The Ishifudō Squad (石不動組 Ishifudō-gumi?) is a shinobi squad of genin from Iwagakure. They are led by the next chosen Gabimaru.


As a legion, the greatest strength of the squad is overwhelming their targets with numbers.


Along with the Bakurō Squad, the Ishifudō Squad joined the Treasure Barge to eliminate Gabimaru in Kotaku as ordered by their village leader.

Upon their arrival on the island, the squad were ordered by their captain to kill the Mōnshin attacking them. The squad then moved forward along with the Yamada Asaemon and eventually reached the Hōrai Palace where they are instructed by Yamada Asaemon Shugen to kill all criminals from the first team, as well as the other monsters, except for the Asaemon. The squad then engaged in battle with both the first team and an army of Dōshi.

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