Senjutsu: Gikishikai (仙術ギキシカイ Senjutsu Gikishikai?) is a technique used by two Dōshi's.


Using their respective insects, the two Dōshi's have them assist them in combat to heighten their combat abilities.


The technique differs depending on the insects being used:

  • The Centipede Dōshi have the human-faced centipede's form around him to assume a monstrous transformation. In this form, he can command the centipede's to attack and defend for him. The centipede body is durable as it withstood a kick from Gabimaru and is able to regenerate formed limbs if any centipedes were to detach from the body. The Dōshi can use Senjutsu: Stabbing Tin where he uses the Tao of the centipede's to unleash multiple blasts of Tao from their mouths to bombard his opponents.
  • The Butterfly Dōshi have the human-faced butterflies gather behind him to form giant butterfly wings, giving him the ability to fly. The butterflies are able to separate if the Dōshi's opponent aim for the wings and are able to attack as a swarm. The Dōshi can also send out the butterflies to sting his opponents with a flapping gesture of his wings.


  • Gabimaru compares this technique to the Kishikai transformations of Lord Tensen.
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