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Gabimaru the Hollow, a former ninja assassin known feared as a heartless husk of a man, spends his days on death row wondering when an executioner skilled enough to so much as harm him will arrive, as he thinks nothing of seeing an end to his meaningless existence... Or so he thought. Then the lady executioner, Asaemon the Beheader, rekindles his hope with an astounding proposition. If he ever wishes to see his beloved wife again, he is, under the auspices of the shogunate, to embark on a perilous voyage to the mysterious mystic island said to house the elixir of immortality. Should he be the one among many rival death-row fiends and scoundrels to find the elixir, he'll earn a full exoneration, and, more importantly, a chance at an ordinary married life with the light of his life--the woman who made the world seem not so ugly. What awaits them is a journey like no other.
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Chapter 73

Chapter 73 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.

Tamiya and Fuchi try to land an attack on Tao Fa but are overpowered by her ability to use Tao. Tao Fa suggests that they give up and have her turn them into Tan. Tamiya refuses and comments on how she must enjoy sacrificing humans for over 1,000 years. Hearing this, Tao Fa removes her smile and expresses her grief that she and the other Tensens are unable to become immortal after their years of training. After receiving her next attack, Tamiya and Fuchi awaken their Tao after become thrilled with their own ambitions fighting Tao Fa. Tamiya senses a Tao projectile launched by Tao Fa and dodges. He then manages to land his first attack on Tao Fa.

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