This is the article on the perfected elixir of immortality. For the prototype elixir of immortality, head to Tan.

The Elixir of Life ( () (ろう) () () (せん) (やく) Furōfushi no Sen'yaku?) is the completed Tan elixir that is presumably able to grant immortality to who ever consumes it.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hōrai Arc[edit | edit source]

After performing experimentation's on Aza Chōbē, because of his unique Tao, Rien managed to finally create the Elixir of Life, which she presented to Xu Fu. With the elixir completed, Rien prepares to set off to Japan to begin her plan of creating more of the elixir but is interrupted by the arrival of a second landing party. The elixir was soon stolen by Shija during their encounter with Rien and was later handed to Shugen who secretly drank the elixir to check for any hidden poisons before the time came to give it to his superiors but did not experience any effects.

Departure Arc[edit | edit source]

The Elixir of Life was later returned to Rien after the Tensen defeated Shugen on her ship. Upon his confrontation with Gantetsusai, Shugen felt the effects of the elixir affecting his body.

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