"Serial Firebug" Nikimaru (連続放火魔 () () (まる) "Renzoku Hōka Ma" Nikimaru?) was a well known vicious criminal.


Nikimaru was bald with hairy eyebrows and a beard. He wore a robe with cross patterns.


Nikimaru was shown to be a man who would rather take the easy way out, as shown when he tried to escape by attacking the guards than risk his life in a massacre. He also views women as being weak as he tried to attack Sagiri first.


Nikimaru, along with other criminals, were gathered together for a chance to be pardon of their crimes if they complete a task from the shogun. However, before any of them could go any further, they would have to reduce the numbers so that only a few remain for the mission. During the massacre, Nikimaru attempted to escape but was decapitated by Sagiri.

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