao and planning out how to defeat Lord Tensen. After they are done fighting, Shion becomes impressed with Gabimaru's strength but wonders if he should put his faith in a criminal and trust Tōma after realizing his true identity.

The survivors joining forces to complete the mission and escape the island.

Later, Shion discusses with Gabimaru the group's next course of action and prepares to announce it to everyone. However, Mei warns everyone that she senses that someone or another group has arrived on the island. Shion and Fuchi believe that it is Shugen and the other Asaemon who were sent as reinforcements by Eizen, along with another group of criminals. Although Sagiri vouches for Shugen in being great help to the group, Shion disagrees since Shugen despises criminals and anyone who is connected with them. He then gives evidence by revealing the full story behind Shugen not only executing the Silver Serpent yakuza group but also their families. With this in mind, Shion calls upon everyone to listen to his plan of forming two teams where one finds an escape route and the other retrieves the Tan elixir. He also explains his strategy of attrition by using their Tao to hinder and defeat each Lord Tensen member. After hearing and understanding Yuzuriha's suggestion of finding a way off the island and go into hiding instead of completing the mission due to the many mysterious presented, Shion gives everyone the option of following through with the mission by working together or go their separate ways. After walking inside the cave, Shion senses the presence of everyone following him and willing to cooperate but is asked by Shion if they were sure of their decision. Everyone answers yes and Nurugai punches Shion thinking that he was ready to leave her but is corrected by the blind Asaemon.

Hōrai Arc

Main article: Hōrai Arc

Mei provides the group with information regarding the sea monsters and says that they are trained to not attack any departing ships within the palace's floodgate, which Shion recalls having found earlier during his scouting on the beach. They also learn that they can use the ships located within the palace to escape and capture the elixir located in Rien's laboratory. Believing that they have to act fast, Shion pulls Gabimaru and Yuzuriha over to have them instruct the group in espionage with Tao applied. After finishing the lessons, Shion places everyone into the Escape-Route Team and the Elixir Retrieval Team. Nurugai comes up to Shion to ask him a question but Shion tells her that he has not forgotten. The group then reviews their strategy on infiltrating the palace. Once they were finish, the two teams decide to deploy tonight.

Shion and Nurugai reunites with Zhu Jin.

After sneaking into the palace, the Elixir Retrieval Team signals the Escape Route Securing Team that it is okay to enter. The team advances into the palace but are met by a sudden mist, causing Shion and Nurugai to get separated by Gantetsusai, Fuchi and Tōma. The two then encounter Zhu Jin once again, who plans to offer them as sacrifices to the grandmaster. Knowing that their plan to avoid Lord Tensen has failed, the group moves on to their second plan of fighting against them.

Shion uses Gabimaru's advice about destroying Lord Tensen's body until they run out of Tao. He manages to slice through Zhu Jin's body two hundred and fifteen times and sees that his regeneration is slowing down. Shion continuous to cut his lower body completely but becomes exhausted using too much of his Tao. Zhu Jin leaves some distance between him and Shion and recovers in a weakened state. Shion and Nurugai are then attacked by the thrown remains of Zhu Jin, however, Shion knew that this was a ploy to buy time to recover and cuts them to pieces. Shion attacks by throwing the tip of his broken sword at Zhu Jin's tanden but becomes exhausted afterwards. Nurugai rushes in to help but Shion tells her to stay back. Zhu Jin then takes the opportunity to crush Shion with his corpses that he manipulates. However, Shion cuts his way out and causes to Zhu Jin to ask why he was going so far for his deceased student. Shion tells him that he hasn't had time to grief, mourn, or rage as long as the Tensen continuous to live and asks in anger how many times he should cut Zhu Jin until they die. Shion then dodges his broken blade that Zhu Jin manipulated to attack but senses him falling into the water behind. Shion calms himself knowing that he will not have time recover their Tao. However, Shion becomes shocked after Zhu Jin emerges from the water fully recovered after choosing to combine their Yin and Yang form. Zhu Jin then decides to face Shion and Nurugai by partially transforming into their Kishikai.

Shion fights Zhu Jin.

