He is Tamiya Gantetsusai's former master.


Gantetsusai's master was advanced in age, having a well-wrinkled faced and a short stature. His eyebrows fall down to the corner of his eyes and supported a small goatee. He wore a kimono and a large kasa.


At some point in time, the elderly swordsman took in a young man named Tetsunosuke as his student. After defeating his apprentice in a fight, Tetsunosuke asked how he was able to accomplish this despite his old age. His master answers by explaining that Tetsunosuke has become greedy with wanting to become stronger and tells him that he needed to shave away his strength in order to see everything that he had left. The two eventually went their separate ways after Tetsunosuke journeyed off to get stronger.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite his advanced age, Gantetsusai noted that his master was a lot stronger than he was when he was younger. After having a sparring section with him, Gantetsusai was left exhausted and bruised while his master was left unscathed or show any signs of wasted energy.


Gantetsusai's master is presumed to be a skilled swordsman since Gantetsusai desired to learn from him and the fact that the man had enough skill to defeat him.


As a swordsman, Gantetsusai's master carried around his own sword.

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