He is the chief of Iwagakure.


The chief is a tall, bald old man with a long flowing beard that goes all the way down to his waist line. He has a firm build and wears a kimono underneath a black haori.


He is a cruel and ruthless man who holds little to no love for anyone, even his own child.




The chief has no love for his own child and made sure she abandoned any hope of having a normal life by burning her face. He viewed his daughter as a prize as he allowed Gabimaru to marry her because he recognized his abilities.


The chief had Gabimaru's parents executed after learning of their plan to leave the village, he then took it upon himself to raise Gabimaru. Although that was the case, it seems he held no love for him, seeing as he easily had Gabimaru captured and sentenced to death after he was told of Gabimaru's plans to leave the village in order to live a normal life with his own daughter.


After executing his parents for wanting to abandon the village and start a new life, the chief took an infant Gabimaru in and raised him to become a ninja who would soon be a known as "Gabimaru the Hollow". Sometime ago, he burned his daughters, Yui's, face as a reminder to have her abandon all hope of wanting a normal life. After proving his worth, the chief gave Gabimaru the privilege to marry his daughter, which resulted in the young ninja becoming attached to her and wanted to start a new life. The chief disapproved of his wishes and tricked him into taking on a mission where it would result in him being captured.


Lord Tensen ArcEdit

The shogun comes to the chief in wanting to hire shinobi from Iwagakure to partake in the mission to acquire the Elixir of Life from an unknown island. The chief happily accepted the mission, stating that "something of his" was on the island.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the chief of Iwagakure he holds a great amount of authority.


Ishigakure chief immortal

The chief's immortal body.

According to Gabimaru, the chief is said to be immortal from consuming the Elixir of Life, being able to survive the most gruesome injuries and have them heal instantly. However, because she found out that the elixir is not beneficial for humans, Yuzuriha theorized that his immortality could be his use of genjutsu. Whether this is true or not remains unknown.


The chief is a master genjutsu user, capable of creating illusions to trick others.



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