Ju Fa (ジュファ Jufa?) is one of the rulers of Kotaku and one of Lord Tensen. He wears the title of Heavenly Ashuku Taitei ( (しゅく) (たい) (てい) Ashuku taitei?).


Ju Fa has long locks of hair and prominent eyelashes.


Ju Fa has a short temper. He can become angry at the slightest thing and lashes out in violence, even towards his fellow Lord Tensen members. He prefers the male gender because of their moods and how they are able to easily handle situations.



Island ArcEdit

While engaging in intimacy with Sagacious Ratana Taisei as a female, the two are interrupted with Aza Chōbē and Aza Tōma's appearance. Ju Fa questioned why humans are on the island and if the Sōshin were not doing their jobs. She then transforms into a man and becomes anger, declaring that they must die. After defeating the two brothers, Ju Fa throws them down the pit to become Tan.

He later joins with his Lord Tensen members to discuss matters about the humans on the island. He looks towards Zhu Jin in disappointed after failing to eliminate the humans and being reduced to a Kishikai state. After blowing up Zhu Jin's head, Ju Fa is berated by Rien. He then reports to him that he sent the humans he encountered down the pit but Rien warns him that they should not be underestimated. The group then toast to their longevity.

Abilities and PowersEdit




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