Yamada Asaemon Fuchi (山田浅ェ門 () () Yamada Asaemon Fuchi?) is the 9th rank Asaemon in the Yamada Clan. After the shogun sent criminals to Kotaku to find the Elixir of Life, he was tasked with being Tamiya Gantetsusai's executioner.


Fuchi has blonde hair with bangs and a hime-cut. He also has an ahoge on the top of his head. His most noticeable feature is the shadow below each of his eyes. He wears a dark kataginu on top of the standard attire of a Asaemon, which is a white robe with a bell tied on the left collar along with a hakama held together with a waist cord, holding a pair of tools for dissecting, and sandals. He carries two swords strapped to his back.


Fuchi design
Fuchi's manga design.
Fuchi color scheme
Fuchi's color scheme in the manga.


Fuchi is a calm, rationale thinker. He prefers to do things at a scientific level, finding Tamiya and Gabimaru's imaginary battle to be pointless. He is very knowledge and is able to take charge to review subject matters. Fuchi has great pride for the Yamada Clan and doesn't allow anyone to speak disgracefully about the clan.

Fuchi's obsession

Fuchi's obsession for dissecting.

Even though the Yamada Clan mainly deal with testing new swords and executions, Fuchi prefers studying the human anatomy to improve medical science that comes with the trade. This preference however can be seen as an obsession. This does not only apply to humans, Fuchi can become intrigued by any organism that has special qualities, such as the undying Lord Tensen or the Sōshin. When Gabimaru explained to them about Lord Tensen, Fuchi wanted to know more about them and asked him many questions. When Tamiya wanted kill the Tensen's, Fuchi allowed it as long as he got the chance to examine it.


Island ArcEdit

Fuchi became one of the few Asaemons who got assigned to a criminal and sent to search for the Elixir of Life on an island ordered by the shogun.[1]

After arriving on the island with his assigned criminal, Tamiya Gantetsusai, Fuchi hears his story on how he got arrested. He then hears him mock the Yamada clan and sets him straight. Later, Tamiya tells him his plan of finding the elixir by eliminating the competition. Fuchi wonders if this will end well for him since only a few criminals will survive on the island and the shogun may send out a "certain stronger group" if he becomes impatent, which causes Fuchi to be frighten of the thought. After Tamiya cuts off his hand from being stung by a strange butterfly, Fuchi is shocked to see it blooming with flowers. They are then attacked by insects and a monster. They then move on having dealt with the monster.

Lord Tensen ArcEdit

Gabimaru teams up

Fuchi and Tamiya forming an alliance with Gabimaru.

While traveling in Hōrai, the two stumble upon Gabimaru who is badly injured. Before they can attack, the two criminals predict each others movements. Believing that it was pointless, Fuchi stops them and wanted to extract information from Gabimaru's experience on the island. Gabimaru wanted to team up with them and gave them information on what he acquired on the island. The ninja then told them of his experience on the island. After hearing him, Fuchi became interested in Lord Tensen's regenerative abilities and asked about its internal organs. Tamiya becomes convinced and agreed to teaming up but Fuchi asked if it was a good idea since Gabimaru was also seeking the pardon. Tamiya says that he had no interest in the pardon and only seek to become a legendary figure, which Fuchi found ridiculous. Taking interest in the undying organism known as Lord Tensen, Fuchi also agrees to teaming up with Gabimaru as well. Fuchi suggest exchanging intel which Gabimaru agrees and starts off with Mei but is shocked to see her age. After Gabimaru asked her what was the power she used to save him, Mei tells them that she uses Tao but confuses them with her odd explanation. The group are then approached by a crowd of Sōshin.

Fuchi analyzing

Fuchi excitingly examining the Sōshin corpses.

As Gabimaru and Tamiya kill the Sōshin, Fuchi starts to examine their corpses in delight. The three then notice that Mei has been taken by a Dōshi who is pleased with their meeting and addresses her in a polite manner. After learning from the Dōshi that Mei is similar to Lord Tensen, Fuchi asks Gabimaru if they should be concern with the situation. He sees that Gabimaru has instantly appeared by Mei's side and tells the Dōshi that he would protect her and prepares to fight him along with another Dōshi that appears beside him. He watches as Tamiya and Gabimaru fight the Dōshi's. He then listens as the Dōshi's explain why they needed Mei, which was to have her as their partner for intimate congress so they can combine their Yang with her in Yin and achieve mastery of Tao. Tamiya becomes confused as to what intimate congress meant and looks towards Fuchi, who answers saying that it meant sexual intercourse. After hearing enough of their reasoning for wanting Mei, Tamiya and Gabimaru become furious and defend Mei from behind while Fuchi stands by her side.

