Chapter 99 of the Jigokuraku manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shion explains that a tanden can only be destroyed with the right Tao attribute user and Tao Restoration will increase the Tao users attacks. Mei then confirms the Tao attributes of Jikka, Kiyomaru, and Isuzu. Yuzuriha questions to Sagiri if Jikka will be reliable, to which she also becomes unsure of due to the bad rumors about him. While they are distracted, the Iwagakure shinobi throw their kunai at Gabimaru at an attempt to kill him. However, Jikka notices their attack and deflects them back with his bamboo sword. Nurugai becomes confused since she thought that the shinobi were on his side but is told by Jikka that he knew that the shinobi were only pretending to be allies to complete their main objective of killing Gabimaru. Jikka confesses that he did not know whether to side with Iwagakure or Gabimaru but sees that he can trust him due to thinking that they are similar, only to have Gabimaru disagree, along with disdain from Sagiri and Isuzu, after listing a few individuals he would like to return to. Yuzuriha becomes convinced of Jikka's abilities but still finds herself unable to get a good read on him. The group then decides to take possession of the shinobi's equipment. Sagiri finds herself conflicted after thinking they have to start over with their harsh situation and knows that by the end they will all try to kill one another. Gabimaru disagrees, saying that their had to be a few differences, which Yuzuriha figures he was right due to his illogical thinking. With everyone well equipped and paired up, the group sets off to destroy the tandens.

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

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