Chapter 82 of the Jigokuraku manga.


Nurugai takes note of how Zhu Jin is regenerating slowly and his elderly body. Zhu Jin defends themselves by attacking Shion and Nurugai with the remains of his deceased bodies so that he has time to recover his lost Tao. However, Shion sees through his opponents ruse and slices the bodies to bits. He then misses his next attack but grabs the tip of his sword from the ground and throws it towards Zhu Jin's tanden. Zhu Jin sees that Shion is too exhausted from using too much of his Tao and takes the opportunity to attack. Nurugai runs towards him but is told to stay back. Shion is then crushed by Zhu Jin's remains but escapes by slicing through. Zhu Jin asks why he would go so far to avenge his fallen student. Shion explains that he hasn't had the chance to feel grief, despair, or rage as long the Tensen lives and proceeded to ask how many times he should cut him. Zhu Jin fears for his life and makes a desperate attack by manipulating the tip of Shion's sword and sending it his way. Shion manages to dodge it but leaves Zhu Jin the chance to dive into the pool behind him. Shion tries to sense Zhu Jin's presence but keeps himself calm knowing that he can not recover quickly. However, Zhu Jin emerges from the water fully recovered in their Yin form, shocking Shion. Zhu Jin mentions their comrade Gui Fa about them maintaining the middle ground between genders and how he has left her no choice. Zhu Jin then begins to partially transform her body into her Kishikai and says that she is ready for his next attacks.

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