After interpreting Mei's words about Tao and seeing as Gabimaru and Tamiya are having trouble fighting the Dōshi's, Fuchi yells out to Gabimaru that in order to learn Tao he must accept both his strength and weaknesses. Mei helps Gabimaru sense his Tao by touching his hand but still has difficulty awakening it. Fuchi further explains that he must accept his weakness but sees that he is still having a hard time understanding quickly. However, Gabimaru says that he got the idea and steps forward to face the Dōshi's once more. Fuchi, Tamiya, and Mei watch in shock by how Gabimaru is managing to dodge the Dōshi's invisible attacks and how he was able to dispel the Centipede Dōshi's transformation. After the battle ended with Gabimaru and Tamiya killing the Dōshi's, Gabimaru faints and is carried along with them halfway up the valley.

The group stops and takes refuge in a cave. Once Gabimaru awoke, Fuchi begins discussing what they know so far about Tao. Fuchi goes over the hindering attributes and states that it might be the key to killing Lord Tensen. He then ends the discussion so they can rest for tomorrow.

Fuchi guarding Mei

Fuchi guarding Mei from the Dōshi.

The next day, the group travels up the valley and suddenly encounter Aza Chōbē and Tōma. After Chōbē attacks Gabimaru, Fuchi sees that Tōma is no longer an ally and has been collaborating with Chōbē. Fuchi watches from the sidelines as Gabimaru viscously fights Chōbē, comparing their battle to a fight between beasts. During his fight, Chōbē orders Tōma to attack Fuchi and the others. Fuchi becomes shocked after hearing Tōma call him brother. Tamiya gets angry after Tōma went after him because he is missing his left hand and wishes to fight him. Fuchi tells him that he can't allow it since he is still a member of the Yamada Clan but refuses to listen. While fighting Tamiya, Tōma orders the Dōshi they enslaved to go after Fuchi and Mei. Fuchi takes out his swords and stands by Mei to protect her. After warding off the Dōshi, Fuchi spots Chōbē transforming. Fuchi sees that Gabimaru is in critical condition and becomes confused as to why he was risking his life to kill Chōbē even though his goal was to receive the pardon. He then witnesses the fight ends after Mei releases her Tao to create a massive crater and has Chōbē fall down to the valley. Fuchi and Tamiya wonders how she was able to accomplish this and are shocked to see her body mature once again. Fuchi suggests a dissection to find answers but Tamiya found him to be ridiculous. The two then wish they had some answers to all the mysterious they had witness.

Fuchi mourning

Fuchi mourning Senta's death.

The group travels to the Hōrai gate and are met by Sagiri, Shion, Yuzuriha, and Nurugai. He then asked Sagiri what has happened to them since they arrived and the whereabouts of Tenza and Senta. After he sees Hōko's head talking in Sagiri's hands, he becomes fascinated and answers his question about defeating the Dōshi's they encountered. Later, Fuchi finds Senta's grave and mourns his death. He then walks back to the group explaining that Gabimaru's injures came from his constant fighting and that he tried to do what he can to heal him. Gabimaru regains consciousness and attacks Sagiri after she becomes suspicious. However, Fuchi and Shion block his attack. Sagiri explains to them that Gabimaru has loss a lot of Tao and has also lost his memories. They then watch as Sagiri tries to restore Gabimaru's Tao and restore him back to his former self. The group then relocates to escape enemy territory. Seeing as how he is not in the mood to dissect him after finding out the death of his fallen comrade, Fuchi allows the captured Dōshi to leave. He then walks back over to the cave and finds that Mei is feeling ill. He agrees in helping to heal Mei's illness but demands that she tell him everything they need to know about herself and Lord Tensen. After interpreting Mei's words, he tells Sagiri and Yuzuriha that Lord Tensen, the monsters, and the island were created by a Hōshi in order to research the secrets of immortality. He then explains that Lord Tensen are residing on the island to practice both the inner and outer way of Tan, which is meditation and concocting a potion in order to achieve immortality. Fuchi explains that the potion known as Tan is created from the Tao harvest and extracted from the lives of humans and lengthens Lord Tensens life spans. Knowing this, Fuchi tells them that they can be killed if their Tao is depleted. After, Yuzuriha asks why the Tensens are going further with their research, Mei answers that the possibility lies with the will of their creator Xu Fu.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As the ninth ranked Asaemon, Fuchi is viewed as being one of the next suitable heads of the Yamada Clan. He was able to ward off a Dōshi from attacking him and Mei (though the Dōshi was already badly damaged from his previous fight with Aza Chōbē).


Even though he is an executioner, Fuchi's specializes in dissecting and studying the human anatomy and other organisms that interest him. Even though she had skillfully analyzed the monsters anatomy based on her swordsmanship, Sagiri knew that Fuchi could understand them at a deeper level.[2] This indicates that Fuchi's understanding of anatomy is widely known in the Yamada Clan or at least to her.


Like every Asaemon, Fuchi has the capabilities of decapitating his victims with a single cut.


Fuchi carries around two swords strapped to his back, one being a sword with a hook tip and the other being a jagged, saw-like blade. In addition, he also carries tools used for dissecting strapped to his waist.



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