Chapter 96 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Shugen sees Fuchi and Gantetsusai's bodies covered and flowers and wonders what was the caused of it. He is then founded by Iwagakure shinobi who have come to confirm that Shija has been killed while fighting Rien and that the Tensen is preparing to depart from the floodgates. They also bring him the captured Elixir of Life. Shugen orders them to uncover confirm Gantetsusai and Fuchi's bodies from the flowers and confirm their status. After making his leave to the floodgates, an Iwagakure shinobi reforms their face and reveals themselves to be Shija in disguise, revealing that they had substituted themselves with another Iwagakure shinobi down at the floodgates. They then throw two kunai at the flower bed to make sure that Gantetsusai and Fuchi are dead and orders the shinobi to follow Shugen while they search for Gabimaru. Shija jumps on a roof and looks at the scenery with full delight of confronting Gabimaru in order to kill him. Shortly after, Fuchi wakes up and realizes that Shugen held back when he made his attack on him. He then sees that Gantetsusai is in terrible condition and prepares to give him treatment but starts to suffer from his own wound. As he focuses on treating his wounds, Fuchi sees an apparition of himself telling him that he should give up since his new outlook since coming to the island will not do him much good in his era and will disown the Yamada clan that Shugen desperately tries to protect. Fuchi tells himself that he does not want to the clan to be disown but believes that what he has learned matters and wishes that he could relay this to Shugen. Gantetsusai wakes up and panics seeing Fuchi lying down dead, realizing that he had gave everything he had to heal him. Fuchi becomes delighted to hear that Gantetsusai called him by his name for the first time but knows that he does not have the strength to respond back. Gantetsusai becomes furious and carries Fuchi's body. In his last thoughts, Fuchi warns Shugen that the survivors are not to be underestimated since he has observed their will to continue fighting no matter what. Fuchi then happily waves goodbye as he accepts his fate and hopes that his allies and enemies see that their dreams are fulfilled.

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