The Mōnshin (門神 Mōnshin?) are lower-class monsters. Similar to the role of the Sōshin, the Mōnshin also serve as guardians by killing any humans that trespass on the island.

They live in a deep pit that acts as their nest somewhere in the forest of Eishū.


Unlike the Sōshin, the Mōnshin are all identical. They are large beings at least 5 meters tall, with dark, skeletally thin, female humanoid bodies that are pierced with shakujō. They have long dark hair, arms for eyes, and mouths wide open to reveal their long elongate tongues.


Like the Sōshin, the Mōnshin also lack intelligence. They have no free will of their own and bend to the will of whoever has control of the Whistle of Mounts, even to humans who use it.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Though they are low class, the Mōnshin are much stronger than the Sōshin.


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