The Escape Route Securing Team (脱出経路確保班 Dasshutsu Keiro Kakuho Han?) is a team formed from the allied vanguard party with the goal of securing a ship from Hōrai's floodgates.


After comprising the members for the Elixir Retrieval Team, the remaining members were left to the Escape Route Securing Team. Later, after reuniting with his brother, Aza Chōbē allied with Tamiya and Fuchi to defeat Ju Fa and Tao Fa.


Escape Route Securing Team
Aza Toma Portrait Nurugai Portrait Tamiya Gantetsusai Portrait 2 Yamada Asaemon Fuchi Portrait Yamada Asaemon Shion Portrait
Aza Tōma Nurugai Tamiya Gantetsusai Yamada Asaemon

Yamada Asaemon

Aza Chobe Portrait
Aza Chōbē

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After the Elixir Retrieval Team infiltrated Hōrai, the Escape Route Securing Team received the signal that the area was safe to enter.


  • Mei was formerly a part of the team but was moved to the Elixir Retrieval Team after Gabimaru promises to have her see Rien and Xu Fu for the last time before leaving the island.

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