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The Hōko ( (ほう) () ? Literally meaning: Tree People) are a race of immortals created by Xu Fu that once inhabited Eishū in Kotaku. Lord Tensen used the Hōko to observe their way of life as immortals as well as use them as nourishment to replenish their lost Tao.


The Hōko resemble humans in every aspect.


Though they appear human, the Hōko possess longer life spans due to their immortality, being able to live up to 1,000 years. However, despite their longevity, their bodies eventually undergo a condition known as Arborification where they slowly turn into tree constructs. This condition happens regardless of age. After they fully transform into trees, the villagers travel to Hōrai to sit in a Zazen pose chatting sutras while slowly losing consciousness.


The Hōko were created from one of Xu Fu's many experimentations to unlock the secrets of immortality. During their 1,000 years on Kotaku, the Hōko lived in a small village and were guided by the Sōshin and Lord Tensen who monitored their actions. Over time, the Hōko were also taken to Hōrai where they would help Lord Tensen recover their lost Tao. However, sometime ago, the Hōko started to undergo Arborification and left for Hōrai to fully transform into trees while siting in zazen poses, leaving the village in ruins. A man named Hōko became the sole survivor of the race but left for Hōrai after his Arborification started, however, upon arriving in Hōrai, Hōko found Mei and took her back to the village to raise her with his consciousness still intact.

During Gabimaru's battle with Zhu Jin, a few of the Arborified villagers were destroyed. Yuzuriha also used one to be free from Mu Dan's capture. After Hōko sacrifices his Tao in order for Mei to fully heal, the race permanently became extinct.


  • The name "Hōko" translates to "Ent" (树人) in Chinese. The Hōko are most likely based off of the Ents, a race of beings resembling trees from J. R. R. Tolkien's famous novel, Lord of the Rings.
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