Chapter 92 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Rien controls the Tao flames of the second Gabimaru's fire ninjutsu and uses them as projectiles to kill the ninja. The leader throws a kunai at Rien but sees that not only can he use "sorcery" but is also able to regenerate. Thinking back to what Gabimaru said about it being possible to defeat an enemy with a conscious mind, the second Gabimaru commands two burning shinobi to set the ships ablaze. Rien tries to crush the ninja from burning the ships carrying the Paradise Butterflies and Xu Fu. As a result, the second Gabimaru notices his weakness in battle and gives the ninja an opening to attack with shuriken. Rien sends the shuriken back but is shocked to see that the Elixir of Life has been taken from him by the second Gabimaru who tosses it and another item to two ninja and orders them to bring them outside. As Rien tries to stop them, the second Gabimaru burns him with a fire torrent. Rien continues his attention on the ninja and destroys their bodies but realizes that one of the items they were carrying was the squad leader's mask. Despite losing the elixir, Rien sees that the cargo is more important and should focus on protecting the ships. The second Gabimaru tells Rien that they do not have a chance at beating him but can bring out his vulnerability, such as the gourd he kept in high value, to get an edge in battle, saying that it is the wicked who wins in war instead of the strong. After bringing the elixir outside, the shinobi signals the team that the elixir has been acquired. Isuzu hears the signals, giving indication that their mission is complete. Yuzuriha is unable to fight back against Isuzu without her full power but tries to attack again, only for her to send counter by attacking her with rumble. Sagiri grabs Yuzuriha out of the way and asks Isuzu to cease her assault, telling her that Yuzuriha is not a villain. Isuzu responds by telling Sagiri that even though they captured the elixir she will not stand as the criminals cause more disasters.

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