Chapter 86 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Upon giving Gantetsusai an eyepatch to heal his left eye, Fuchi, Tōma, and Gantetsusai have a comedic discussion in its positioning. Chōbē interrupts their conversation and brings their focus back to the main issue at hand, revealing Rien's plan of turning every human in Japan into Tan and synchronizing them with the Banko. He then remembers how Rien stated that he is confident that the Tensens will not die but also stated that if they were then it would not matter to him. Chōbē listens to Gantetsusai's compliant about how he finds the situation complicated and agrees with Fuchi's suggestion on his eyepatch, much to the Asaemon's happiness. Tōma then becomes shocked after Chōbē reveals that he engaged in Bōchū Jutsu and underwent dissection during his time with Rien. Knowing that they must stop Rien and retrieve a ship from the floodgate, Fuchi asks Chōbē if he is willing to ally with them. Before he could give his answer, the four suddenly feel the room tremble. Meanwhile, Nurugai helps Shion walk while he is still injured. Shion ensures Nurugai that even if things do not go as plan, he will have her return to the mainland and live in another mountain clan. He also gets down on his knees and promises that he will be her protector until that day comes. The two then get into a comedic discussion about the blind Asaemon's metaphor on summoning flames from his eyes and suddenly feel the palace starting to shake. After the tremors settled down, Shion is unable to detect what caused it. Iwa ninja masks then appear from the shadows behind Nurugai and Shion, with one in front telling them that they have been ordered by Yamada Asaemon Shugen to eliminate all convicts and any Asaemon who have sided with them. At the same time, Gantetsusai, Fuchi, Tōma, Chōbē, and an unconscious Gabimaru are surrounded by ninja. Before they could attack him, Gabimaru wakes up and instantly kills the ninja. After noticing the Iwagakure ninjas in front of him, Gabimaru deduced that the next Gabimaru is here.

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