Sanka ( () () () Sanka?, Literally meaning: Mountain People) was a tribe that lived peacefully in the mountains without swearing their allegiance to the shogun.


The Sanka eventually met their demise after Nurugai accidentally guided a group of samurai to the tribe with the goal of massacring them for not pledging their loyalty to the shogun. The samurai sparred Nurugai in hoping that she would tell them the other Sanka communities before they have her executed. However, after Yamada Asaemon Tensa presented her with the shogun's mission to retrieve the Elixir of Life from a mystical island, she accepted and temporarily escaped execution. As a result, Nurugai became the sole survivor of the Sanka.


  • According to Nurugai, there was a certain individual in the tribe that was able to see through sound, which she compared to Shion's ability to sense Tao.
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