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This is the article on one of the former successors to the name, Gabimaru the Hollow. For the series protagonist, head to Gabimaru. For other uses, see Gabimaru (disambiguation).

Gabimaru (画眉丸 Gabimaru?) was a Iwagakure shinobi and a former successor to the alias, Gabimaru the Hollow (がらんの画眉丸 Garan no Gabimaru?). He is also Tsuki's predecessor.


Gabimaru was a man who had his hair fashioned in a mohawk and possessed many scars around his body from his remaining time as "Gabimaru the Hollow". He wore a standard ninja outfit, which consists of a wide collar dickey, a black robe with long sleeves, a black tattsuke bakama, and a white sash tied at his waist.


Since he was a former "Gabimaru the Hollow", Gabimaru was a merciless shinobi that wrecked havoc during his time. He also followed the teachings of the Iwagakure chief, believing in his words that having emotions was weakness.


After completing his training and showed great promise in his skills, the shinobi was chosen by the Iwagakure chief to become the next "Gabimaru the Hollow". As per tradition, the shinobi had to fight to the death with the current Gabimaru of his time and managed to succeed him, earning his name as "Gabimaru".

Gabimaru accompanied the Iwa chief as he executed a shinobi couple that attempted to flee the village with their newborn baby. When the time came for the next "Gabimaru", Gabimaru and the chief discovered one of the young candidates dead and concluded that the grown newborn the chief took in was responsible. After the chief chose the boy to be the next "Gabimaru", Gabimaru had to fight to the death with the next candidate. At the end of the ceremony, Gabimaru died by his hands and was succeed by the young man to be the next "Gabimaru the Hollow".

Abilities and Powers

As a former "Gabimaru the Hollow", Gabimaru was undoubtedly skilled during his time, having been chosen by the Iwagakure chief to take on the role as Iwagakure's strongest and most terrifying shinobi. Since he had succeeded in the Rite of Succession, Gabimaru could be considered stronger than the Gabimaru before him.


As a shinobi, Gabimaru was capable of using ninjutsu.


  • "Gabi" (画眉?) means "painted eyebrows", and "-maru" (?) means "circle" or "perfection", a common ending for male Japanese names.