The Palace Invasion Arc (城侵入編 Shiro Shin'nyū-hen?) is the third arc of Jigokuraku. It covers chapters 60 to current from volumes 7 to current.

The arc focuses on the alliance of the surviving criminals and executioners invading the Hōrai Palace to retrieve the Elixir of Life and escape the island. However, Lord Tensen anticipates their arrival and prepares to offer them as scarifies to their master. Also, after creating a perfected Elixir of Life, Rien, the leader of Lord Tensen, prepares to initiate his plan of creating more of the elixir by departing to Japan and cause a global pandemic.


Entering Hōrai

Battle in the Dō'in Temple

Battle in the Bōchū Jutsu Temple

Battle in the Taisoku Temple

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