Chapter 89 of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.


Sagiri and Mei are confronted by the Dōshi and Iwa shinobi. Sagiri sees the ninjas charging towards her and defends herself by sensing their Tao. While fighting them, she notices that while the Dōshi do not attack Mei the shinobi do not attack her as an Asaemon, believing that it may be the key to winning but tells herself that she should not kill the reinforcements sent by the shogun. Two Dōshi then come charging in to attack Sagiri and Mei, however, they are pulled away from their necks by a strange liquid string. The culprit is revealed to have been done by Yuzuriha, much to Sagiri and Mei's happiness in knowing that she is alive after her battle. Yuzuriha then finishes off a Iwa shinobi that gets back up and explains to Sagiri that they are corned by Iwagakure shinobi and Dōshi from all sides of the area. Since they the shinobi were hired by the shogun, Sagiri thinks that they can persuade them to fight alongside them, however, Yuzuriha tells her that it was out of the question since they are out to kill the criminals and reminds Sagiri that their task for coming here has not changed. Sagiri knows that the elixir is at the floodgates but asks Mei if she was willing to accompany them to confront Rien. The girls are then approached by Isuzu who becomes relieved to see Sagiri alive but is shocked to see her with Yuzuriha by her side. Sagiri tries to explain that she and the Asaemons had no other choice but to team up with the criminals given their situation, however, Isuzu pulls out a book and reads Yuzuriha's criminal records. At the same time, Kiyomaru confronts Shion and Nurugai while Jikka confronts Chōbē and Tōma. Isuzu explains that each criminal and monster are their enemy and anyone who is willing to help them, even the Asaemon, are also seen as their enemy. With that said, Isuzu asks that Sagiri move away from Yuzuriha and come join her side. Meanwhile, Tamiya and Fuchi temporarily separates themselves from the Aza Brothers until they are able to find an escape route. Suddenly from behind the shadows, Shugen appears to confront Tamiya, causing him to sense danger coming from Shugen. Shugen sees that Fuchi has allied himself with a criminal and angrily questions him as to why he has done so.

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