Ninpō: Thunder Stones (忍法 (いかり) (つぶて) Ninpō: Ikari Tsubute?) is a ninja art used by Gabimaru.


Gabimaru first stomps on the ground to send the gravel beneath his feet in mid-air and throws a swift kick to launch the stones as projectiles to injure his opponent. Gabimaru uses this technique to attack from a distance in case he can not allow himself to get too close to his opponent.


Fire Monk Version

Thunder Stones Hibachi Version

Ninpō: Thunder Stones — Fire Monk Version.

Gabimaru can use a Ninpō: Fire Monk version known as Ninpō: Thunder Stones — Fire Monk Version (忍法 雷礫 火法師拵え Ninpō: Ikari Tsubute — Hi Bōshi Bājon?). After using Ninpō: Fire Monk, Gabimaru grabs and sets a few rocks on fire and launches them in the same manner as Thunder Stones. This is called Ninpo: Stone Storm, Ascetic Blaze Mode in the Viz Manga.


  • To a certain degree, Ran performed this technique after he deflected the rocks Gabimaru initially launched towards him.
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