Chapter 83 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Shion and Nurugai fight Zhu Jin in her partial Kishikai form. While fighting, Shion remembers his past of becoming a street performer with his mother and how it lead him into the Tōdōza and the Yamada clan. To not sully his mother's honor, Shion went along with the false backstory his mother gave him and kept his real past life a secret from the Yamada clan. After hearing Tensa speak his mind to Shugen about how he should see him for what he is now and watching how he gradually gains acceptance despite his past, Shion becomes inspired to be like his student. Back in the present, Shion dodges Zhu Jin's lightning Tao attack and hears her gloat. Shion silences Zhu Jin and declares that he will defeat her. He then tells Nurugai to stay back as he rushes in to cut Zhu Jin's left hand and tanden. During their strategy meeting, Yuzuriha suggests that they stab straight through their tanden, which Sagiri says that it should be physically possible since Lord Tensen has ovules within their tandens. Shion manages to disembody Zhu Jin's body and open her stomach to reveal the ovule with his sword pierced through. He prepares to press down but is assaulted by vines entering his body that Mei warned about. However, Shion continues to press down on his sword knowing that if they both die then he will still be victorious in the end.

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