The Kiyōshi.

The Kiyōshi ( (きよう) () Kiyōshi?) are former past venturing humans that have been modified by Mu Dan. The Kiyōshi have no free will of their own and have been programmed to obey what ever order Mu Dan gives them. Mu Dan stated that the Kiyōshi are more like "toys" he can control to his amusement rather than servants. The Kiyōshi are capable of self destructing, which releases a corrosive substance, if ordered by Mu Dan to attack his targets. So far five were shown to be created and were named Nōto ( (のう) () Nōto?), Amon ( () (もん) Amon?), Shinzō ( (しん) (ぞう) Shinzō?), Hichū ( () (ちゆう) Hichū?), and Keitsui ( (けい) (つい) Keitsui?).


  • The name "Kiyōshi" is the Japanese translation to the Jiangshi (殭尸 Jiāngshī?), a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese folklore that are typically depicted as a stiff corpse moving around by hoping with its arms outstretched while dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty. During the night, the Jiangshi seek out and absorb the qi, or "life force", of living creatures, while resting in a coffin, or hiding in dark places such as caves, during the day.
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