Chapter 94 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Gabimaru takes down the genin, who are satisficed with the outcome, as well as Kinkakubō and takes the opportunity to sense the palace's layout, revealing the skirmishes taking place between enemies and allies. He then senses that Shija is located at the floodgates, Sagiri is safe for the time being, and is shocked to sense that Fuchi has fallen. Keeping in mind of his main priorities, Gabimaru ignores assisting the others to rush towards the Rentan Temple to meet up with Sagiri, steal the Elixir of Life from the ninja squad, and leave through the floodgates to reunite with his wife. He also decides to use the chaos to his advantage. Meanwhile, Zhu Jin's severed head leaves the Taisoku Temple to reach the Banko by traveling along the water current while remembering Rien's past explanation of the Banko requiring more higher quality Tao to stay alive and that consuming it is considered dangerous. Despite the warning, Zhu Jin emerges from the temple completely fused with the Banko and draws everyone's attention.

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