Chapter 97 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Several minutes earlier, Gui Fa enters the Main Temple Annex to protect the Basin as ordered by Rien, to which they found hard to believe that it was his true objective all along. In the present, Shugen is told by the Iwagakure shinobi to not engage the giant monsters since their touch will cause him to be engulfed in flowers. Shugen makes quick work of the monster using Senta's fighting style and cries upon thinking about his passing. He then enters the Main Temple before the vines could block his path and arrives at the floodgates where he sees Rien about to escape the island on his boat. Meanwhile, Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and Isuzu defend themselves against the monsters while Mei starts to bloom, seeing as how the Tao around is being disrupted by Zhu Jin losing control and that they must do something quickly before it is too late for her. Yuzuriha swings up to get a good look at Zhu Jin, seeing that they are blocking the entrance to the floodgates and the vines and monsters will present a problem. She then sees that Sagiri is trying to convince Isuzu into cooperating with the convicts but to no avail and tries her hand in persuading her. However, Gantetsusai arrives carrying Fuchi's dead body with a bold statement that they do not need to join forces with her. After giving him a proper burial, Gantetsusai directs his anger towards Isuzu and once again says that they do not need her help, much to Yuzuriha's disagreement. Isuzu says that they do not need to cooperate since she believes in Shugen's abilities without the help from the convicts. Yuzuriha becomes annoyed with her stubbornness and insults her by calling her a gorilla, only for Isuzu to reply that gorillas embody Bushido after remembering her brother's past encouragement. Isuzu then intends to commit seppuku to take responsibility for the death of her comrades and hope that her death will appease the shogun. As they continue to bicker amongst each other, Jikka arrives with Tōma, Chōbē, Kiyomaru, Shion, Nurugai, and the Iwagakure shinobi. Jikka tells Isuzu that if they do not return home then the possibility will lie for Shugen to take his own life and that it will take all of them to survive. He also says that he has a plan that will be able to defeat Zhu Jin and might have a way for the criminals to earn their freedom but needs assistance from Gabimaru in order to do so.

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