Shion fights Zhu Jin enraged and tells Nurugai to stand back as he prepares to attack Zhu Jin alone. After managing to disembody Zhu Jin, Shion opens up their stomach to reveal the ovule and presses down with his sword to put an end to the Tensen's life. Vines then emerge from the ovule to protect it by invading Shion's body, however, Shion ignores their assault and continuous to press his sword down. Shion is begged by Nurugai to stop but yells out to her to regroup back with the others and that he must stay in order to avenge Tenza's death. As Nurugai forces herself to leave, Shion feels his life slowly fading away. However, Nurugai returns to push Shion away from his blade, removes the vines, and embraces him to restore his Tao. Nurugai tells Shion that they have to use their chance to escape instead of finishing off Zhu Jin and further explains to Shion that Tenza died without any regrets because he wanted the both of them to live on and, instead of taking revenge, she wishes to learn more about him. After looking at his blade and envisioning Tenza beside him, Shion thanks Nurugai and agrees to leave off with her.

Shion announces to Kiyomaru his defection from the Yamada clan.

As they make their way out, Shion gets down on one knee and promises to Nurugai that he will keep her safe until he is able to find another mountain clan she can settle in after returning to Japan. Unexpectedly, the two starts to feel the palace shaking. Shion could tell that what caused the tremors was something massive but was unable to sense anything in front of him. The two then finds themselves cornered by Iwagakure shinobi from the second landing party who have come to eliminate any criminals alive and a Dōshi army tasked with eliminating all intruders. Shion fights back against both groups but lays down his weapon after Yamada Asaemon Kiyomaru appears. Upon being reminded by him that protecting a criminal such as Nurugai would mean treason against the shogun, Shion tells Kiyomaru that he has decided to defect from the Yamada clan since he cannot bring himself to execute an innocent and ask that he overlook what he saw here.

The two landing parties join forces.

Shortly after, everyone in Hōrai bare witness to the changing layout of the palace after Zhu Jin emerges from the Main Temple completely fused with the Banko. With the situation changing, Shion, Nurugai, Kiyomaru, and the Iwagakure shinobi regroup with everyone gathered at the Rentan Temple where Jikka proposes that everyone cooperate to bring down the Zhu Jin-fused Banko by destroying its tandens that are scattered around Hōrai. After everyone becomes clear on the plan and pair up with a partner based on the Tao Restoration cycle, Shion and Nurugai run off to the Earth tanden to destroy it.

After arriving and hearing the sound of the signal by Yuzuriha, Shion throws a Tao boosted sword at the tanden but sees that the cut was made to shallow. Shion then sees the monsters created by the Zhu Jin-fused Banko about to approach him and Nurugai and tells her to stay behind while he wards them off. However, Nurugai rushes in to take down the monsters and manages to awaken her Tao. Shion then hears Nurugai explain that in order to survive she needs to use her own strength and tells him that she prefers to have him as a partner to fight with instead of as a guardian to protect her. Shion becomes pleased to hear this from her and asks that she take the lead until the next sound of the conch. In an unexpected turn of events, Shion and Nurugai witness clones of Mu Dan sprout from the Earth tanden and enter into a partial Kishikai transformation.

Shion and Nurugai prepare to destroy the Banko's Earth tanden.

Later, Shion and Nurugai manage to get near the Earth tanden and commence their next attack, which successfully manages to coordinate with the other attacks towards the tandens. However, due to it already being morning, the Zhu Jin-fused Banko starts to recover and has its tandens slowly regenerate. Luckily, Aza Chōbei comes up with the idea of using his vines to destroy the roots of the tandens in order to cut off its regeneration link to the main body, resulting in the Zhu Jin-fused Banko's destruction.

Departure Arc

Main article: Departure Arc

With the path to the floodgates cleared, Shion, Nurugai, and all the survivors gather together at the entrance. Sagiri becomes worried that the Aza brothers have not yet returned but is told by Shion that they maybe planning on escaping of their own accord. The group then enters but becomes disappointed to see that all the ships have been destroyed with the exception of one. Despite having a ray of hope left, Shion warns everyone that he senses that the currents are blocked by the wreckage and will be unable to sail off with the ship. Knowing this, Mei decides to enter into her Kishikai and clear away the debris, giving the survivors the opportunity to board the ship and leave off.

The survivors confront Rien.

