Rien (リエン Rien?) is the wife of Xu Fu. She serves as the true ruler of Kotaku, the progenitor of the Tensens, and is the mastermind behind Lord Tensen. Throughout her lifetime on Kotaku, Rien has been plotting and experimenting in the ways of Tao in an effort to revive her beloved late husband and currently aims to exterminate the entire populace of Japan in order to fulfill this ambition.


From what can be said of her appearance from the shadows, Rien clearly shows signs of being advanced in age. Due to suffering Arborification, Rien also shows traces of twigs and leaves sprouting from her head.

The puppets that she uses to control appear as a man/woman with golden eyes and violet hair with a large single bang hanging from the left side of their face. They wear a white robe, a matching long-sleeved hanfu, a hakama, and black boots. For her departure to Japan, Rien had one of her puppets change into Taoist robes along with a crown on their head. These robes were latter burned by Shija during their fight.



Rien crying

Rien wishing for Xu Fu to return to her.

Rien is a widow who is deeply faithful to her late husband, Xu Fu, having spent 1,000 years of her life devising a way to revive him. As a result of her devotion, Rien feels nothing for the human race and only views them as merely material for her research and as subjects to create more Tan. Ultimately, her love for Xu Fu is so great that she is willing to sacrifice all human life in Japan if it meant that she could have him back in her life again.

Through her puppets, Rien is calm and seemingly apathetic. She is cautious if anything were to interfere with her plans as she warned the Tensens to not underestimate the current human travelers after the feats they pulled off on the island and sent out the Dōshi to inspect them. Rien also cares a great deal for the Tensens, viewing them as family and stated to them that they should treat each other as such. After seeing Mu Dan's corpse, Rien went out of their way to leave the palace to search for his killer and expressed their vengeful attitude to Chōbē by asking if he was the one who killed Mu Dan. In the past, the Tensens recognized Rien as being much kinder than she is now. However, due to her time running out after coming down with Arborification, Rien started to become cruel, forceful, and merciless, having sacrificed the Hōko in her pursuit to complete her research without feeling any remorse. She also refused to tolerate any insubordination from the Tensens and did not hesitate in punishing them, as with the case of Mei in the past, however, Mei did recall Rien feeling heartbroken as she shed a tear while doing so. This change in attitude caused the Tensens to know their place, which was admitted by Tao Fa as she stated that Rien was too frightening for her to defy.


Over 1,000 years ago, Rien was married to Xu Fu and went along in his voyage to the East to acquire the Elixir of Life for the ruler of the Qin Dynasty. Their journey in the end led them to an island where they decided to instead use their resources and knowledge of Taoism to discover the secrets to gaining immortality, resulting in many experimental creations. Using her Tao, Rien created a single puppet of herself, and from there, six divergent puppets known as Tensens. At some point in time, Xu Fu was infected with Arborification and ultimately died, leaving Rien alone and heartbroken. Refusing to accept her husband's death, Rien made a commitment to revive him, starting off by incasing his body with gold in order to keep it preserve.

Eventually, Rien's body started to suffer from Arborification and had to remain bedridden. Using her Tao puppet, Rien trained the six young Tensens in the ways of Tao and formed the group known as Lord Tensen to maintain order over the island. She then came to view the Outer Way of Tan to be a stepping stone in her plans to revive Xu Fu and attempted to create a potion of immortality using the Tao of the Hōko. However, her aid, Mei, objected to this method and tried to stop her, which resulted in Rien punishing Mei for her defiance by breaking her plant ovule, shrinking her body to a small child's, and sentenced her to participate in Bōchū Jutsu with the Dōshi.

After 200 years had passed, Rien used humans who came to the island in creating an elixir (which was plotted by the Tensens) instead of the Hōko, due to them dying out from Arborificaton, and managed to create a prototype known as Tan. After managing to create an elixir, Rien developed the idea of using the entire populace of Japan to revive Xu Fu by extracting their Tao and creating the Elixir of Life. She soon created the Banko in her laboratory for this purpose but was met with constant failure in trying to keep the flower alive and had to wait for centuries for it to bloom once more.


Lord Tensen ArcEdit

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Lord Tensen meeting

Lord Tensen having a meeting.

