Ninpō: Giant Stone (忍法 大礫 Ninpō: Ōtsubute?) is a ninja art used by Gabimaru.


This technique has never been seen in its normal state but from what can be said from its Fire Monk version (without the flames added), Gabimaru grabs a boulder and hurls it towards his opponent.


Fire Monk Version

Giant Stone Hibachi Version

Ninpō: Giant Stone — Fire Monk Version

Gabimaru can use a Ninpō: Fire Monk version known as Ninpō: Giant Stone — Fire Monk Version (忍法 大礫 火法師拵え Ninpō: Ōtsubute — Hi Bōshi Bājon?). After combining Fire Monk with Giant Stone, Gabimaru sets the boulder on fire and throws it towards his opponent. This is called Ninpo: Grand Crag, Ascetic Blaze Mode in the Viz Manga.

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