Chapter 95 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Since they are outnumbered, Chōbē allows him and Tōma to be captured by the enemy but bides his time waiting for an opportunity to make a move on Jikka. However, Chōbē starts to feel pain coming from his arm which unknowingly starts to sprout flowers uncontrollably from his Plant Tao. While this occurrence is happening, a Dōshi appears in front of Jikka who starts to transform back to normal into a human and wonders as to where he is and the whereabouts of his allies ever since he first came to the island. At the same time, Gabimaru's Plant Tao starts to react the same as Chōbē's as his body begins sprouting flowers and believes that it is due to Zhu Jin being fused with the Banko from a distance. At the floodgates, Rien's body reacts as well and senses that Zhu Jin is responsible. The Zhu Jin-fused Banko then releases roots and begins to hunt down the Dōshi, transforming them into trees in the process. In the Rentan Temple, Sagiri notices that Mei's body is starting to react to the Zhu Jin-fused Banko, while Isuzu goes outside to see what has been occurring. She then becomes horrified as she looks outside witnessing multiple trees blooming human heads, as a result of the Dōshi's mutations, giant flower Buddha monsters roaming the palace, and the Iwagakure shinobi going into bloom. Meanwhile, Shugen notices Gantetsusai's and Fuchi's disappearance and only finds a bed of flowers. Rien remembers his conversation he had with Ran in the past about the Tan of the Banko being too strong to control and that their success and failures with the Banko will continue for centuries. Having heard this, Ran asks Rien why he would go so far with the Banko.

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