Rien gathers the other Tensens for a meeting to discuss matters about the humans who have been causing a lot of trouble since their arrival. After reviewing that Ju Fa and Zhu Jin have confirmed the deaths of their victims, Rien closes the meeting with a toast to Sōshi and their longevity.

Later, Rien gives a lesson to one of the Dōshi about Tao but is interrupted by Tao Fa who shows them the modifications she has done to the training area. After finishing Bōchū Jutsu training with Ran, Ju Fa asks Rien the whereabouts of Mu Dan, who answers that he is at the gate waiting for the human travelers.

Rien defeats Chobe

Rien knocking out Chōbē after deciding to take him back to the palace.

The next day, Rien finds Mu Dan's corpse and leaves the area. After entering the valley of Hōjō, Rien finds Aza Chōbē and questions if he was the one who killed Mu Dan. She then unleashes her Tao on Chōbē and becomes impressed to see that he has achieved hybridization after being infected by the Waitanhua flower down at the pit. She then attempts to examine Chōbē further and becomes shocked to see him enter into his transformation. Rien becomes overwhelmed by Chōbē and their puppet body is destroyed after Chōbē pierced their tanden. However, another Rien puppet steps out behind Chōbē and reveals the other puppets that came along with them. Rien then smiles in glee after Chōbē demonstrated his control over the Tao of the Waitanhua flower, stating that he was "beautiful", and knocked him unconscious to take him back to the palace.

Rien and Chobe Bochu Jutsu

Rien preparing to engage in Bōchū Jutsu with Chōbē.

After Chōbē wakes up restrained to a bed, Rien has her puppet assume its Yin form and tells Chōbē that his Tao may help in completing their research. She then undresses and says that she wishes to engage in Bōchū Jutsu as a way to help his Tao cycle and better understand it. Before Chōbē could cooperate, he demands that she tell him everything about the island, which she agrees to. Rien explains to him that the island is a laboratory meant to create and observe the immortal life of the monsters and the people known as Hōko. They also explain how the Tensens came to be and that she wishes to study Chōbē's invaluable Tao so that Lord Tensen can perfect the elixir and turn every human on the mainland into Tan. Rather than turning him into Tan as well, Rien offers Chōbē a chance to join Lord Tensen if he cooperates. Chōbē accepts and the two proceed with their engagement in Bōchū Jutsu.

Hōrai ArcEdit

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After welcoming Chōbē in, Rien and the other members of Lord Tensen perform a Dōshi ritual. After they were finish, Rien sees Ju Fa starting a fight with Chōbē and orders him to stand down. She then has Chōbē follow him into their laboratory and shows him the Banko, a giant Waitanhua meant to process greater Tan, and requires his rare Tao to complete her research using his limbs that they plan to pick a part.

Rien bowing to Xu Fu

Rien reporting to Xu Fu about the next stage of her plan.

During the dissection, Rien is told by Chōbē of the possibility of the human survivors eventually invading the palace. Seeing this as an opportunity to gather more Tao for Xu Fu, Rien orders the Tensens to initiate the Rite of Just Consumption for when the time came for the survivors to come. Chōbē then makes an agreement to cooperate as long as they spare his brother Tōma. While the Tensens engage the humans for the ritual, Rien reviews the situation inside the ritual circle and presents Xu Fu the completed Elixir of Life, announcing that they are ready to depart to Japan to create more of the elixir from humans.

Shija vs Rien

Rien vs. Shija.

While at the floodgates, Rien prepares to depart to Japan and oversees the Dōshi loading the cargo. However, after being warned by Gui Fa that the second landing party had arrived to raid Hōrai, Rien orders the Dōshi to eliminate the intruders and for Gui Fa to go to the Main Temple Annex to protect the Basin. Rien is then approached by Shija, with a team of shinobi, who have come to stop her from leaving the island. She tries to stop Shija and their forces from burning the ships containing the Paradise Butterflies, which caused them to drop their guard in the process, allowing Shija to quickly steal the Elixir of Life from the Tensen and have the shinobi take it outside. Later, Rien senses that Zhu Jin has fused with the Banko, causing the puppet's body to react negatively.

Departure ArcEdit

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Rien battles Shugen

Rien fighting against Shugen.

