Karasutengu ( (からす) (てん) () Karasutengu?) was an Iwagakure shinobi that was a candidate to become the next "Gabimaru the Hollow" but was soon killed by Shija.

Abilities and PowerEdit

As a Iwagakure shinobi, Karasutengu was stronger than a normal person. While nothing about his skills has been revealed, Karasutengu was strong enough to become candidate for the next position of "Gabimaru the Hollow". His death was also worth mentioning to Gabimaru by Kinkakubō.


  • The name "Karasutengu" (烏天狗?) literally translates to "crow tengu" and is a reference to the Karasu Tengu (烏天狗), an alternate name for the bird-like Tengu known as the Kotengu.
  • According to the omake in Volume 10:
    • Karasutengu's hobby is playing go.
    • Karasutengu likes to preach.
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