Chapter 93 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Isuzu remembers the time she felt a connection with Sagiri when they first met since they were females in the Yamada clan and asks that she come to her senses. Meanwhile, Gabimaru watches as the two shinobi, Kinkakubō and Ginkakubō, use Transformation Jutsu to reform their faces into the Iwagakure chief and Yui but says that he is not fooled by their scheme. Gabimaru figures that the next Gabimaru must be Shija, which the two verified and tells him that Kumokiri, along with two others have also died. They also insisted on telling Gabimaru that Shija killed the other candidates and that they still view him as the true Gabimaru, much to Gabimaru's annoyance. Gabimaru then wishes to know what the real reason for Iwagakure to be involved with the mission, however, Kinkakubō responses saying that it is a mystery to them what the chief is actually plotting. After they hear the sounding of the conch, signalling that they have acquired the Elixir of Life, Kinkakubō humbly asks Gabimaru to end his life by licking Ginkakubō's toxic saliva while adding that his honor will be preserved in Iwagakure. Gabimaru found their method to be gross but is begged by Kinkakubō to reconsider since they are allies. Despite his notion of where they stand, Gabimaru lets out his killing intent and causes Ginkakubō to fall back, to which he responses saying that he was smart in widening their distance since shinobi should never come within range of their enemy. Gabimaru is questioned by Kinkakubō if he was still willing to defy the chief and is tells him yes, explaining that he will not allow anyone to get in his way. Kinkakubō tells him that even if he does make it back to Japan, Yui does not exist. Gabimaru does not believe in his words since he knows that Iwagakure uses psychological warfare. Although they were unable to reason with him, Kinkakubō says that he is delighted that he refused since this gives them a chance to fight to the death with the current Gabimaru Iwagakure has admired for so long, much to Gabimaru's annoyance. The genin insisted that Gabimaru fight them to the death and attack him all at once. However, using Tao sensation, Gabimaru quickly dealt with the ninja and tells them that Iwagakure's tactics such as physiological warfare and numbers will not work on him. Kinkakubō notices that Gabimaru has become stronger but is corrected by the ninja, saying that he learned to become weak. He then states that he does not care who he has to fight if they stand in his way and dares the ninja to try and stop him.

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