After she supposedly killed Shija, Rien sets sail on a burning ship but sees that Yamada Asaemon Shugen has arrived to stop her. Rien fights Shugen but also tries to be cautious as to not damage the ship in the process. She is then caught by Shugen's sword attack to her tanden but is unharmed since Shugen's Tao attribute is Water, and uses their Tao to puncture a hole through his chest. Shugen manages to endure the attack after Tensa's metal headband manages to slightly reduce the damage and fights Rien once more with his skill to recreate the swordsmanship of his clansmen. Rien senses Shugen's Tao is acting odd and confirms that he has the power to alter his Tao attribute after being harmed by an attack that Yamada Asaemon Shion would use. With no other option, Rien has her puppet change into its Yin form, allows the flames to rise on the ship (which she tried to subdue using Tao), and severs Shugen's right arm using a feathered fan. After quickly bringing down Shugen, Rien picks up the Elixir of Life they found next to Shugen and comes to see the golden statue of Xu Fu.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Rien is a brilliant researcher with tremendous knowledge and understanding in the field of Taoism. With her complete understanding of Tao, along with using the concept of the Outer Way of Tao, she was able to cultivate a prototype elixir of immortality, and eventually, a perfected elixir. Along with the elixir, she was also able to create the Banko, another experimental achievement that is able to harvest more of the Elixir of Life. Other works included converting humans into loyal servants by draining them of their humanity.


Rien's Tao

The immense Tao from one of the Riens.

Rien possesses Wood-attribute Tao and has been noted to be on a high level than even the other Tensens. She has complete mastery over her Tao, being able to create various puppets of herself that she can remotely control from a distance, which has been noted by Gui Fa to be an ability that not even the Tensens are capable of performing.


Rien's clones

Rien's puppets.

Through her puppets, Rien can communicate remotely, conduct research, and use Tao to sense the presence of others, the movements and weak spots of her opponents, and enhance her physical attacks. Rien's great control allows her to fire invisible Tao bullets from a mere flick from one of the puppets fingers that has enough power to puncture her enemies bodies. She was able to easily defeat Chōbē in his Waitanhua Flower Tao transformation with a single Tao palm strike and has been shown capable of gathering her Tao in a single highly concentrated ball of energy that can cause massive destruction.

Rien controlling flames

Rien controlling the Tao of flames.

Rien has also shown the ability to control the Tao of inorganics. During her fight with Shija, Rien controlled the flames released by the shinobi's Ninpō: Fire Monk to fire bullets with enough force to cause major damage to the other Iwagakure shinobi reinforcing them and crush their engulfed bodies. This ability also came in handing for when the time came for her departure to Japan as they controlled the Tao of her ship to set sail, which she noted was impossible to be stopped by any normal means, as well as subdue the flames from completing destroying it and opening the floodgates.

As Tensens, and consumers of Tan, the Riens possess regenerative abilities and longevity. However, the Riens regeneration can only be weakened if they were to face an opponent that possess the Metal-attribute and the only known way of killing them is if the said Metal-attribute user completely destroys their tandens. Rien can have her puppets switch chi's of either Yin or Yang to augment their Tao and recover any lost. As the Riens switch in and out their sex changes to match the chi, which is put to use whenever they engage in Bōchū Jutsu training.


  • Distant Strike (遠当 Tōate?): Rien can launch Tao from a distance as invisible projectiles, which are strong enough to cause major damage from within the targets body.


Rien's fan

Rien's fan.

Using her puppet, Rien wields a feathered fan that has great cutting power, capable of severing Shugen's right arm.



  • Like the rest of Lord Tensen, Rien is named after a flower. "Rien" (?) meaning "lotus".
    • Also, like the other members of Lord Tensen, Rien shares similarities to one of the Eight Immortals, Lü Dongbin being the case since Lü was considered to be the leader of the seven deities and carried a gourd containing the elixir of immortality.
  • Rien ranked 33rd place in the manga 1st Character Popularity Poll.
  • Rien considers the Yin form of her puppets to be their true forms, stating that the body allows for greater focus.
  • According to Mei in Chapter 59, Rien's Tao attribute was originally Earth. However, after Chapter 111, Rien's attribute was changed to Wood. This is most likely a writing error made by Kaku since, in this chapter, Shugen managed to harm Rien's main puppet after changing his Water Tao to Shion's Wood, which could only prove effective if Rien's Tao was Earth.


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