The Elixir Retrieval Team (仙薬奪取班 Senyaku Dasshu Han?) is a team formed from the allied vanguard party with the goal of capturing the Tan elixir from the Rentan Temple of Hōrai.


The team is comprised of members who are well suited for infiltration. Gabimaru and Yuzuriha both specialize in espionage from their years of experience as shinobi, while Sagiri has enough proper control of her Tao to mask her presence. Mei originally was placed in the Escape Route Securing Team but joined the Elixir Team after Gabimaru promises her to see Rien and Xu Fu for the last time before leaving the island.


Elixir Retrieval Team
Gabimaru Portrait Mei Portrait Yamada Asaemon Sagiri Portrait Yuzuriha Portrait


Mei Yamada Asaemon

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After infiltrating Hōrai, the Elixir Retrieval Team warns the Escape Route Securing Team that it is safe to enter the area. The team advances forward after sensing the castle's layout and takes down the Dōshi guards. They successfully enter the palace but are met by Ran knowing that they would be here.

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