Chapter 91 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Tamiya is unable to counter against Shugen's imitation strength of Genji's and ends up having his sword knocked out of his hands. Tamiya tries to throw a punch at Shugen but is avoided after he imitates Kishō's ability to ward off incoming attacks and receives multiple cuts to his body, causing him to feel heavily exhausted. Shugen prepares to execute Tamiya but has his blade stopped by Fuchi who tells him that while Tamiya is a criminal he believes that he is not truly "evil" and is willing to go against him as long as no else dies. Having heard these words, Shugen sees that Fuchi has not changed since the time they met where he offered his help in dissecting a female corpse after hearing how he believes that his work in anatomical research will better lives. He then slashes Fuchi and comments how he was a good person since he only thought about others. In the Rentan Temple, Isuzu explains to Sagiri that she has faith in Shugen because he upholds order where he protects people who abide by the law and punishes those who go against them at any cost. At the same time, Chōbē and Tōma surrender, Shion lays down his weapon, and Gabimaru is approached by two ninja with faces resembling the Iwagakure chief and Yui. Tamiya thinks that Shugen is insane for cutting down one of his comrades but is told by the man that what he did was determination and that he condemns him.

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