The survivors' ship manages to reach Rien's burning ship after Gantetsusai (who managed to board the ship earlier) slightly damages it. Though Gabimaru was originally the one willing to fight Rien alone, the survivors climb onboard as well to put an end to their struggle of surviving. After dealing damage to Rien, Shion and Sagiri bisect Rien to destroy her tanden and gain victory. However, Rien reveals that their victory was false after releasing her Tao illusion and that the survivors had been taken down, with Shion coughing up blood after being wounded. Shortly after, Shion regains consciousness and holds onto Nurugai as Rien, in her Kishikai, dismantles the exterior of the ship. The two drop into the ocean and carry the unconscious bodies of Gantetsusai and Yuzuriha as they board their ship with Jikka intoxicated. Shion and Nurugai then watch as Gabimaru and Sagiri battle Rien and later watch as the Tensen admits defeat, allowing them to retrieve the Elixir of Life.

As they make their way back home, Shion tells everyone that he and Nurugai will not be returning to Edo and reminds Gabimaru, Yuzuriha, and Gantetsusai about their situation with choosing who will present the elixir. The topic however is ignored after the survivors enter into a comedic conversation about each one of them being villainous and become shock to see Gabimaru laughing after he reacts to Gantetsusai and Yuzuriha targeting Yui as being evil. Shion and the others (except Gantetsusai) then asks Gabimaru to tell them more about Yui to pass the time, to which he agrees. Later, after Gabimaru and Yuzuriha decide that Gantetsusai should be the one to receive the pardon, Shion and Nurugai say their goodbyes and depart on their boat.


Shion traveling with Nurugai.

After escaping the island, Shion travels with Nurugai in search for her people as he had promised. While traveling from town to town, the two would frequently come across trouble and take it upon themselves to help fix them. Rumors then began to spread of the traveling blind swordsman and the girl that was accompany him, making them known as the "Blind Wolf and Cub".

After a year passed, Shion gives his opinion on Nurugai's new appearance and wards off a few men who tried to hit on her, much to her disappointment. After grooming and giving a stern lecture, Shion and Nurugai continue their journey off to the North.

Abilities and Powers

As the former fourth ranked Asaemon, Shion was recognized by the Yamada clan as one of its strongest members and was viewed by the Yamada clan as being one of the next suitable heads. While traveling on Kotaku, Shion became one of the first few in 1,000 years to have managed to survive the ordeals the island had to offer and reached Hōrai where Lord Tensen currently resides. During his fight with Mu Dan at his strongest, Shion was able to hold his own against his attacks and ultimately kill him.

Physical Abilities

Shion possesses great speed, reflexes, and agility. After noticing Zhu Jin behind Tenza and Nurugai, he was able to quickly grab them out of the way from his attack and was able to arrive on time to save Sagiri and Yuzuriha from being attacked by Mu Dan's stingers. During his fight with Mu Dan in his Kishikai form, Shion was fast enough to quickly avoid his stingers while running along a couple of golden head statues. When combined with his swordplay, Shion can execute extremely fast sword strikes and cut objects into many pieces in an instant.

Shion has shown to possess impressive endurance. After sprouting flowers from Mu Dan's stingers, Shion didn't hesitate in cutting away at his body in order to remove them. Also, despite losing large amounts of blood, Shion had enough strength left in him to continue fighting and ultimately kill Mu Dan. He also possesses enough physical strength to send Mu Dan far back with a single kick.


Further information: Tameshi Ittō-ryū

Shion instantly cuts down a Sōshin.

Shion is a master swordsmen. He is skilled enough to wield his sword using both the normal and reverse-grip style and execute swift sword slashes with great precision. Being an Asaemon, Shion is capable of decapitating his victims with a single cut of his blade. Shion's sword drawing speed is so fast that he is capable of using Iaidō where he unsheathes his blade to rapidly slash his enemy and then re-sheathes it after completing the attack. Combined with his ability to sense Tao, Shion is able to time his sword strikes perfectly well enough to counter oncoming projectiles. He was able to easily kill multiple Sōshin and defend himself against all of Mu Dan's attacks and lasted long enough to finish him off.


  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū: Oni Ame (試一刀流 鬼雨, Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting: Demon Rain): A sword technique where Shion swings his sword simultaneously from above and below to cut his opponent. This is called Ittō-ryū School: Fiend's Flurry in the Viz Manga.
  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū: Shūrin (試一刀流 秋霖, Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting: Long Autumn Rains): While in the air, Shion drops downwards delivering a series of quick slashes. This is called Ittō-ryū School: Autumn Rains in the Viz Manga.
  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū: Mura Shigure (試一刀流 村時雨, Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting: Autumn Shower): Either using the normal grip or the reverse-grip style, Shion unleashes instantaneous slashes to shred his targets to bits using rapid sword movements that makes it appear that he only swung his sword once. This is called Ittō-ryū School: Harvest Shower in the Viz Manga.

