Chapter 88 of the Jigokuraku manga.


While in the floodgates, Rien senses the tremors coming from the outside and is reported by Gui Fa that the Tensens have been killed, the Rite of Just Consumption has failed, and human reinforcements have arrived, who notes that a few are skilled in raids. With no other choice, Rien stages a counterattack by sending the Dōshi out for battle to buy time. Hōrai then becomes a battlefield with each side fighting against one another. Seeing as how they cannot manage to defeat every opponent, Gantetsusai, Fuchi, Tōma, and Chōbē make a run for it. Shion procures himself a sword from one of the ninja and is told where to run by Nurugai with the help of her great night vision. Gantetsusai tells them that what they are experiencing is a war rather than a fight and that it is unwise to get caught up in it. As the Dōshi army charges towards Shugen, Shugen remembers Eizen and is driven to cut down the army. After seeing Shugen's battle skills, Kiyomaru wonders if Shugen had any experience with war, but is told by him that this battle should be treated as an execution to eliminate those who go up against the shogun's blade testers and orders everyone to cut off the enemies escape routes. At the floodgates, Rien encounters the second Gabimaru, along with the Iwagakure ninja, and is surprised that he could not detect their presence coming in. The second Gabimaru says that they have no reason to confront Rien but is sure that Gabimaru might come to the floodgates if they were to wait. Rien then orders the Dōshi to kill them, however, the second Gabimaru uses Ninpō: Fire Monk to incinerate the Dōshi and orders the ninja to burn the ships except for one as they are about to fight Rien.

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