Shinobi affiliated with Iwagakure.

Shinobi (?), or generally referred to as ninja (忍者?), are mercenaries who are hired to carry out missions that involve assassinations and covert operations. Female ninja are known as kunoichi (くノ一?).



Shinobi reside in villages and are lead by a chief. The chief stands out to be the strongest among the other ninjas. According to Yuzuriha, it is common for shinobi villages to choose their leaders based on a supernatural ability that even ninja would find fascinating and would not even think of opposing the individual. However, there is the possibility that the appointed village chief could have used some form of trickery to convince their people into thinking that they have a supernatural ability. In this case, only the higher ups know the truth behind this scandal.

The series mainly focuses on ninja from Iwagakure. While Iwagakure train their ninja to become cold-blooded killers from a young age, along with having their own customs and philosophy, it has been noted by Yuzuriha that each shinobi village are run differently.


Aogyobu Portrait Arakagi Portrait Gabimaru Portrait Gabimaru (Predecessor) Portrait Ginkakubo Portrait
Aogyōbu Arakagi Gabimaru


Hagetaka Portrait Hyakume Portrait Nobusuma Portrait Susubikimaru Portrait Karasutengu Portrait
Hagetaka Hyakume Nobusuma Susubikimaru Karasutengu
Kinkakubo Portrait Kumokiri Portrait Shija Portrait Iwa Kunoichi 2 Portrait Iwa Shinobi 2 Portrait
Kinkakubō Kumokiri Shija  ?????  ?????
Iwa Shinobi 3 Portrait Unknown Genin 3 Portrait Unknown Genin 2 Portrait Unknown Genin 1 Portrait Unknown Genin 4 Portrait
 ?????  ?????  ?????  ?????  ?????
Unknown Genin 5 Portrait Unknown Genin 7 Portrait Unknown Genin 6 Portrait
 ?????  ?????  ?????
Yuzuriha Portrait Unknown Shinobi 1 Portrait



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Abilities and PowersEdit

Shinobi are trained to use Ninjutsu (忍術? Literally meaning: Ninja Techniques), a form of combat where they use supernatural techniques from breathing fire, flying high into the clouds, becoming one with the sea to igniting one's body or controlling body fluid. A ninja must go through intense training to bypass their human limitations or use a tool in order to bring out these techniques.

Shinobi can also use Genjutsu (幻術? Literally meaning: Illusionary Technique), illusionary techniques meant to fool their target.

Most shinobi are also aware and taught how to use the life energy known as Tao at a basic level, though it is instead known as Ki (?).

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