This Dōshi is a subordinate of Lord Tensen and attempted to capture the Treasure Barge party once they made landfall on Kotaku.


The top part of the Dōshi's head resembles lettuce leaves, while the rest of his body is human. Prior to meeting the Treasure Barge, the Dōshi wore ceremonial Chinese clothing adorned with a beaded necklace. After battling Shugen, the Dōshi was left badly damaged.


The Dōshi is very loyal to Lord Tensen in following orders and showed no intentions of defiance or revealing important information. He is also very ambitious, as he hoped to achieve a higher ranking by presenting Shugen's head to Lord Tensen.


Lord Tensen ArcEdit

The Dōshi arrives at the coast commanding a group of Mōnshin to capture the Treasure Barge team. While the group handles fighting the large monsters, the Dōshi listens to Shugen's declaration about killing every living thing on the island to avenge Eizen's death. The Dōshi confronts Shugen and prepares to fight him but is quickly dealt with after having his body cut limb from limb. He is then interrogated by Shugen so that he may tell him everything about the island but is then handed over to the ninja. The Dōshi is then left impaled through a staff badly wounded and forced to accompany the group to Hōrai.


As a disciple of Lord Tensen, the Dōshi is a powerful being with his years of training in the ways of Tao.


Further information: Tao

As a Dōshi, the being has been trained in how to use Tao and has shown in his confrontation with Shugen to be well-verse in wielding it.


The Dōshi is capable of regenerating.

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