Distant Strike (遠当 Tōate?) is a Tao technique.


By gathering Tao in their hand, the user emits it from a distance as a projectile without having the need to make direct contact with their intended target. To the naked eye the attack appears invisible, making it impossible to dodge without being able to sense Tao. The shockwaves from this technique sends out vibrations that causes damage from within the targets body. Sagiri claims that it felt as though her soul was struck.


Senjutsu VersionEdit

Senjutsu Distant Strike

Senjutsu: Distant Strike.

Mu Dan showed a senjutsu-version of Distant Strike called Senjutsu: Distant Strike (仙術 遠当 Senjutsu: Tōate?) where instead of emitting the technique through his hands, he sends out a burst of Tao through his mouth that can deflect his opponents attacks.

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