Ginkakubō ( (ぎん) (かく) (ぼう) Ginkakubō?) is an elite Iwagakure shinobi.


Ginkakubō is a bald man with his eyes covered in shadows and his face entirely tattooed of a dragon. As a Iwagakure shinobi, he wears the standard uniform, which is a black robe with long sleeves that are frayed, a black tattsuke bakama, and a white sash tied at the waist. He also wore a mask.


Ginkakubō is a silent individual that only responds with grunts. He has great respect for the current Gabimaru since he is looked as Iwagakure's strongest shinobi, even after his abandonment of the village, and kneeled before him after their reunion. Despite his admiration, Ginkakubō follows his duties as a Iwagakure shinobi and was willing to kill Gabimaru, however, rather than using force, he and Kinkakubō pleaded to him to take his own life in order to fulfill the promise the village chief stated in preserving his honor in Iwagakure if he were to kill himself.


Lord Tensen Arc

After the shogun hired Iwagakure to capture the Elixir of Life from a mystic island, Ginkakubō departs with a shinobi squad with a secret mission given by the village chief to eliminate Gabimaru, who has joined the first expedition team, while following the orders of the four Yamada Asaemon.

The team makes their arrives on the island but are met with confrontation by a Dōshi commanding a group of Mōnshin. The team manages to put a swift end to the monsters and make their way to Hōrai.

Hōrai Arc

Kinkakubo and Ginkakubo finds Gabimaru

Kinkakubō and Ginakakubō approaches Gabimaru.

Upon the second team's arrival to Hōrai, Ginkakubō and Kinkakubō finds Gabimaru and transform their faces to match the Iwagakure chief and Yui to fool him, however, Gabiamru tells them that their strategy was ineffective against him since he is a shinobi. Ginkakubō and Kinkakubō then became cooperative by telling him everything they know so far since coming to the island and pleaded to him to take his own life by consuming Ginkakubō's toxic saliva. Gabimaru refuses since he will not allow anyone to stand in his way of returning home and does not believe in Kinkakubō's words in that Yui does not exist since he knows how Iwagakure operates. The two then moves towards using the genin to fight Gabimaru to the death.

Abilities and Powers

As one of Iwagakure's elites, Ginkakubō is a shinobi of higher caliber and has authority over the low-ranking genin.


Ginkakubō was taught Transformation Jutsu by Shija and received praised by Gabimaru for pushing the ninjutsu even further by imitating the body structure and voices of the person they transform into, however, he also noted that their inability to hide their killing intent could not fool an experienced shinobi such as himself.

Ninja Arts

  • Transformation Jutsu (変化の術 Henka no Jutsu?): Ginkakubō restructures his face to have it look identical to the person they are trying to impersonate. He is also able to imitate the person's musculature and voice to add to the deception.

Other Skills

Ginkakubō possesses toxic saliva which he can use to bring death to those who consume it.


  • Ginkaku (銀閣) translates to "Silver Pavilion", while (坊) can translate to either "monk" or "boy".
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