Rien (リエン Rien?) is the leader of Lord Tensen, as well as one of the rulers of Kotaku. He wears the title of Supreme Fugen Jotei ( () (げん) (じょう) (てい) Fugen Jōtei?) as a façade to maintain order over the islanders.


Rien has golden eyes and violent hair with a single bang hanging from the left side of his face. He wears white traditional robes with a matching color haori.



1,000 years ago on Kotaku, Rien and the Tensens developed the elixir known as Tan to achieve immortality and have killed many humans who attempted to acquire the elixir for themselves. Sometime ago, Rien threw Mei out of Horai after viewing her as inferior.


Lord Tensen ArcEdit

Rien joins Lord Tensen for a meeting to discuss matters about the humans who have been causing a lot of trouble since their arrival. After reviewing that Ju Fa and Zhu Jin have confirmed the deaths of their victims, Rien closes the meeting with a toast to Soshi and their longevity.

Later, Rien gives a lesson to one of the Doshi about Tao and is interrupted by Tao Fa who shows him the modifications she has done to the training area. After finishing Bochu Jutsu training with Ran, Ju Fa asks Rien the whereabouts of Mu Dan who answers that he is at the gate waiting for the human travelers.

The next day, Rien finds Mu Dan's corpse and leaves the area. After entering the Sōshin Nest, Rien finds Aza Chōbē and questions if he was the one who killed Mu Dan.

Abilities and PowersEdit




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