Ninjutsu (忍術 Literally meaning: Ninja Techniques?) is the superhuman power and main fighting style used by shinobi.


Ninjutsu is the product of intense shinobi training, making the individual more stronger than the average human. Ninjutsu allows shinobi to perform extraordinary feats, such as breathing or emitting fire, controlling bodily fluids, flying up into the clouds, or become one with the sea. Techniques created from ninjutsu are called Ninpō (忍法 Literally meaning: Ninja Arts?). The use of objects as weapons can also be considered ninjutsu, such as Gabimaru's Ninpō: Thunder Stones. Based on the type of ninjutsu the shinobi uses, the consumption of certain items may be a requirement in order to activate the ability, such as Yuzuriha use of potions in order to secrete a large amount of body fluid.

Tao can also be used in conjunction with ninjutsu to either increase the potency in a shinobi's attacks or create techniques. Yuzuriha uses Tao to use a ninjutsu technique called Ninpō: Body Replacement where she hides her presence from her enemies and launch a surprise attack.


  • In Gabimaru's perspective, once these superhuman abilities have been mastered they are seen as being simple and basic to a shinobi.
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