Coordinated Techniques

  • Tameshi Ittō-ryū Hiken: Futa wa no Tsuki (試一刀流 秘剣 (ふた) (わの) (つき) , Literal meaning: One Sword School Test Cutting Secret Sword: Two-Wheeled Moon): the "tenran" (展覧試, Literal meaning: exhibition) form of the Tameshi Ittō-ryū where two Yamada Asaemons synchronize their blades to cut down a target in half. In a Tao illusion created by Rien, Shion and Sagiri used this technique together to destroy a false Rien's tanden.


Further information: Tao

Shion sensing the Tao around him.

Shion possesses Wood-attribute Tao and has shown proficient usage in it. Shion awakened the ability to sense Tao to compensate for his blindness at a very young age, which he describes as perceiving the signature "waves" that flow around all things. The sensation allows him to operate as well as (or better than) a person with sight, as he is able to throw his sword with pinpoint accuracy and defend attacks from all angles. After experimenting with Tao during his travel to Hōrai, Shion learned how to cloak himself in it and use it in conjunction with his swordsmanship.


As a teacher, Shion has high knowledge of swordsmanship. He critiqued Tenza's swordsmanship from his fight with Zhu Jin and instructed Nurugai in how she should properly wield a sword. Similar to Gabimaru, Shion showed that he is a fast learner that is able to figure out the nature of certain things without any proper guidance. After experimenting on the Sōshin, Shion was able to quickly learn the properties of Tao in just a single day.


Shion's sword.

As an executioner, Shion carries around his own katana. The sword was later broken in half during Shion's fight with Zhu Jin but was still useable up until Shion procured himself another sword from an Iwagakure shinobi.

Creation and Conception

Shion's and Akaginu's early concepts.

According to Hideaki Sakakibara, Yūji Kaku intended for Shion to have a crazy personality similar to Kazuo Kiriyama from Battle Royale but was changed to the kind teacher he is now. The crazy personality was instead given to Shugen.


  • Shion's rankings in the Popularity Polls:
    • In the first popularity poll, Shion ranked 1st place with 2797 votes.
    • In the second popularity poll, Shion ranked 2nd place with 2716 votes.
  • In the Jigokuraku Fashion Review of Volume 3, Shion's attire received 3 out of 3 stars.
  • Shion and Jikka are the only known Asaemon to not wear their funerary bells tied to their collars. The reason for Shion's being that the noise was a hindrance when trying to sense his surroundings.
  • Chapter 46.5 reveals that Shion got assigned to Akaingu after winning a game of kitsune-ken against Kishō, Genji, and Jikka but almost came close to losing to Genji.

An example of Shion's comparison to Zatoichi.

  • Shion takes after many similarities to the blind swordsman, Zatoichi:
    • Most notably, Shion resembles the actor Takeshi Kitano who played the role of Zatoichi in the film Zatoichi.
    • The style in which they wield their swords are identical and both are capable of utilizing iaijutsu.
    • Both are affiliated with the Tōdōza.
    • Both are willing to help those that are in need.
    • Both had their blades broken during battle and had to find a replacement.
    • Both carry regrets from within their hearts. Zatoichi regrets his past of killing many people during his time in the yakuza. Shion regrets abandoning Tenza to fight Zhu Jin alone.
    • They are willing to accept death and not allow the people that are close to them to share in their fate.
    • They are able to strike fear in their opponents during combat, and sought out justice towards antagonist groups.
  • Shion is also similar to Issho from One Piece, who is also based off of Zatoichi and have similar scars running down their face.
  • Shion's and Nurugai's pack as the "Blind Wolf and Cub" is a clear reference to the manga, Lone Wolf and Cub, where a wandering swordsman and a child travel together to seek revenge but experience numerous adventures along the way.
  • Top 8 popular male characters according to the Jigokuraku Kaitai Shinsho Q&A: Shugen > Tōma > Jikka > Eizen > Tenza > Fuchi > Shion > Kishō