Ninpō: Fire Monk (忍法 () (ぼう) () Ninpō: Hi Bōshi?) is a ninja art used by Gabimaru and Shija.


Fire Monk Blast

The blast created by two users of the Fire Monk.

By raising their body temperature to ignite the oil in their skin, the shinobi can set themselves on fire to burn and engulf their target in a blazing inferno. This technique is capable of incinerating a large group of people and large targets such as the Sōshin. This seems to be Gabimaru's preferred method of finishing off his opponents.

The drawback to this ninjutsu is that if the shinobi's body has undergone too much damage then they will suffer the risk of burning themselves as well in the process. When his opponent causes him to be on the verge of death, Gabimaru would ignore this drawback and try to kill them along with himself.


  • When used by Shija, the flames that are emitted are colored black.
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