Chapter 85 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Shion is fully covered with the vines and starts to feel his life slowly fading away, realizing that his stab had effect on Zhu Jin and that he can avenge Tensa. However, Nurugai jumps in, removes the vines from Shion, and embraces him to restore his Tao. Shion believes that they should kill Zhu Jin while they are regenerating slowly but Nurugai tells Shin that the best course of action they need to take is getting back to the others. Shion says that he cannot bring himself to do this until he has killed the Tensen to avenge Tensa. Nurugai tells him that Tensa died with no regrets after she saw him smile during the time they escape, explaining that he was glad he was successful in allowing them to live. Nurugai then hugs Shion and wishes to learn more about Tensa instead of focusing on revenge. After Shion looks towards his blade and notices a reflection of Tensa beside him, he thanks Nurugai for reasoning with him and agrees to leave. At the ritual circle, two bottles burst while another begins to crack, indicating that the members of Lord Tensen have been defeated, much to Gui Fa's surprise. Noticing that the talismans remained intact after the battles concluded, Sagiri believes that the others are still alive. With the ritual finish, Gui Fa prepares to report to Rien. Sagiri questions Gui Fa why they were not willing to avenge their comrades. Gui Fa explains that Tensens carry no emotions or bonds with one another and reminds Mei that the same went for her as well. They then asked why she was willing to come back, to which Mei answers that she finally understands what life meant. After hearing her answer, Gui Fa responds by saying that they envy her. The palace then begins to shake with Gui Fa saying that the situation does not look good. The rupture is revealed to be caused by the Mōnshin who have breached the outside walls ordered by an angry Shugen.

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